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  1. Vanquish added a post in a topic I wish BDO included Tab/Focus-Targeting as an option.   

    tab targeting is way too easy to bot
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  2. Vanquish added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    since bdo is buy to play, there's nothing stopping you from playing bdo+ anything else. Atm I'm playing bdo/warframe/ffxiv, when I get bored of content in one I switch to the other. 
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  3. Vanquish added a post in a topic all your hardwork grinding underminded   

    what's funny is because cd hack is client side the entire core of the LUA code is simply this

    if GetSelfPlayer():CheckCurrentAction(skillid) == false
            then GetSelfPlayer():DoActionAtPosition(skillid,GetSelfPlayer().CrosshairPosition, 1)
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  4. Vanquish added a post in a topic Daum what have you done!!! HAHAHA :)   

    Yet the main issue is a lack of grinding spots to begin with.. Valencia was supposed to be here, which would have opened up a lot more grinding spots, it's almost like they had these two patches planned together, yet, they still left this one ride in there. People can make excuses about it as they wish, but, all it adds up to in the end is just a lack of content, where, people are forced to grind so close together. This is partially due to how level scaling works, as the exp table is proportioned in such a way that 97% of the grinding areas are leveled through in a day, which forces the vast majority of the player base into only one tiny area.
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  5. Vanquish added a post in a topic the continual downhill road of black desert   

    oh no, how will the pvpers be able to keep pveing?! what a terrible plight, people will kill all their mobs! can anyone save them from this catastrophe?! 
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  6. Vanquish added a post in a topic Guilds that will win Sieges/NodeWars due Hackers??   

    I doubt the guild can "lose their winnings" so easily, that would mean removing the guild in charge from the castle, and then what? Just leave the castle empty? Have a siege for that castle only?
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  7. Vanquish added a post in a topic Getting more and more demotivated by the day   

    The only thing they can do which would have a real impact is add actual server side detection, anything less is just pointless. I have pretty low expectations for whatever they're trying to roll out before valencia hits.
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  8. Vanquish added a post in a topic Valencia is going to be a stompfest   

    well let's be honest here, if they actually went for a game that's more based on horizontal progression they wouldn't be able to lock away mostly every aesthetic behind a pay wall. You've got 300+ gs but you still look like shit because no cash shop pay, wooop
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  9. Vanquish added a post in a topic stop botting chess   

    this game is practically made for personal botting.
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  10. Vanquish added a post in a topic BDO: A Responsible *Competitive* Gamer's Nightmare   

    progression is shit anyway, all you're doing is adding +1 to a piece of gear that you've already had and will have for months, not like it even changes in appearance due to enchant level. This whole game is almost a social experiment to see how much people will waste their time over something so stupid. They literally thought, "what's the cheapest way to produce content with the greatest timesink", and that is the core behind the vast majority of game design choices. Even L2 had better progression, at least your damn weapon glowed.
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  11. Vanquish added a post in a topic BDO: A Responsible *Competitive* Gamer's Nightmare   

    people still play this for pvp?
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  12. Vanquish added a post in a topic Getting End Game Gear Is Retarded   

    lvl 1 gather bot alts inc
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  13. Vanquish added a post in a topic Awakening content vs ninja   

    I think all  the awakening weapons would defeat the ninja including his own.
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  14. Vanquish added a post in a topic Why I cant quit the forums :(   

    even though I'll be shifting more of my time to overwatch, I'll still  have to visit this forum to see all the qq with sieges.
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  15. Vanquish added a post in a topic Why grind?   

    It works and people still do it. Throwing mobs on the ground and having people kill them for hundreds of hours is so easy to develop compared to a full fledged dungeon with different boss mechanics.
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