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  1. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Wizard pets teleporting around while following   

    You can "recall" the pet, so that it disappears. 
    I put one of the "summon" in quick access toolbar. 
    When this pet is out, I click the quick-access, and the pet disappear, so that I don't have that annoying teleporting pet following me.
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  2. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic NA server down megathread | Update: Server should be up again   

    1% RIP ...
    and what does failed to apply item to memory mean? 
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  3. De_Vaillance added a topic in Recrutement guildes   

    Groupe Facebook BDO QC
    Pour les joueurs québécois de BDO, compte tenu de l'abandon par l'administrateur de l'ancien groupe, un nouveau groupe est en train d'être mis sur pieds.
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  4. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Anniversary Gratitude Event [Updated - 3/28/2017]   

    It can take up to one day for fame to get updated. 
    combat fame is one per level, then twice for 56+, then x5 for 60+, from what I read
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  5. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Anniversary Gratitude Event [Updated - 3/28/2017]   

    What is the point of being loyal, if it gets no more? 
    I'm all for allowing new players catch-up mechanisms, but catch-up does not mean being "loyal" equals needing to work more for the same rewards... 

    I feel "cheated" for being "loyal"
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  6. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Safe Accessory Enhancements   

    I would mainly hope that cron stones would be more effective to protect the item. 
    They already have a high enough cost, that they should also prevent downgrading, not just item loss.
    Or, maybe add 50% cron stones to prevent downgrading, as a player's choice?

    to join your idea, if the were made available to unenhanced items, it would do what you ask for, without much development time, as the mecanic is already in-game..
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  7. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic [Fishing] New gold spots   

    Great inputs overall
    My main one would be to keep the spots in the overall same locations, that is, the spot would move in an area - active fishers could follow it, while the spot would drift away from afk fishers. (Please, no "jumping out of view" or "disappearing" spots.) 
    Looking at IRL fishing, fishes don't just disappear. But they might move away. I really expected smoother fish/spots movements with this update. 
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  8. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic How do I get the Mansha's graduation quest?   

    After doing the mansha quest, I had to go see him to validate it, instead of speaking to the black spirit. That's when he offered me that quest.
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  9. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Black Spirit daily necklace quests not showing   

    I don't recall forfeiting one of the quest, I remember turning one in a few days ago, but I also am unable to get the quest again. Only did it a few times. Not even enough to get to the blue necklace. A guildee also stated he didn't have it anymore....
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  10. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Devs Team communication regarding Patch 17.06   

    Thanks for explanations and early patch notes. 
    A quest to enable PvP would be really great. If it is carefully thought out (eg: travelling progression is stopped as long as the quest isn't done), so that people would not just avoid doing that quest as a mean to avoid PvP. Moving PvP to 50, as there is already a quest to get to that level, would be the simplest, imho...
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  11. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Got banned for no reason   

    If you believe you got banned for no reason, you have to file an appeal through : https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=101675 
    Posting on a forum will change nothing.
    Edit : some people use macros (eg keyboard and/or mice) and do not consider it cheating, while it is against ToS. 
    This might be little reason, but it's reason enough,,,
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  12. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Sauvons la planète!   

    Je trouve étrange que l'OP parle de triche pour des points permis par le jeu. 
    Enfreindre les règles du jeu sans attirer l’attention, généralement dans le but de gagner. 
    PAR EXTENSION – Enfreindre certaines règles ou conventions en prétendant les respecter
    L'afk fishing et l'autopath ne sont pas de la triche, puisqu'il n'y a pas d'infraction à une règle...
    Ceci dit, si le jeu ne le permettait pas, il y aurait de toute façon des joueurs qui utiliseraient des macros pour le faire (comme on le voyait avant l'intégration de l'autopathing), ce qui serait effectivement de la triche (les macros sont interdites). Cette utilisation de macros demande plus de ressources pour le suivi, plus de plaintes de bot à traiter, et ces ressources consacrées au suivi ne peuvent plus être consacrées au développement du jeu en soi. 
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  13. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic List all and Receive all   

    Already taking a step away would be great. don't know how the system is built (naturally), but it would be great to not have to click receive, click max amount, click ok.... adding a receive max would al;ready be great, though a receive all would also be a nice option...
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  14. De_Vaillance added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild mission - gathering / fishing
    As Fishing and Gathering are not the same life skill, I would see fit to have them be separate.
    We have players who love one or the other, and, since we can choose trading, it would be nice to be able to choose gatheing or fishing.
    Anyone else thinks that way?
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  15. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic character slots   

    I would love to get at least enough slots to have one of each characters - including one of each sex. I liked the increase in maximum slots, but would love to get a limit increase for the number of characters added. 
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