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  1. Will added a post in a topic Pls help: quest icon colors   

    Yellow icons denote un-accepted quests, while blue means the quest has already been accepted (in progress). Green is generally for production quests as you guessed.
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  2. Will added a post in a topic Cannot move!   

    You might have already tried this, but did you try renaming the file "version.dat" and re-downloading it?
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  3. Will added a post in a topic All names are taken   

    I assume they'll implement a system eventually where names will be "reset" over time for inactive accounts, but as the game is newly released here in NA/EU, I doubt it'd be any time soon, or a high priority.
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  4. Will added a post in a topic Guest pass Mega thread + DualShockers: New 500 keys added,   

    You can check the system requirements for BDO here:
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  5. Will added a post in a topic Fake CM_Jouska   

    Thanks for bringing this to peoples' attention, I didn't think someone would do this. It might also be good to private message the actual CM_Jouska if you haven't yet as he checks his messages when he can.
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  6. Will added a post in a topic Frustrated with dyes!   

    I'm assuming the dye category of the marketplace was left mistakenly in the NA/EU version, or it'll have a use in the near future, although that's just a guess since I haven't played the Korean server. Also, I think Daum has been pretty good about addressing some of the issues, and I doubt their PR team would allow them to acknowledge an issue they don't plan to fix. Of course, I could be wrong, but I'd like to have some faith that they'll cater to the community if the majority is asking for change, because complaining about it in the meantime doesn't do so much as they've already heard our complaints.
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  7. Will added a post in a topic Frustrated with dyes!   

    Many people have had their complaints about the dye system, and as far as I know, the Daum team has at least acknowledged the fact that it has become an issue with the community so all I can say that hopefully something will be done soon. I think something will be done despite people havingspent and spending much money on dyes to get their favorite colors as they have already talked about it, so hopefully we won't have to worry about that.
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  8. Will added a post in a topic What up with the cash shop?   

    The new wings costume is pretty sick, in my opinion. 
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  9. Will added a post in a topic What do you do outside gamey-games for fun?   

    On the weekends I enjoy listening to stand up comedy while lying outside in the sun, and also playing tennis at the local park. (:
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  10. Will added a post in a topic shared profession ?   

    I don't imagine they would add this as individual character progression has always been a thing for professions.
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  11. Will added a post in a topic Family Name Issues   

    Unfortunately, there is not currently any way to change your family name on the NA/EU version of Black Desert Online (I'm not sure as for other regions), however it may come if it is a highly requested feature.
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  12. Will added a post in a topic Titles and Family names hiding   

    Not sure if this has been suggested, but I do agree that this would be a good UI change as a toggleable option, similar to the direction they took removing the cluster of flashing "Parking" by every mount, so I'd like to see it, if it still showed family name rather than character name alon with the guild.
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  13. Will added a post in a topic Which node do you invest energy in for Olivia?   

    I don't believe you can actually boost this through energy node investment. 
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  14. Will added a post in a topic Which node do you invest energy in for Olivia?   

    In your OP, are you talking about gathering more resources using workers or by gathering yourself?
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  15. Will added a post in a topic Which node do you invest energy in for Olivia?   

    I'm not entirely sure, but I believe you would have to invest energy in the city, however you can double-check using this website's map for information.

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