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  1. Ayalet16 added a post in a topic LAG & Stability   

    Having same problem. Failed to Connect before choosing server....
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  2. Ayalet16 added a post in a topic [Petition]Remove Paymentwall   

    I approve of this... I've been having issues with this since they implement the paymentwall system several months ago. Good news is I have not spend money at all to this game since >:D but I still want to spend some once in a while for those new items. And to be honest for the amount of complaint of this site so far for the couple of months is sketchy af and i think there is more fraud in there part then ours lol. But im just saying cause the amount of the complaints and the fact that ....They recommend you to use imgur.com for a way to make a verify your information...?  YEAH ~! sure lets all put our information for the WHOLE INTERNET to know. SMART AND SAFE  SYSTEM!
    The thing I don't get is that. if there has been such a problem with costumers purchasing Kakao's merc and etc. Why have they not fkn stopped being partnered with Paymentwall which clearly there doing a terrible job. It would be about fkn time .....
    Oh never mind is cause were probably being ignored....
    Anyways even though this payments are not through KakaoGames but through there partnership with Paymentwall, Kakao should be as responsible for this issues and payments from THEIR customers cause mainly they are forcing YOU to Pay through Paymentwall for Kakao's merchandise and not their own. Sorry , but I have to say that when your costumers are making tickets complaining about the paymentwall method and Kakao says they cant do anything about it, first thing is BS cause who made the decision to partner with paymentwall? Kakao. Who is probably doing fraud against your costumers? Paymentwall. Who are your costumers, kakao? and playing your amazing game? We ARE. You Kakao should be helping and assisting your costumers KakaoGames not fkn us over for your "Easier way payment partnership" (sarcacim) to make everything easier cause they are NOT doing a good job. behind the scenes. I apologize for the rant, I just want to spend money with no problems. Or nvm i did wanted to rant....
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  3. Ayalet16 added a post in a topic <Alloy> Recruiting | Laidback Environment | Node/Siege   

    We still recruiting <3 
    If interested you can message an Alloy officer or Midir in game/forum/discord or reply here.
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  4. Ayalet16 added a post in a topic Share your DK creations!   

    This are characters referencing other games and anime characters as Dark Knight's.  I added a picture from there respective designs. There not perfect in details but I kinda did my best . Enjoy.

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  5. Ayalet16 added a post in a topic Crashing to desktop after maintenance patch   

    Pls Fix
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  6. Ayalet16 added a post in a topic Crashing to desktop after maintenance patch   

    Yes. Is been happening to me since yesterdays patch. I have not crash for some months now and I did not miss it at all. 
    But pretty much having the same experience im pretty much not even doing anything , just gathering and I even crash, from time to time since this laters patch.
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  7. Ayalet16 added a post in a topic GET RID OF PAYMENT WALL   

    Seriously paymentwall is not needed... This is just making your clients to purchase your game and shop items, have more trouble.
    I wanted to buy the new Shark Costume on the pearl shop which it has 1day left on a discount. Now apparently I can't even do a payment through paypal cause it just directs me to Paymentwall which it was trying to do the payment thrue there but the transaction was taking ages. At the end of everything the transaction didnt even got through and then since it failed I got refunded automaticly. I try again and it just wont let me do another transaction. This pretty much wasted so much time for me. Now I guess i wont get the pearls cause I just cant be bother to deal with a different provider to do this transactions. 
    Im pretty upset.
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  8. Ayalet16 added a post in a topic Paymentwall, is this legit?   

    I'm in the same boat as you. I'm pretty much disliking this paymentwall Thing I dont really trust it either. Can I just use my paypal Directly?~! . 
    Now when I try to do payments It just directs me to paymentwall.... 
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  9. Ayalet16 added a post in a topic Lunar New Year Celebration!   


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  10. Ayalet16 added a post in a topic Show me your best tamer XDDDDDD   

    Little short video I made of my tamer , Hopefully I'll complete it eventually ~ 
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  11. Ayalet16 added a post in a topic Tamer is the weakest and most pathetic class in bdo and it even got nerfed last patch ???   

    @irrelevant Our Tamer Hero <3
    Although to point this out I noticed Tamers ultimate is doing damage now. It used barely do any damage at all, and If you were against a wall it wouldnt do any damage. It still fcks up sometimes for me, by switching sometimes to shortsword when not intended but.... what can we do about it.....
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  12. Ayalet16 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 7th   

    no snow yet?
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  13. Ayalet16 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 7th   

    No Notes on that new Photo Gallery?
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