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  1. Azagoth added a post in a topic Name the TOP warrior's in the game.   

    Fought this guy once, and he did very well.  I was half-brained drained from work, had kids running around, was tired of playing BDO while playing BDO, so I sucked but I was impressed nonetheless!  
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  2. Azagoth added a post in a topic Alchemy 50% Nerfed after Patch, Intentional or Bug?   

    Because they want to limit how much money people can make in game so that you are more inclined to spend real money from their cash shop to sell items for silver.  Alchemy was a really good source of money.  It is now RIP.  Better off grinding\crates. 
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  3. Azagoth added a post in a topic Rip alchemy   

    I agree with OP.  Metal Solvent WAS a good money maker.  Since this patch, it has been greatly nerfed.  Kaka wants to force all players to no life grind or spend real cash to buy silver.  This is a very UNWELCOMED undocumented change that hurts those that work hard at alchemy.  WTF KAKA?????????????
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  4. Azagoth added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Guys, it's not a server merge.  It's a new world.......*blows glitter into the air*
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  5. Azagoth added a post in a topic Trade EXP Nerf?   

    Best part
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  6. Azagoth added a post in a topic Would you rather have a Dungeon or a Raid?   

    Great topic!
    Thoughts on a great dungeon for BDO:
    A BIG NO to instanced dungeons.  Where's the reward or excitement in that?  NONE. 
    They should be open world, open pvp, high risk-reward (gather XYZ amount of an item for turns-in, etc.)
    They should be something actually challenging\fun.  Unique mobs that you approach carefully.  Grinding can be fun when done right.
    Best dungeon's in any MMO to date are those found in Lineage 2 \ Old school Catacombs \ TOI was also great.
    Dungeons should NOT be considered as a "daily" to get done.  That's cheap and becomes a chore...  
    It should be an organic dwelling place of awesomeness, risk, reward, and excitement!
    Something that would push more of a need for group mechanics\play.
    Oh, and the ability to stay in a dungeon for days\weeks if I wanted to. 
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  7. Azagoth added a post in a topic Red Nose Day - Why So Serious?   

    I suppose $3.82 counts as a donation, and sounds good....
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  8. Azagoth added a topic in PVE   

    Going Big (Alchemy Stone)!
    Hi, I have patiently saved\crafted over 1,000 platinum crystals in efforts to go for a high level alchemy stone of destruction (Gold Sharp or higher). What I wanted to know is if anybody can share any experience with getting a Sharp or Resplendent or higher stone? Here's some questions: Can the color of a stone downgrade? Would it make sense to get the rarity (color) to gold first, and then just mindlessly go from Sturdy to Sharp?   Was it pure luck?  Did it take 5-10+ fails before it jumped to Sharp or higher?  What is an ideal situation of a stone that has potential -- I.E. - a rough gold stone?   FWIW, I am Artisan 5 Alchemy.  Should I get to Master 1 alchemy first before blowing all of these mats? I really just want a gold colored sharp alchemy stone of destruction.  Any tips are appreciated before I blow up $320+ mil in crystals.  Thanks!
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  9. Azagoth added a post in a topic Ya'll just need to start an equalized 1v1 arena guild.   

    Bwhauahahahhaha...Love it.  I was thinking the same thing.
    While it could be fun for about 30 seconds, it would get boring very fast.  Who wants to be equal?.  1 vs 1's would be great if they added a hero system -- but even then it'd be all about gear\lvls\skill.  Kaka-Daum wants to create a time\money sink on all fronts.  This game is about coveting, and pushing for higher lvls of gear.  Wars are about strength in numbers.  1 vs 1's have very little to do with this game's dynamics. 
    Isn't it more rewarding to get your gear decent and beat somebody that outgears you?  That's a better way to stroke the e-peen imo.  And, if you already did that, why neutralize everything?
    Join the rest of the club and roll with the punches.  You win some and you lose some.  If you can't, go play street fighter?
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  10. Azagoth added a post in a topic Have you been ripped off?   

    ^YES, an exchange or anything!  I was not asking for a real cash refund.  A digital refund or an exchange would have been great.  But, this situation revealed otherwise.
    10 days for their first response.  But, hey...who's counting?
    Showed no interest in helping me even if they could\would\should.  It's something like this that should get considered on a business level.  Keep your customers happy , treat them right, and they will be long term (which is good for a mmo, right?).  
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  11. Azagoth added a post in a topic Have you been ripped off?   

    Good points, and thanks for the feedback.  My situation is not that case, but I do see your point.  FWIW, I did reach out nearly immediately.  If they took the time to consider me as a customer, they'd see my purchase history, and that I was in fact trying to breed pets for higher tiers.
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  12. Azagoth added a post in a topic Have you been ripped off?   

    Thanks Pops, appreciate the love and support.  Funny how you don't answer or address a single point I bring up.  Do you work for Daum?  You're almost as good as they are in this regard. I am going to consider the source on this one, you clearly lack compassion or understand and I feel sorry for you.  Lots of head knowledge, little heart.
    As many have pointed out, wait until this happens to you. Everything won't be soo legalistic and black and white at that point.  Mistakes happen, and I don't need somebody such as you trying to belittle me on the internetz. Go beat on or pick on somebody else. please and thank you.
    Lots of people missing the point here.  We spend lots of time, energy, effort investing into a game.  They will happily take your money, but you are out of luck should you make a mistake with a purchase.  I am not trying to "wahhh, cry with me".  I am trying to say Daum has a very restrictive\ridiculous policy that leaves little room for error.  If you make a mistake, people without compassion eat you alive for it.  It's not right, and I felt ripped off not seeing a resolution. 
    You're a good person, thank you!  
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  13. Azagoth added a post in a topic Have you been ripped off?   

    Not harsh, and I appreciate the feedback.  Yes, mistake being the keyword.  Something I did unintentionally.  Perhaps I am being dramatic with the term "ripped off".  It's how I feel, and I am entitled to feel that way. 
    I would only assume that if you paid for a meal, got the wrong food, and didn't get a refund -- maybe you would feel the same way?  Especially, if you were a long time customer, and this was your first hiccup?  How would the restaurant handle you as a customer?
    I frankly would be further concerned if there was a large number of people out there being treated the same way.  If you open up a business, issues like this need to be handled and resolved equitably.  This was not the case. 
    Video game, entertainment, discretion all in the same sentence?!.  Too much responsibility for me there my friend!  
    Yes, in my efforts to blow up a pet, I did not consider two different birds would not be compatible for digital mating.  I will be sure to further investigate this, get council, and meditate before such drastic decisions.
    Yep.  Again, mistake.  Are you one of those people who doesn't make any?  
    I never once said they did not work, but nice try?
    Yes - ever buy something and have a need to return it?
    Thank you for your efforts, and contributions good sir.  I hope you feel better Mr. internet bully.
    Do you work for Daum?  Serious question.  
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  14. Azagoth added a post in a topic Have you been ripped off?   

    You can only serve one!  You must choose....e-peen glory, or paycheck.
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  15. Azagoth added a topic in General   

    Have you been ripped off?
    I had seen some rant\rave threads about Daum "ripping" people off, etc. etc.  However, I brushed it off until it happened to me.
    All I have to say is that I made a mistake with two items that I had purchased.
    The first was a pet:  I had no clue you couldn't breed a macaw with a normal hawk.  I bought it thinking "Oh shiny....Hmmm, I wonder how that'll turn out".  I tried to breed, and was told I couldn't..."Doh!".  Well, apparently, the very moment you open\name a pet it is yours for life.  "NO REFUNDS --- BAM!  The policy will not bend to your foolish ways!"
    The other was I had over-purchased some city storage expansion...opps, mistake on my part.  The moment you wrap your greasy paws around that item, it is yours forever.
    Anyhow, I admitted my faults to Daum, asked for help, and was met with the policy police.  No understanding or thought of me as a long term customer, but robotic responses and telling me to move along.
    Sadly, I really did feel like I was contributing to future content \ supporting these companies. 
    Thoughts for Daum:
    Does the digital item have an expiration date on it? NO
    Has it depreciated in value? NO
    Have I gained an unfair advantage by having a tier 1 , lvl 1 pet I have never used and simply bought for breeding purposes? NO
    Was\is your policy good for residual business? NO
    Will this encourage me to want to buy more times, or spend more money? NO
    Is this "policy" really worth the cost of losing a long term customer?  NO
    The good outcome is I do feel ripped off.  I have spent TONS of time\money\effort\energy in this game, and am upset to the point of not giving this company another dollar of my hard earned money.  That's the good outcome of this.  Thanks Daum\ Kaka, w\e your name is.
    Are there any others with a similar story?  What are my options besides crying all over a forum?
    P.S. -- Yes, I know the value of the pet is minor, but that truly is not the point.  I could have spent 3 pennies on this game, and if I had an issue, it should be refunded\credit.
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  16. Azagoth added a post in a topic Milking Cows   

    Not sure if it has been mentioned yet, but we (as in my daughter) had this same issue.  Found it to be video card driver \ settings related. Something glitchy happens with certain settings.  We took everything to low settings and this fixed the issue. You may be able to eliminate the issue by changing in game settings one by one.
    I hope this helps!
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  17. Azagoth added a topic in Suggestions   

    Graphics: Disable Flash Effect
    So, I started taking gathering more serious, and I will tell you that I feel like I am going to go blind some nights using my pickaxe.  It flashes everytime the pickaxe hits.  Sometimes, in the evening, after a long day of work, this makes me not want to play.
    The flash and the critical \ back hit flash need to have the option to be disabled, please!
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  18. Azagoth added a post in a topic Mediah will up the Warrior ?   

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  19. Azagoth added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 23rd   

    First post -- just to say:  I had no clue I was surrounded by such a vast amount of self-entitled, impatient, ungrateful whiners.  SERIOUSLY.
    "XYZ Hours"  wahhhhhhh
    "No this, no that?!?!"  wahhhhhhhhh
    Allow me to go against the grain here.  I think these updates are awesome!  It's great to see new content.  It all seems reasonably paced, too.  I personally don't want to blow through and finish all content ASAP.  This games is awesome, stop giving these guys such a hard time.
    Get a job, appreciate things.  Balance out your life\entertainment, etc.  You'll see life differently!
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