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  1. Citadel added a post in a topic Interview with PM Belsazar - Answers   

    As I didn't play on the Russian Server, what went wrong with the Megaserver out of interest?
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  2. Citadel added a post in a topic Forums are Organized Poorly   

    I always thought the EVE moderators to be pretty good. But also, yes the entire forum needs to be re-aligned/re-structured properly. Some more moderation wouldn't hurt either.
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  3. Citadel added a post in a topic the ol 'can my pc run this game'   

    I think it will hit about 20-25 personally until you come across more players that is.
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  4. Citadel added a post in a topic Greetings from the Netherlands.   

    Welcome! Those are some fancy wooden shoes by the way. Personally I prefer my own shoes with 100% less vegetation and soil.
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  5. Citadel added a post in a topic We need rewards in PvP   

    The tears of my enemy is its own reward. 
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  6. Citadel added a post in a topic PK'ing In BDO   

    Whenever I see the acronym PK, I die a little inside.
    Don't forget about the guilds that hunt player killers who hunt player killers. Or "PKKK".
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  7. Citadel added a post in a topic Um Hello! ❀   

    Hello Hime, welcome to the community.
    Probably wise waiting for more information before pulling your wallet out, I am doing the same.
    Did you play any other classes aside from Tamer? What was appealing about the tamer to you?
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  8. Citadel added a post in a topic Potion spam, is it really as bad as people think?   

    Honestly it's just a boring mechanic if nothing else. I hated it in Knight Online and I've not encountered another MMO that uses it apart from Runescape but that's different because combat was so automated and rng based there was literally nothing else to do apart from eat a lobster now and again and watch who would die first.
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  9. Citadel added a post in a topic Pre orders packages are a Joke   

    It's good there's a price package for varying financial backgrounds to be fair.
    I myself will probably end up getting the cheapest one because I'm tight.
    On another note... WTS my Gran for cheapest Black Desert package. Will also throw in her china plates. And her cat.
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  10. Citadel added a post in a topic [Poll] Preorder or wait for more iformation?   

    I won't pre-order anything until more information is released. I refuse to play another ArcheAge.
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  11. Citadel added a post in a topic Interview with PM_Belsazar   

    I don't know if any of these features exist already but if you could enlighten me I would appreciate it.
    <Q> Do you plan on incentivizing group play in the open world? E.g. More experience awarded the more members in group or bonus loot etc. things like that? Working together builds a better community I find.
    <Q> Is PVP going to be skill/tactical based or will it become a matter of whoever has the largest force wins?
    Again, don't know much about the PVP mechanics so I'm interested to hear what you have to say.
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  12. Citadel added a post in a topic Hey all   

    Welcome and I agree, though by the time it arrives I will most likely be living somewhere else...
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  13. Citadel added a post in a topic New Convert To The BD Bandwagon :D   

    Welcome, let's hope it lives up to your expectations!
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  14. Citadel added a post in a topic the ol 'can my pc run this game'   

    Come on Motty, way too much AMD in there
    I want to say you can run it on max but I think you'll struggle hitting 30 frames a second at that setting.
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  15. Citadel added a post in a topic Multiple normal servers vs Mega server   

    What makes you think this? Whenever I bring it up to someone who plays a different MMO they say "it's just another Korean MMO". Given the history of Korean MMO's in the western market It's no wonder people are hesitant.
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