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  1. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    Hard to keep quiet about actually doing damage when ingame chat is all the sudden flooded with "WTB - Tamer Dand/Kzar/Nouv/Kutu. Blowin cover early lol
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  2. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    Ah now I see what you meant by "but there is". Yes, on the class discord forums there is very relevant information for that class,  culminated sorted and bookmarked for everyone's viewing pleasure. Based entirely off of common sense information about the classes that everyone has access to. It's not a standard because it was compiled through updated NA datamined information by a small group of people and then divulged to the masses- No, it's information we all have access to and anyone with half a brain can figure out on their own lol. 
    So I will amend my prior statement by saying there is no cookie cutter build out there that's a news flash to anyone with a brain.... I hope that clears things up.
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  3. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    Because... There is no cookie cutter build based on any factual information? (And please don't say "but KR tho".. we are a far stretch from that game in a number of ways). Also, the caps did help get the point across. 
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  4. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    I hope it stays how it is. I have played (and still do) plenty of MMO's where all the talent trees, choices and combinations meant nothing. If there were 8 classes, with 3 skill trees.... Then there were a TOTAL of 8 different specs, rotations, gearsets, buffs/food that you had to adhere to in order to be considered relevant/get in a good guild... whatever the case may be. Deviate from the elitist jerk style forum layout of how to play based on the class you chose, and you were shunned. Oh, and don't forget this was subject to change as patches came out, you also, were subject to change to the new rules. 
    I love the fact that people can pretend to know all these things they don't in this game, and in the end, its anyone's guess for sure. Keep it that way, and leave the "clone the FOTM spec or GTFO" stuff to those other games  - This is refreshing to me.
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  5. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic To Those requesting Wizard/Witch Nerfs   

    She only has 198 awakened AP, so yah probably just undergeared XP - Seriously though my original statement was based on my PvE experiences with these classes. I only pvp on my Tamer. Meaning I only get to kill people if they try to gank me in 1v1, or harass and peel, yay.
    I have absolutely mastered my Tamer, and because of that I have no reason to fear going out and grinding anywhere I wish. She's beast 1v1. I stated that actually in a previous reply. I was pointing out the arsenal my witch has and how versatile she is, if you notice all you are really saying here is yes, what I said is correct, "but" that stuff doesn't work properly all the time. If they were to fix all those issues and they were actually working as intended in your opinion, where would we go from there?
    I am not attempting to say Wiz/Witch are supercrazy OP, I was relating my experience in pve content, all the way to Hystria on one and Aakman on the other, that my Witch is much much easier to play. Is that a bad thing? I don't think so at all. I was just stating my experiences.
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  6. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic Low FPS with pretty good computer   

    One big thing I noticed, with all those graphics changes, I would go so far as shut the game completely down and back on again, but at the very least I would do a ./reloadui - changing windowed types and resolutions and whatnot isn't going to guarantee the old settings flush and new settings take all the way, with this game being so CPU intensive on top of it, I'm surprised the game was set to very high on graphics with a 970 and xenon. And take this with a grain of salt... framerate optimizer jacked my fps up bad when I tried it, I lost frames. Again, could be individual machines and how they want to run.  
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  7. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic To Those requesting Wizard/Witch Nerfs   

    sure they have their things about them. I have a ranger and a valk as well... Now equally geared do I have as many options overall at my disposal? No. I mean, I've got 2 heals, a full block, frontal guard, super armor, CC on almost every attack, super easy casts, mana drain, massive blanket damage, and a pet. My ranger, nor my valk, nor my DK, nor my Tamer has that kind of versatility on hotkey lol. I prefer my Tamer, if they fix her, played her since beta and she's not easy to master at all... But you feel like you did something when you pull it off. Witch I'm just headed to the boss corpse to grab my loot, because there will be loot. lol. edit for invincibility during..... teleport. almost forgot that one
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  8. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic Low FPS with pretty good computer   

    Yah I've played since beta, it was smoother, no question. My statement was blanket, should have clarified that. I mean't more the fact that something is going to mess up or be messed up in some game or program you use fairly consistently, if you can't fix it at the source on your end but you aren't willing to quit, the only other options are live with it or hunt for a fix in the meantime on your end.
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  9. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic To Those requesting Wizard/Witch Nerfs   

    I rolled a witch alt to farm bosses, she gets my other classes gear. Not because my other classes cant get the gear themselves, but because Witch is brainlessly easy to play, equally geared to my other 56+ classes, I can match their damage output in way less than half the effort. Yes, I can one shot people on my Tamer... grapple/kd lands, Situation depending, if everything goes off without a hitch, and I don't miss a key during all the combos and cancels (yes combos, not keybinds, there's a key difference for you)- My witch presses 3 keys and people fall over at the same gear level. Do I think they need to be nerfed? - Honestly could care less. But it's idiotic to think wiz/witch don't have massive advantages in different areas over other classes, even I admit it and I play one.
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  10. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic The truth!   

  11. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic Low FPS with pretty good computer   

    Yah that's gonna be impossible with our kinda machines lol. I can run bosses with effects on if I dont use names as well, even then the frames go stupid when 19 wizards and a ranger show up to kill the boss. Even if I could have that much crap on my screen at once, I wouldn't want it I don't believe... Cant see anything going on lol.
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  12. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic Screenshot Manipulations/Edits   

    This makes me want to actually learn editing software. I haven't had the time to do so yet... But as much as I play Black Desert Screenshot Simulator lol, I should.. I try to use the ingame focus/lighting/blurring as much as I can... But it's nothing like the one's posted, love it! I have a ton I wish I could touch up a bit... Maybe I can get some help  
    Here's a few of my favorite's I wish were better-

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  13. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic Low FPS with pretty good computer   

    Yah sounds like you have something not jiving well together, but it could be anything, that's the problem lol. The two biggest increases I got were stopping windows from maxing at 30fps on the desktop so I could play in windowed borderless, and wiping out all remnants of MSI Afterburner... It did not mesh with my GPU's software, even when it wasn't supposed to be doing anything. Beyond that it was things specific to my hardware, killing GPU scaling and tessellation and finally getting a compromise between the game and my GPU for AA that didn't send them into battle every time I logged in. It's a never ending process when you build your own rigs lol.
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  14. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic Low FPS with pretty good computer   

    I'm running a fairly similar setup to yours... and I run max graphics on 2k except nodes and bosses... and stay around 55 fps (towns around 30 but not much you can do in heidel...) It took me forever to tweak my settings the way I wanted and I had to dig for information relevant to my build, but I literally have no issues with FPS, lag yes, when the servers crack out. I mean I can drop it to 1080p and go nuts with the FPS, but it looks crappy on a 2k monitor. I'm sure the game is not optimized properly, but with a build like yours you can probably squeeze the FPS out of it.
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  15. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic Share your Horse!   

    The fact that all the people on the forums will magically disappear and shut up as soon as the servers pop... Including the one's complaining about not getting something they wanted... Also proof 
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