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  1. Tink added a topic in US Guild   

    <ArcHammer> NA/Orwen - Casual Guild
    Region: North America         Server: Orwen

    Who are we?:  We are a casual/social guild that believes in freedom and choice.  We have no requirements on how or when you play BDO.  We believe that the only person who can tell you how to play your game is………you.  We believe that the only person who can tell you how often to play your game is……you.  It’s your game after all, you paid for it. 
    What we offer:  We do our best to offer a friendly atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.  We try to keep chat relatively clean, or a better way to put it is……..we try to keep channel and server chat out of guild chat.  We run guild missions regularly, usually on a daily basis.  We offer Discord (voice chat server) where we have several voice channels, announcements and useful links for game information.  Discord is not required but it is encouraged, even if you never use it for voice, since this is where we post announcements and guild mission times. 
    What we are looking for:  Basically, someone that shares the same ideas about a guild environment that we do.  If you are easy going, pleasant to interact with, and believe playing should be about having fun then you will probably fit right in. 
    What we DO require:  There are only 4 things we require and they are fairly simple and straight forward.  1) Be respectful to fellow guild members and the community as a whole.  2) Represent the guild in a positive manner.  3) Keep it drama free, if you have an issue with another guild member try to resolve it with them outside of guild chat and voice chat.  4) Last and the most important…..HAVE FUN. 
    How to get an invite:  Leave a reply to this forum post or whisper me in game.  Family name (Tink).
    Thank you for taking the time to visit our post.
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  2. Tink added a post in a topic What name did you get reserved? (Screenshotfest)   

    It's a very old school Dutch name.  I got it from the book The Miniaturist 
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  3. Tink added a post in a topic Crafting on Main?   

    So it sounds like one should use up each alt's pool of energy on the various professions, then play the main while the alts regenerate energy.  Rinse and Repeat. Yes?  
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  4. Tink added a post in a topic Wizards Never Die   

  5. Tink added a post in a topic Which Hairstyle is better?   

    I am biased to 6 because it's how I do my hair irl
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  6. Tink added a post in a topic Looking for a Guild for Adult Professionals   

    Opps   forgotten word added
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  7. Tink added a post in a topic Crafting on Main?   

    Can you fill me in (or link me to a good post) on the family and alt system?
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  8. Tink added a post in a topic Crafting on Main?   

    This tip is extremely helpful!  Thank you!
    I haven't been serious about a game in years.  When I do occasionally pick up a game, I have only used one character, bumbled around for a while, then quit.  This will be first time in about 7 years that I have got into crafting!  The prospect of managing alts again is daunting!  
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  9. Tink added a post in a topic Young Sexy Wizard *RELEASE* by Oxxy   

    Can we do some Weird Science experiment on him and make him real life? 
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  10. Tink added a post in a topic Crafting on Main?   

    Okay, follow up question.
    Is there a certain class that would be better suited for cooking and alchemy? (Again, I am still becoming familiar with this game without playing XD)
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  11. Tink added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    My witch is inspired by my own appearance, my imagination of Cecilia from The Night Circus, and my imagination of The Amazing Arden from The Magician's Lie.

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  12. Tink added a post in a topic Witches And Horses   

    Great resource!  Thanks for sharing!
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  13. Tink added a post in a topic Introduce your Witch/Wizard!   

  14. Tink added a post in a topic Wizard is the best class for grinding?   

    Great!  I love grinding and I want to be a witch! 
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  15. Tink added a post in a topic Who is ordering the $99 Conquer's Package after CBT1??   

    I bought it.   I am super excited for this  game!
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