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  1. Suki Bells added a post in a topic Ranger arrows starting point behind the character - Please contribute to the suggestion post so the fix this already.   

    I posted yesterday in the suggestion  post, and I do again today here. Please fix this!
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  2. Suki Bells added a post in a topic Ranger arrows starting point behind the character - Walls eating skills   

    Yes please. I've died too because of this, and of course I try to avoid walls -or every other obstacle for that matter- but that does not solve the bug. Sure rangers can be a pain (not mine though, I suck at PVP) but no class deserves to be bugged. 
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  3. Suki Bells added a post in a topic Horse sex before naming it   

    Yes please. I'm always in for having a decent name for my pets and mounts (even if I'm the only one who sees it), but with this system I gave up and decided to give my horses the most silly names I can think of (gender matching or not). I would be glad to name my horses taking their gender into account, really...
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  4. Suki Bells added a post in a topic Option to change character order at character list   

    This is one thing I really miss, and could be so useful for people like us who decide their main after testing many different chars. I'd love to see it implemented!
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  5. Suki Bells added a post in a topic Maehwa Bugs Thread (there's a few!)   

    Dammit, I just sent a ticket because my maehwa won't walk... It seems I'm not the only one. 
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  6. Suki Bells added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… Winners!   

    Received loyalties, but not title. Posting here just in case
    Family name: Balnari
    Character name: Valyanwen
    Server: EU/Jordine
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  7. Suki Bells added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… 3rd - 31st March   

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  8. Suki Bells added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  9. Suki Bells added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   


    EDIT: I edit the post to upload a better picture of my ferry, just in case.

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  10. Suki Bells added a post in a topic Skill Reset   

    I've said this before and I repeat it now: cash shop should NOT mess with real game mechanisms in any way. Eg, reseting your skills for money. You wanna buy two or three dresses? Fine. Wanna grab some dyes? Sure. But for reseting your skills? Hell no.
    I've also said this before: I'm not against a difficult system, I'm not against having some responsibility for your decisions, but paying real life money because you made a mistake in game is NOT acceptable for a game (and don't even get me started on the point that this is a B2P). After all, yes, this is a game; and while surely all of us value commitment and some degree of seriousness, keep in mind this is our free time for most of us, not our carreer. 
    If their approach was to create a game where you need to really take time and pay attention to master a class, there are plenty of ways to do it without need of payments. I proposed one in another post: pay some silver for every full reset AND implement a cooldown for the next reset (two weeks, three weeks, one month, you name it). This makes it impossible to change your skills on the fly, obligues you to pay attention to what you're doing and you get to fully understand your class, BUT does not remove the possibility of experimentation and error. And this is just a loose idea, probably they could come up with dozens of similar ideas.
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  11. Suki Bells added a post in a topic The Male Ranger Class: Where did he go? Can we get him back?   

    Although I voted "no" to the second question, it would be in fact a "maybe". I said it before and I repeat it now, genderlock should be bound to disappear given enough time. Of course I don't ask for exact copies for male and female, which would go against the game approach, but a version with unique characteristics but a similar function and "appearance" overall. That would be not only aesthetically nice, it would also be more logical lorewise.
    ...Ok, and I love ranger elves. I've loved them since as long as I can remember. But that's just a personal thing 
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  12. Suki Bells added a post in a topic Pay to respec/reset skills   

    Well yeah, that's an option, but it does not solve the problem if they re-balance classes and thus change skills... Unless you are willing to level up another char again as you suggest. For some kind of players this is not an option, I don't think they should be obligued to do so. I do not defend nor go against casual players. I've spent nearly 3500h in other mmorpg so I can say I'm pretty commited to games myself. What I say is paying for something which can change the gameplay directly should not be a thing, and that there should be another way to go around this without making it "casual". It is not like this suggestion is against anyone, unless someone is bothered because thatnew player over there can reset their skills without having to pay real money (which I would not understand).
    I'm not proposing free full resets for everyone at everytime (I wouldn't be against, but I can see why people would oppose and I respect that). I'm ok with having some responsibility with your decisions but -lets be honest here- paying IRL money for resetting the build of your char in a game you already payed for (and probably buy some cosmetics too), that's money grabbing in my manual. 
    TL;DR - Problem is not in the system being more "difficult", problem is with having to pay IRL money if you happen to be new to the game and make a mistake. either that or, using the -limited- free resets and hope to learn your lesson before they re-balance or whatever.
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  13. Suki Bells added a post in a topic Pay to respec/reset skills   

    I agree, paying real money to reset your skills should not even be a thing for the reasons you've all mentioned before me. I'll try n put them all together:
    When you are new to a class, you don't know exactly how it works. Looking for guides could work, but that elliminates the possibility to have your own build, which should be the aim. Unless you wanna risk yourself to commit a mistake and then, either wait to reset them paying loyalty or pay real money. When classes get balanced, it is usual for the meta to change, so you need to either wait to get your skill tree corrected or pay to get it immediately (AGAIN). It will probably  put off many players. Casual or not, everyone who has payed to be here has the right to make a mistake with their build. Paying IRL money feels like a punishment for trying to learn by yourself.Let's say they are trying to make the player more conscious about their skills, in other words, really understand them and not change them after every encounter. Well, there could be other options that do not involve paying real money (one example given below).Having the possibility to unlock 100%of the skill tree is cool, even if you have to grind for days and days to get them. BUT, it does not compensate for the fact of having to pay for a reset if you have to wait that long to unlock all the skills; you may need to, you know, actually use your character earlier.With this I do not mean that building your char should be easy and casual; I'm just suggesting to look for other possibilities that do not involve paying money for an in-game bad decission. For example: paying some silver and  at the same time, implementing a "cooldown" for full skill resets (maybe three or four weeks until the next reset, enough time to try the build and notice it does not work). Dunno... anything but paying, really. Paying RL money should be restricted to cosmetics and not affect the gameplay in crucial ways like this.
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  14. Suki Bells added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Character Name: Ayesha_Hawk
    Family Name: Balnari
    Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/M9WAC7r.jpg
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  15. Suki Bells added a post in a topic [RP] A ROLEPLAYING WISHLIST   

    Thank you for making this list, because it summarizes most of my main concerns about this game. And probably I'm not the only one. So, a big +1, a like and my full support for this wishlist.
    The only things I would add to it is: 
    - Dice rolls! (not sure they're included in the game tho, I'll check it soon and edit this in consequence). So we do not need to be rolling the dices outside the game, which really slows things down.
    - Permanent dyes. I would really like them to be perma-unlock, but I would be happy if we could just unlock the recipes to craft them or being able to buy them from an in-game vendor with silvers once we've "discovered" the dyes. Please, anything except having to buy them from the cash shop every time we need that dye (which, btw, IS RANDOM. No, please).
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