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  1. Boa added a topic in Ranger   

    Any ranger here use full grunil set ? and why.
    Hi everyone

    I'm using a 2x heve armor and 2x grunil . I'm thinking of changing it to full grunils , I hope you could give me some advice as to if I should go ahead or just keep my set. 

    Thank you 
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  2. Boa added a post in a topic Name your worst experience in horse breeding   

    hard enough to get 2 fully black t6 horse to breed....damn clearly your experience has got to be the worst . plus looking at the chart , you only need both T6 on level 22 to make a T7 female . feel your pain bro >_<
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  3. Boa added a post in a topic Name your worst experience in horse breeding   

    Woot ! I just found out something new , it seem if I can't get a 7 Red 7 black or a 7 White , there is no way for me to get a T7 horse even if I was to max out my 2 T5 horse . 

    So the maximum i could get is a T6 right now . lucky someone told me
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  4. Boa added a post in a topic Name your worst experience in horse breeding   

    I don't think anyone can beat u then...I would of thought with 3 try , u would at least get another T6 the worst case and a T7.
    damn I feel ur pain ..
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  5. Boa added a topic in General   

    Name your worst experience in horse breeding
    My worst result in breeding horse has got to be today. my T5 horse male at level 29 with zero death and my T5 female horse with 1 death is also level 29 . 

    The result I got was .... a T5 male horse with, another T5 male horse and the last one using exchange ............a T5 female horse !!
    To make thing even worst...this new T5 female horse at level 10 has only learn one skill so far??! 

    Damn is not my lucky day at all   , Surely no one here can be more unlucky than me right lol.

    • 26 replies
  6. Boa added a post in a topic Does ranger use the same sword as valkyrie and Warrior?   

    oh damn, I thought I could gear up some weapon ready when the awakening release ^^, but thx for the info Ayl  
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  7. Boa added a topic in Ranger   

    Does ranger use the same sword as valkyrie and Warrior?
    Hi everyone, I was just wondering does ranger awakening use the same sword as warrior or valkyrie ? thx
    • 6 replies
  8. Boa added a post in a topic Conqueror Pack Horse Resolution   

    Hi, Could I ask if we are getting a T5 female horse to replace a T5 male horse or are we able to keep the male one too ? thx  
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  9. Boa added a post in a topic Buying Liverto on Market   

    All item are place in " B " for a few mins , and once you enter the 2 codes and press enter , you would automatic get this message " failed to purchase " , that message I am very sure it just mean you enter the lottery and have to wait till the " B " bidding end . if you have win the lottery , you just have to enter the 2 code again when the purchase message pop up again . that's it .  because when I won that Liverto Longbow , I can't be that fast compare to other , I did a mistake by clicking the the purchase key instead of just hitting the enter key . so it don't matter how fast you are , if you are the winner of the RNG bid . you get the item , if not you just have to try again.
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  10. Boa added a post in a topic Buying Liverto on Market   

    Ok , I finally won the Liverto Longbow at the marketplace about 2 hours ago and I like to share with you of how I won this item . 

    1: Soon as the item pop up on the market place . I quickly click on the Liverto longbow and enter the 2 numbers code , I press enter and guess what , this message " failed to purchase " pop up again , I must of see that message like over 30 times now . the " purchase " has now become grey  and I can see the " B " icon on the Liverto Longbow , which I know I have no hope in winning this now.............oh well never mind.

    2: So I wait around to see if there was like a 0.01% chance of winning this even after the  " purchase " turn back on for me.  So i wait and wait ....................................................................... and then the  " purchase " turn back on and I press the " purchase " and enter the two code as quickly as I can...but guess what ?! that message "  failed to purchase " pop up again the 2nd times on the same Liverto Longbow, very weird. So the damn Liverto Longbow has went back to bidding again ?? and the " purchase " has now turn back to grey. 

    3: So I was like.....hmmm...maybe I wait to see what happen this time, so I wait.........ZzzZZzzz....... the " purchase " turn back on again and I quickly press the " purchase " key and enter the code very fast and won the item !!! I was like ? no way...I never thought I had the chance in winning this , specially on a Sunday weekend .
    So do not give up even if you see this message " failed to purchase " just wait and keep trying ok.

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  11. Boa added a topic in General   

    List of way to protect you account from hack.
    Hello guys 

    One of my friend just got his account hacked and has quit the game ...BDO it's such a great game but I can't deny the fact that our account is  lack of security measure .  
    The only 2 things that is stopping our account from getting hack is a basic password system and anti virus . in most MMORPG these day , you would have an authenticator or a  6 digital code you must enter every time log in . 
    So here me thought , black desert don't give us these tools , I would suggest using window ' on - screen keyboard ' , you basically input your password using the mouse instead of keyboard which I think would stop the keylogger from seeing what you writing . but I could be wrong . 
    another way i think would be save your password in your gmail inbox , because gmail have it's own authenticator , so whenever you want to log BDO , you just copy and paste that password to your BDO password login .
    so any suggest of how we can protect our account would be great

    • 11 replies
  12. Boa added a post in a topic Current max horse tier?   

    Hi all , I got a T5 horse from the pre-order pack , but only have 1 slot , when I check out the t3 horse at the market ,,is got 3 back pack slot , could I ask how many back pack slot does a T4 horse have? thx
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  13. Boa added a post in a topic Post pics of your Ranger   

    My new look .

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  14. Boa added a post in a topic [LV40+] How much do you die when PvEing?   

    I would like to know too , i'm lv 44 ranger and i just spam those cheap 80s mana pot like there no tomoorow
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  15. Boa added a post in a topic I soooo want this Ranger costume (pic) where do I get it?   

    I like this costume instead  , i must say.. is the first time i spend real money for game item .

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