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  1. Vintros added a post in a topic All claims for conqeror's on 28th will not get until 3rd March.   

    Yeah, nah. I was patient, but it looks like this company is hopeless.
    I put in a support ticket requesting a partial refund since I could've just saved $50 or $70 on this game and been in the same position. There's being inconvenienced and then there's being screwed. This is clearly the latter now.
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  2. Vintros added a post in a topic Purge the forums on Launch? Fresh start!   

    The current posts should probably be archived, I guess.
    More importantly, all new posts need to be restricted to accounts who have ordered the game. I get that it's been the way it was to make "potential customers" feel welcome and make everything as accessible as possible, but there's absolutely no reason to keep it open at this point.
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  3. Vintros added a post in a topic How are you going to spend your 2500 pearls?   

    2 pets. The remaining 700 pearls will just sit there and rot until the prices on inventory and/or weight go down.
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  4. Vintros added a post in a topic Based on CBT2 what would you like to see at launch?   

    In order of importance:
    1. Option to have KR voices. (never gonna happen, but I can wish)
    2. Option to mute pets. Maybe the annoying barks and meows is the reason why the hawk costs more...?
    3. Option to hide other people's costumes. Nothing available in the CS right now is so bad, but if they're planning on bringing over everything the KR version has...
    Cash shop prices is a given. And of course fix all of the minor localization errors, but I'm sure that stuff will be taken care of over time. No issues with the actual gameplay!
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  5. Vintros added a post in a topic Don't tell anyone but 96hr > 25% exp boost   

    Obviously, they'd be behind. Duh. I highly doubt anyone who didn't order the Conqueror pack cares about being "behind" or "first" or anything like that.
    That's not the point and I didn't say anything about that. I said that when any player of the game spends the same amount of time (example 96 hours) doing the same exact things, they should be able to progress and accomplish the same exact things as the Cash Shopper did in their 96 hours. Their in-game effort should not equal less.
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  6. Vintros added a post in a topic Don't tell anyone but 96hr > 25% exp boost   

    Way to be entirely clueless...
    Time is equal for everyone. We're all here on the same planet Earth, with the same 24 hours in a day. The difference between head start time and a Cash Shop EXP boost is that the time of a player who does not "pay2win" from the Cash Shop will always be less productive no matter what that player does.
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  7. Vintros added a post in a topic Clearing up misconceptions, how the game really works.   

    Wow. This is the saddest thread on the forum. So many likes for such lies. "Oh, having bonus stats that you can't obtain without paying real money is nothing." ... "Having to take a few minutes longer to pick up your loot every single grinding or farming session is nothing." Nothing matters at all! Bloody pathetic...
    If you don't care that this B2P game is also pay2gainanadvantage (there, I won't use the word "win" so now maybe people will have to argue this with something other than semantics), then just say that straight up. That's fine. People used to pay for cheat codes and such in games back in the day too. Preferences, whatever. Just do not try to pretend that "nothing" matters and that people who do not use the cash shop are on an even playing field. That's a load of crap. Fact.
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  8. Vintros added a post in a topic File is corrupt error   

    Same thing here. First there was like a 200MB patch. Seemed to download just fine. Then, all of a sudden it gave the "file is corrupt" message and now it's stuck on "checking files" which in reality is downloading the entire 31.85 GB all over again. Absolutely ridiculous.
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  9. Vintros added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    The only reasonably priced things are the dye boxes. And maybe some of the expansion slot stuff. Maybe. Costumes costing more than the game? I have no words for that. Definitely won't be buying any additional pets at this price either. If I feel like the one from the pre-order isn't sufficient enough to not feel like I'm at a disadvantage, I guess I'll just have to stop playing.
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  10. Vintros added a post in a topic Cash Shop - What You Need in Priority Order   

    All of this bonus stats stuff is P2W. I could've sworn they said "convenience" or "vanity" was all that could be purchased from our cash shop. Everything listed in the OP is an "advantage"...
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