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  1. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic Unused Costumes!!   

    same.... not knowing if she will ever be my main again has me sadfaced... Dumped a ton on costumes and whatnot for her since launch
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  2. Misdemeanor added a topic in General   

    Equipment Tailoring Coupon- Anyone used one? Curious about dye slots...
    As the title states, I have made every DK outfit you can make, and I was wanting to convert one, most likely one with crit because I have a kzarka (maybe attack speed, need to look into gem layout), but I am curious if anyone has used one and on what outfit, and if so, what dye slots it opens up, if any... I would hate to waste the coupon on an outfit that either cant be dyed or has very few options for it... It doesn't show what dye slots will open in the transmute window, only that it will leave the headslot open and takes the other 3 costume slots.... 
    Couple screens to show what you see in the convert window below

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  3. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic Ultimate Grade Reform Stone   

    The Liverto was Utimate from the moment you got it in comparison to any other weapon in the game save Kzarka. It enhances at a higher rate, and its enhancement stats raise at a higher rate as it goes up in level. Basically you can be happy knowing you didn't have to spend all that extra money to upgrade it to Ultimate, and save the stone for a different weapon. Just do a quick market place comparison of your liverto vs any other weapon of the same class except kzarka, that in itself will explain a lot for you.
    *The colors in this instance are deceiving.
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  4. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic Less than 4.9% can enjoy Kamasylvia! (This game caters to Hardcore players, something needs to be done to closen the gap between new and veteran players)   

    Are there really that few characters level 56+ 
    I personally account for 5 (soon to be 6) of those by myself... You can hit 56 sarcastically speaking in like 45 minutes nowadays... 
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  5. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic It's a conspiracy I tell ya!!!!! (KR Tamer changes) details inside....   

    Oh I wasn't saying it was locked specifically to Tamer, as a matter of fact, at the end I did include a disclaimer that I didn't actually believe what I wrote lol. Tamer struggle is real though, in a lot of ways, as it is I'm sure for a lot of other classes. Most other people that don't play one don't believe it because they get destroyed 1v1 by any decent Tamer they run up on and think we're OP. We aren't, we're just good at 1v1. My post was a halfhearted attempt at a biased yet hopefully humorous to some overview of the bazillion flaming posts on void.  
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  6. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic It's a conspiracy I tell ya!!!!! (KR Tamer changes) details inside....   

    I had to make the extremely hard decision to lifeskill/pvp only my Tamer for now. By pvp I mean, If I'm out farming on an alt she'll still be close by to smash on the wannabe gankers real quick. I'm not getting rid of her, but I'm going to concentrate on getting the remaining alts I have to 56+ that aren't there already, and get a solid end game feel for all the playstyles, just in case our functionality in guild play becomes nonexistent.
    It's already hard to get a spot in node wars and the like as a Tamer, with so many other classes having something to contribute, and us just taking up a slot in there in the near future is going to make it much harder. Luckily there aren't many of us left that have kept Tamer as our main through so much, so there's always that person that has to go as soon as NW starts, (assuming the servers hold), so maybe I can get in that way and see all the pretty colors from the battle 
    I will keep her handy and play her to her strengths, and hope for the best, but it's getting harder and harder to do that lately 


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  7. Misdemeanor added a topic in Art & Media   

    Bad Friends in Aakman Dungeon... Mistakes were made.
    I was semi-AFK at the vendor/exit portal of Aakman, was just fixing to head back to my friends when I saw one run past me...  I have the bestest friends.

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  8. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic Is Tamer still taking double damage from magic attacks?   

    I was taking a spell-to-the-back induced nap the other day in Hystria and had a few seconds to ponder this myself.
    Yes. Yes we do.

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  9. Misdemeanor added a topic in Tamer   

    It's a conspiracy I tell ya!!!!! (KR Tamer changes) details inside....
    I've noticed more and more Tamers saying that nerfing a class with broken primary functions (meaning the new KR patch, nerf to Void specifically)- Without fixing what's broken has led them to the decision to sell off their Tamer's gear and use that money to upgrade the new DK they just leveled. I also noticed the playstyle of the DK for someone like me (Tamer since beta), was refreshingly fun to play, and the awakening looks to have more spastic-yet-flowing combo types that I love about my Tamer and miss desperately when I'm on a boring class like my Witch. Finally I noticed the rewards given for this event for getting the DK to 55 made it a no brainer to spend a day doing so... Knowing that double fame was only a level away at that point, well, my DK is almost 57 now.... All this individually didn't strike me as strange, but together, it really made me wonder....
    You have a class with inherent issues that already has a small player base dedication due to the massive skill curve needed to master it (my Witch can hotkey an arsenal that will destroy anything, my Tamer has to combo and not mess up to match that damage output)... So fix that class that will most likely never be the most popular, or even top 3 most popular classes (return on investment comes to mind)... OR... 
    Launch a new class with the allure to draw in new players, that has enough of what the broken class likes to get them to switch. 
    Make it rewarding to play that new class to near awakening. 
    Roll out a patch to make the players of the broken yet underplayed class feel like they were slapped in the face by not addressing any of the core problems it has, and "fixing" a dynamic used to help offset those core problems while a fix is waited for.
    Watch the players of the broken class sell off their gear to re-gear the new class.
    Watch those same players purchase new costumes, and all the goodies needed to make the new class their main (We wont get anything back for what we already spent on our Tamers, which for me over a year has been a lot, since she is my main)
    TL;DR- DK release and Tamer nerfs to get Tamers to switch to DK main conspiracy theory.
    This post is more comic relief for me than anything. I don't believe the above to be true, but a pattern did seem to be emerging that I wanted to put out there and see what other people thought.
    "Tamer core issues fixed when???"
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  10. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic Heilang water despawn + Hystria dungeon farming = annoying   

    That's the spirit.  Everytime I read people posting in a thread somewhere that Tamers are weak, or the worst class, or some other nonsense, I just smile and remember that since beta I have been able to do things most other classes wouldn't even attempt. Soloing Soldiers Grave when most players were still too scared to even take a full group to Pirates? Yep, that was fun to me. Sure we aren't going to grind as efficiently as a Wiz at sausages at 58, and so shame on me, but I choose to fight stuff that hurts when it fights back, so I am never complacent, which is why I stopped needing to fear other players when I'm out and about solo a long time ago lol. Feels good to be overlooked, I prefer it that way.
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  11. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic Heilang water despawn + Hystria dungeon farming = annoying   

    I have been recently using ww more and more post awakening, I hadn't thought to try skimming Heilang with me, thanks for the tip on that... and yah we didn't stay long in Hystria until I figured out Heilang, Aakman is much easier and still awesome money and drops. The times I have had him disappear have more often than not been on a manual attack I would use to send him to aggro more mobs while I was locking down our inital pack or CCing rogue casters. Send him, turn my attention, and wait for him to pop back @ me or void to get the mobs headed my way and into a stagger and boom... I get smacked with a random spell from behind and no Heilang in sight lol. So free back attack against the class that's taking more magic damage than other classes as a fun bug. "Nomnom eat my crystals" is not my current title" 
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  12. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic Heilang water despawn + Hystria dungeon farming = annoying   

    Sooo we have the BDO equivalent of Jason Voorhees on our hands. Noted. SacrificeB4 despawn for buff I guess, if you have the extra points for that. 
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  13. Misdemeanor added a topic in Tamer   

    Heilang water despawn + Hystria dungeon farming = annoying
    A few guildies and I have started farming Aakman dungeon, and are slowly integrating Hystria runs into the rotation to get a feel for the mobs and get a good group composition for farming there. I am the token "pulls an extra person's worth of mobs so more lewts because AoE" Tamer- Beyond that I tend to spend most of my time keeping CC up on main packs and killing the stuff outside our groups AoE radius (ie Priests in Aakman). The issue I am having is the max Heilang summon comes with a fully evolved untreated fear of water. He sees it and I have to resummon him a few seconds later. This is not nearly as prevalent from what I am hearing if you downgrade Heilang one rank, and what I am wondering is if his survivability is lessened by doing this? (Hystria mobs can get max rank Heilang down to about 80%hp in big fights)- Hystria has water everywhere... There are spawns that put you IN the water even... So my furry extra loots per pull is having issues and I'm hoping someone has tried the lesser scared version of him in this capacity so I can downgrade mine for an upgrade in there. 
    Included below is a screenshot of the nap I was taking that gave me time to formulate my thoughts to make this post, after Heilang found a puddle in the middle of the mobs pictured.

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  14. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic My new favorite nighttime location in BDO! (scenery)   

    All my screenshots are taken hiding the UI and adjusting the focus blur/ depth with the ingame ctrl-arrow key settings, I don't use an emb for BDO, it really doesn't need it with 2k anyway.
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  15. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic Do you think Wizard/Witch will get nerfed?   

    Tamer definitely still has bugs to be worked out, but anyone that runs into one that has stuck by the class this entire time will know it instantly.  The quiet minority.
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