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  1. Cael added a post in a topic Kzarka bundles more rare?   

    The only reason I am still here is for that video!
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  2. Cael added a post in a topic Ghuillie suit name tag on new patch!!??   

    In my view, the suit was designed to keep yourself hidden away from pkers whilst gathering resources.
    But this item backfired, now they've made a good change towards the next patch for this item.
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  3. Cael added a post in a topic Everyone hates Wolrd and Field Bosses so let's have them more often?   

    I don't mind it that much, I just hope that items sold on the marketplace will increase properly in value when we can earn so much through field bosses.
    But then earnings through lifeskills will be a joke.
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  4. Cael added a post in a topic Musa/Maehwa Bug, are you gonna quit? (Poll)   

    I play this class whilst waiting for the more important class, ninja.
    I will switch classes when the more important class is released.
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  5. Cael added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   


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  6. Cael added a post in a topic Unexpected error. (-100)   

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  7. Cael added a post in a topic Maewha seal placement   

    I made mine without problems today. I did what the pictures told me in the event page.
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  8. Cael added a post in a topic Post pictures of your Maehwa!   

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  9. Cael added a post in a topic Pet breeding all random??   

    I tried mine 2 stayed black and One got a disease.

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  10. Cael added a post in a topic Future Class Update   

    He is looking for counterpart like Valkyrie is to Warrior or Witch to Wizard.
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  11. Cael added a post in a topic Why cant u buy horse exp scroll with loyalties   

    Because you can sell horses and not your character.
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  12. Cael added a post in a topic HP per Level seems to be random!   

    ^ I think so too.
    But if it is not, I can see a different stat growth from your chosen zodiac sign.
    Perhaps one has more luck, which is why others have more luck using black stones.
    Another has a better hp pool on higher level while another has better stamina?
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  13. Cael added a post in a topic Kzarka world boss and Zaka weapon rarity [Poll]   

    It is far too easy to get these weapon of a brain dead boss. Let's not make it easier.
    I enjoy working my way to get better gear and I am nowhere near end game gear.
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  14. Cael added a post in a topic [BDO KOREA] new AH system. What do you think ?   

    Can this be done with contracts? If you become high enough in a life skill the marketplace gives you a contract so you go farm the items that the other party desires, trade/transaction goes through the marketplace. Or at least let us know what the other party would like to buy.
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  15. Cael added a post in a topic processor or video card ?   

    I too am running the I7 4770k. But I have it overclocked too 4.6 GHz and I think it helps me a lot.
    My graphics card is a 970 4GB
    Now i run my game at max settings without high end mode on.
    I have at all times 60 fps but I loose around 10-15 fps entering a city ones it is loaded it stabilizes around 55-60 fps.
    I have not done any bosses in this game.
    I also have 16 GB Ram running at 2400 MHz dual channel.
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