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  1. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Wizard pets teleporting around while following   

    You can "recall" the pet, so that it disappears. 
    I put one of the "summon" in quick access toolbar. 
    When this pet is out, I click the quick-access, and the pet disappear, so that I don't have that annoying teleporting pet following me.
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  2. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic NA server down megathread | Update: Server should be up again   

    1% RIP ...
    and what does failed to apply item to memory mean? 
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  3. De_Vaillance added a topic in Recrutement guildes   

    Groupe Facebook BDO QC
    Pour les joueurs québécois de BDO, compte tenu de l'abandon par l'administrateur de l'ancien groupe, un nouveau groupe est en train d'être mis sur pieds.
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  4. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Anniversary Gratitude Event [Updated - 3/28/2017]   

    It can take up to one day for fame to get updated. 
    combat fame is one per level, then twice for 56+, then x5 for 60+, from what I read
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  5. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Anniversary Gratitude Event [Updated - 3/28/2017]   

    What is the point of being loyal, if it gets no more? 
    I'm all for allowing new players catch-up mechanisms, but catch-up does not mean being "loyal" equals needing to work more for the same rewards... 

    I feel "cheated" for being "loyal"
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  6. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Safe Accessory Enhancements   

    I would mainly hope that cron stones would be more effective to protect the item. 
    They already have a high enough cost, that they should also prevent downgrading, not just item loss.
    Or, maybe add 50% cron stones to prevent downgrading, as a player's choice?

    to join your idea, if the were made available to unenhanced items, it would do what you ask for, without much development time, as the mecanic is already in-game..
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  7. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic [Fishing] New gold spots   

    Great inputs overall
    My main one would be to keep the spots in the overall same locations, that is, the spot would move in an area - active fishers could follow it, while the spot would drift away from afk fishers. (Please, no "jumping out of view" or "disappearing" spots.) 
    Looking at IRL fishing, fishes don't just disappear. But they might move away. I really expected smoother fish/spots movements with this update. 
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  8. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic How do I get the Mansha's graduation quest?   

    After doing the mansha quest, I had to go see him to validate it, instead of speaking to the black spirit. That's when he offered me that quest.
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  9. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Black Spirit daily necklace quests not showing   

    I don't recall forfeiting one of the quest, I remember turning one in a few days ago, but I also am unable to get the quest again. Only did it a few times. Not even enough to get to the blue necklace. A guildee also stated he didn't have it anymore....
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  10. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Devs Team communication regarding Patch 17.06   

    Thanks for explanations and early patch notes. 
    A quest to enable PvP would be really great. If it is carefully thought out (eg: travelling progression is stopped as long as the quest isn't done), so that people would not just avoid doing that quest as a mean to avoid PvP. Moving PvP to 50, as there is already a quest to get to that level, would be the simplest, imho...
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  11. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Got banned for no reason   

    If you believe you got banned for no reason, you have to file an appeal through : https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=101675 
    Posting on a forum will change nothing.
    Edit : some people use macros (eg keyboard and/or mice) and do not consider it cheating, while it is against ToS. 
    This might be little reason, but it's reason enough,,,
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  12. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Sauvons la planète!   

    Je trouve étrange que l'OP parle de triche pour des points permis par le jeu. 
    Enfreindre les règles du jeu sans attirer l’attention, généralement dans le but de gagner. 
    PAR EXTENSION – Enfreindre certaines règles ou conventions en prétendant les respecter
    L'afk fishing et l'autopath ne sont pas de la triche, puisqu'il n'y a pas d'infraction à une règle...
    Ceci dit, si le jeu ne le permettait pas, il y aurait de toute façon des joueurs qui utiliseraient des macros pour le faire (comme on le voyait avant l'intégration de l'autopathing), ce qui serait effectivement de la triche (les macros sont interdites). Cette utilisation de macros demande plus de ressources pour le suivi, plus de plaintes de bot à traiter, et ces ressources consacrées au suivi ne peuvent plus être consacrées au développement du jeu en soi. 
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  13. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic List all and Receive all   

    Already taking a step away would be great. don't know how the system is built (naturally), but it would be great to not have to click receive, click max amount, click ok.... adding a receive max would al;ready be great, though a receive all would also be a nice option...
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  14. De_Vaillance added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild mission - gathering / fishing
    As Fishing and Gathering are not the same life skill, I would see fit to have them be separate.
    We have players who love one or the other, and, since we can choose trading, it would be nice to be able to choose gatheing or fishing.
    Anyone else thinks that way?
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  15. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic character slots   

    I would love to get at least enough slots to have one of each characters - including one of each sex. I liked the increase in maximum slots, but would love to get a limit increase for the number of characters added. 
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  16. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Karma.   

    Karma is moslty earned by killing mobs. If you mainly train horses, karma does not really increase - which might explain the difference. 
    One of my alt who mainly fishes and coocks is at 24k karma (lvl 31), while my lvl 11 maewha has 1k... my main is, most of the time, at max.
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  17. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Armor in the Costume Slot   

    I would also love to be able to use different armor parts as costumes. 
    I wish the costume coupon needed to make profession clothes be an outfit would allow for the, when it will be in-game. 
    (and I wish they do put the coupon in-game shortly too)
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  18. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Paid character transfer to the different regions   

    This sure is something that should be implemented. I understantd the technical limitations, in termes of names, for example, which can be already taken in destination server, but if  it is made clear to the player that names are not transferable, it should not be too hard to make a servr / reion change coupn...
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  19. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic People being banned etc etc.   

    The process for the "hunted hackers", according to devs announcement of it is : people submit evidence, BDO team examine the evidence and act on it as needed. 
    re: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/83276-hacker-hunting-initiative/ 
    The account could only be banned manually by the team, in this process, I do not expect them to do it on week-ends...

    Many people use the macros that came with their keyboard or mice and don't even consider it a third party program, but it is.
    I do not know what other means they use to ban hackers. Some process might be automated? I remembered I had a bug once that made me move at super speed (in another game). Though it was funny, I closed the game as soon as I saw it didn't go away by changing zone, and my fellow players were not having this new "feature". An automated thing might take it as hacking,.. Then I would have been banned for botting / use of third party program.... (Just some examples of things that might happen). 

    The best for those getting banned and found not guilty would be to ask for remedy before closing the ticket, if no remedy was offered. 

    Those who get banned can appel via ticket there : https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=101675 
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  20. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Compensation - Bonus EXP Event May 13th-17th   

    Aion had hours of queue at launch, with crashes that meant restarting the hours long queues. WoW also was totally unplayable at launch (it took months for it to become playable by most players), and for the few who have been able to connect, the in-game bugs made it unplayable (lots of freezing), Star Wars Galaxies also was infested with bugs, and people were unable to connect. Despite a later than announced lauche date, the game was not even complete (no space combat). Anarchy online... accounts registration and billing issues, lags and latency, unable to DL the files, server problems, progression loss, anything the could go wrong with a game launch went wrong... Final Fantasy XIV launch went so bad, that it has been considered an open Beta, with a rela launch almost one year later....
    ESO knew in beta they had issues (3 months before launch), and they still released the game with the same issues...
    And in this list are just the games form lists of "worst MMO launch". How many MMO launch still have horrible queues at launch these days (ex: Archeage, with 7-8 hours queue), 
    The launch went bad for only a handful of players. The biggest problem was a server allocation issue. It sucks for those affected, but far from everyone were affected, and it did not make the game unplayable - Just had to redo a character on the proper channel, when one found out about his/her reallocation. Some chanels went down, but it didn't make the gamae unplayable on the other channels. There was no queue to play, almost no bug in-game - and none of the bugs were making it impossible to play.
    And maybe you should check-up what criminal means, before stating the company actions at launch were so, or maybe I am dumb for not undertanding your meaning, because I really have no idea of what was criminal about the launch. They did not fare well with communications, that is granted, but they are working on that issue.
    They did not charge for a headstart, they charged for a package. I got all items from conqueror, including the early access to the game. No queues, generally stable servers, no connection problems, no bugs making it totally impossible to play - they even had devs spawning more imps for the release,in reaction to a problem encountered at betas. Devs were present and reacting relatively quickly to problems arising. What was criminal about their conduct?
    So, all in all, yes, in my opinion, based on other MMO launch - old and recents alike - BDO launch was pretty smooth....
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  21. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Compensation - Bonus EXP Event May 13th-17th   

    Launch went pretty smooth as far as MMO launch is concerned. They made it up to people who had been affected by the server allocation problem. Can't speak of tickets, since I sent none - but I do not consider it in the "listent to customers" category. About CS,  people are still buying from it, which shows their market study was not off the mark, and with coding, solving problems actually takes lots of time and care in order to not break anything. 

    Another game I played for a long time did not even acknowledge they had server problems for over a year. They blamed it on the player's end. They repeatedly said, when a problem arose (like a class unable to cancell a particular animation), that it was a feature, and not a bug. You could tell which area of the game had problems, just by looking at the Devs post history. They would never post in the forums of the parts of the game that had known "problems"/ their so-called "features". They had big balance patch every six months, which broke some classes, and we had to wait the full six months before we had some changes, 
    For me, that was a company that did not care about it's players and their ability to play and enjoy the game. 
    And as bad as I thought it was, people playing other MMO's were saying we had a pretty responsive team in that game. 
    So, I do not know which other MMO's you played to say with a straight face that Daum is " pretty up there on the worst company in terms of customer relations and overall infrastructure management"... despite a few communications issues - on which they are working - I do find they are doing a pretty good job  in terms of customer relations and overall infrastructure management...
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  22. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Compensation - Bonus EXP Event May 13th-17th   

    Thanks for XP and announcement.
    And thanks a lot for making it extend beyond the week-end. I can't play much on week-end, and always found weird that problems occuring during the week would get compensated during the week-end. 
    Keep it up!
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  23. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic State of the game via PvtWiggle's Opinion   

    1- Unanounced changes. 
    It does bother me, but I do feel that it is somehow more fair to everyone - eg, those who are not reading the forums all the time - who are a lot of the player base.. 
    2- Boss and money earned
    I do believe the loot distribution should be fairer, that is, not so reliant on damage, and that there should be more lesser loot and fewer higher loots.
    3- Sieges
    I believe Daum folows statistical datas to know where we are at. We just had our first cannon two weeks ago (and we then had mediah updates). So, as much as I look forward to sieges, I appreciate that Daum follows where we are at before launching the next part, and this is great.
    4- Hackers and punitive game:  
    Rampant? I find Daum do a pretty good job taking off hackers from this game. Nothing is perfect, but holding a gruge at daum for hackers is pretty off the mark, imho. They are amogst the best games I played regarding getting rid of hacking. 
    But I do believe it somewhat unfair that players "unfairly killed" (or is it unjustly killed?) are loosing XP/crystals. I believe someone who is not fighting should not get malus for being PK'ed. (I woulds also like for a longer minimal PVP mode on timer. like if someone turns on PvP, he should stay so at least five minutes, or for as long as he is in combat).
    If being killed by a player when we didn't fight did not have heavy consequences, it would be less problematic to be killed by hackers...
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  24. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Costume Exchange Tickets: Where are they?   

    I'd like these coupon also. And to be able to use the on armor also would be great (or have coupons for armor) 
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  25. De_Vaillance added a post in a topic Trade Crates?   

    Later in the game, it could be pretty good. 
    As Groznac stated, they can be piled, which increase the profits. 
    Also, trading have two main base components, demand and distance.
    Demanf : Some trade managers have higher demande than others, which increase prices.Since this varies, we have to look frequently at prices to know if it's worth it. 
    To know deman, from the map, click on a trader's wheel, and spend one energy to look at prices. repeat for a few traders.
    Distance : There is a bonus according to distance - the farther you go, the more of a bonus you get, as long as nodes are connected (which is why I state later in the game - need linked nodes). 
    Crates trading demands a relatively small player involvement. Make the most of workers for gathering ingredients and materials and only do the minimal processing they can't do. 
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