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  1. srifenbyxp added a post in a topic IF YOU PLAY MELEE, REROLL NOW!   

    Compared to the video where in this case with no shield up the defender died in 4 seconds; a warriors' Piercing Spear is the only decent means of catching a ranger. Piercing Spear while not only leaving the warrior vulnerable due to the animation making him stationary; you could cancle out of the animation but it still uses alot of WP and loses it's effect during cool down. In a ideal fight it would hit on the first go but that's not always the case, even with shield up while waiting for Piercing Spear to cool down it won't prevent the ranger to try and get a better position to make solid blows all while quickly whittling the shield down for a guard break.
    My rangers only level 27 and I don't have alot of fancy skills yet but, dam; 4 solid hits for a kill? That's just bad.
    As for Kilvash
    I believe I get the gist of what you're saying but my argument is that all classes should not be able to share the same DP under no circumstance. Skills aside you have a warrior and a different class {Wizard/Ranger/ETC}, both players have +15 for all of their armor pieces and share the same level of defense. 
    Basically in layman terms without the inclusion of skills/buffs, the main question is "Should all classes share the same base defense point?" 
    Diversity is fine and giving the player options is always a plus but, I can't see a ranged player sharing the same base defense point as melee. That's just, unethical design.
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  2. srifenbyxp added a post in a topic IF YOU PLAY MELEE, REROLL NOW!   

    I haven't played FF14 in a while but I'm fairly certain a mage couldn't wear warrior armor therefor having the same defense, my statement was derived across different classes not of the same class. Unless I misinterpreted something, sorry if I did I've been awake for the past 34 hours.
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  3. srifenbyxp added a post in a topic How can I get pregnant / have children?   

    If you want go google and play Lifeweb, you can ERP to your hearts content and get pregant. Although it's a online RPG game which uses a terrible game engine that is byond yet not a MMO because it's round based; most rounds last about an hour - hour 1/2. But yeah, I guess you stick your ----- into something and I guess have your workers do something about it in game?
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  4. srifenbyxp added a post in a topic IF YOU PLAY MELEE, REROLL NOW!   

    This right here, I'm surprised that the devs did not hold this concept while designing the game. This is literally Game Design 101, all classes "should" not be able to wear the same armor especially in a RPG. Now I'm depressed, I might just give up on warrior from reading this. Thanks for the red pill /pol/
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  5. srifenbyxp added a post in a topic You can lose 1.8kk gems in declared War. Proof inside   

    Gems should at least be recovered from death if you get revived from tasty tears item or a gem that breaks in place of it. Otherwise regardless of death your going to lose more than your pride, your going to lose your tears.
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  6. srifenbyxp added a post in a topic Two More Skill Bugs - Scars of Dusk and Ground Roar   

    The closest thing to a buff is going to be ENHANCED accuracy for all skills.

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  7. srifenbyxp added a post in a topic Kzarka Long Sword worth it?   

    Is this the type of rare boss that one would need more than 200/DP to survive a single hit? Before switching to Grunil I had 90 AP/120 DP and still had by ass handed to me by every other world boss. And isn't loot handed out based off of who did the most damage rather than a better damage dealt/received system?
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  8. srifenbyxp added a post in a topic Kzarka Long Sword worth it?   

    So how does one get this fabled sword of yore? I'm guessing it's a boss scroll?
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  9. srifenbyxp added a post in a topic Axion Shield   

    Wolf makes a rather good point, although I disagree on his unit of measurement. Have you not heard of the glorious imperial system?
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  10. srifenbyxp added a post in a topic Two More Skill Bugs - Scars of Dusk and Ground Roar   

    I'm assuming warrior bugs are very subtle nerfs at this point.
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  11. srifenbyxp added a post in a topic LOS is broken in Red Battlefield   

    Rangers can shoot through walls? I always knew this game had bad collision detection but dam son, coders must had slacked off and over looked this one. I'd expect this from Dark Souls, but not from a korean mmo.
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  12. srifenbyxp added a post in a topic So, is stunlock life?   

    I know there has to be one but the one I found was a 25% grapple resist and it was for the gloves, it's about 300-600k for it though.
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  13. srifenbyxp added a post in a topic So, is stunlock life?   

    I'd wager you just gem out your armor with it. I sometimes come across 25% resist stun/stiff and the such. Slap two of those on your armor and enjoy yakety saxxing all over the place.
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  14. srifenbyxp added a post in a topic human damage vs ap   

    I've been wondering myself of this question.
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  15. srifenbyxp added a post in a topic Warrior 1 v 3 + 1 PvP   

    Remember the golden rule everybody "Act sh!^ Get Hit", the three people that OP robusted should feel ashamed. SHAME.
    Also very bad taste of music OP, you should feel ashamed as well. It's always better to use instrumental music rather than lyrics when presenting gameplay.
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