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  1. NeonKitten added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  2. NeonKitten added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    I was one of the people put on eu servers at 8:00 and i bought the pearls on there and now that i switched over to na where i should be i have no pearls and cant get them is there a way to fix or will i not be able to spend pearls this beta anymore?
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  3. NeonKitten added a post in a topic Why PVE players need not worry about PVP for now   

    i think this is a tricky thing to fix because u can end up having to fight someone constantly which can be super annoying and can make it very hard to get stuff done to some people it seems like it doesnt matter and it should just be part of the game if ur fighting someone every 10mins but im sure when people r trying to level they will find it super annoying when they cant farm creeps because people r trying to kill them constantly for the giggles especially since they r lowering the cap for open pvp from 50 now we can end up having level 50+ camping spots to kill under leveled people 10 levels or more below them which will basically just be open ----- for everyone to watch sure its fun to shit all over someone when they cant do anything because of the difference in levels but its not fun for the low level kitty just trying to catch up to everyone and since the game is so big on economy fighting constantly or every 10 mins can even hurt that because people wont be able to get things done they wont be able to farm supplys they need for crafting or fish for cooking because they r to busy fighting off the server that is after them for the giggles so little money is made and little supplies are gathered to sell and level crafting skills so they can sell useful stuff for people to buy then the economy in the game ends up being not that great archeage system doesnt matter there wasnt even a reason to kill someone of ur race in that game unless it was for packs and even that game had 50s camping level 30 zones hiding to kill the low level people for the giggles sorry not kill them i mean ----- cuz thats what it was the 2 countries was the big part for open pvp in that game we dont have that we have guilds and then just normal people but currently there is no reason to randomly kill someone in bdo other than the giggles unless they have tradepacks if they can be drop i hear they can and cant so idk or cuz a bunch of people r farming a spot and u need to make room but there is also the chance that after u kill them they just come right back to fight it keeps going back and forth until one side get tiered of fighting constantly its also a problem for the karma system cuz if u kill someone for a spot nothing is stopping them form coming back and if u keep killing them u will just end up loseing all ur karma but it is a hard system to fix idk if my points even explain this well at all in anyway and if it doesnt sorry u read the whole thing.
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  4. NeonKitten added a post in a topic Oath - Proud, Loyal.   

    I filled out a application
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