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  1. Real added a post in a topic People crying P2W need to get a JOB!   

    I Think your Mum should get a Job...
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  2. Real added a post in a topic Ninja nerf to undertaker midair turning?   

    This problem only occurs for me, when someone is spamming the guildping. It -----s up the Undertaker, Spin and Lava.
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  3. Real added a post in a topic Help with berserker farming   

    its a simple stomb after bws!
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  4. Real added a post in a topic Hidden Combo only with low FPS?   

    This Combo is very easy. You also can do it with W+RMB F AA or DD if shift does not work for you. maybe you need ultimate evasion
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  5. Real added a post in a topic Help with berserker farming   

    Maybe this video can help you how to spin and do your rotation.
    It's duo armor with tri liverto. runs pretty ok even with gamepad. 
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  6. Real added a topic in Berserker   

    The new Lifeleech - barely ok
    Hiho, i made a Video about the new Lifeleech at the Crescent Shrine in Valencia Desert. 
    I think the slightly nerfed Lifeleech is kinda "ok" but defenitely worse than the old one. 
    Since three weeks, i play the PvE Content with my ps4 Gamepad (because of a slightly Injury in my right Hand), so dont judge too hard about the movement.
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  7. Real added a post in a topic New Awakening skill effects?   

    yes a restart of the client fixes the problem. But the description is kinda wrong. It says 10HP per hit, but it seems like 10hp per sec or it dont work on multiple targets.
    So against large groups its weaker now.
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  8. Real added a post in a topic remove the 30% market tax and 10% exp gain from subscription pack.   

    Dude.... P2W does NOT ONLY mean that you can buy ITEMS with money, P2W means that you can get an ingame advantage with real money, and that is the case since the release of the game wirh 10% xp costumes and pets. Not its much more p2w at a level that is not acceptable anymore. After that 3 packaged that i get for free for my 100€ pre order, i will quit.
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  9. Real added a post in a topic Value Pack Pay To Win Please Remove   

    We all Knew than Korean idiots make every Game a pay2win Game, we knew it would come... The reason why not a single f.ucking Asia mmo is successfull in EU, except a shot cashcow phase...
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  10. Real added a post in a topic remove the 30% market tax and 10% exp gain from subscription pack.   

    Are you completely stupid? In a REAL Subcription based MMO, you dont have to Pay for
    Extra inventory slots
    Extra weight limit
    Skill resets
    extra XP
    That whole Horse bullshit things
    etc etc etc.
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  11. Real added a post in a topic Launcher closing down instantly.   

    I have this problem since the today patch, wtf? cant play!!
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  12. Real added a post in a topic Sorc Compensation!   

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  13. Real added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 13th   

    LOL Daum youre such retards... unbelievable. Worst Company of all times, I've Never seen a developer being such stupid and retarded. 
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  14. Real added a post in a topic Never forget May 11th   

    The End of the Happyzone was definitely the +20upgradebullshit
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  15. Real added a post in a topic IMPORTANT / Pls Read when u dont like +16 and higher Enchant   

    Most of the PPL dont understand the whole Debate. The Players (me included), are pissed of the way HOW you have to obtain the new +20 gear. ANOTHER HARDCORE RNG system that enters the game, so -----ing RNG, that your gear can drop back.
    A player that earnes 200m a week dont care about some dropbacks, but if you earn only 50m a week, its a big deal if you enchant fails. Thats the reason why BDO lost so many Players.
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