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  1. finndo added a post in a topic Anyone able to hit a perfect 15min cooking?   

    [rest of post deleted as it was even more useless than what I left behind]
    hmm.. just realized there is no point to my comment, other than to whine and complain about how much I suck, and how good you are compared to me, and how you are complaining about 4 minutes, when the same process takes me around two hours!  
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  2. finndo added a post in a topic [Cooking] Cinnamon?   

    sometimes the knowledge is never posted, and the old becomes new again...
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  3. finndo added a post in a topic Knowledge Battle with Hailey - Quest stops after 1 question?   

    didn't read any guide, found this series by mistake... the table is behind you when you talk to the storage manager, you have to be in just the right spot for the popup to read it to appear, you also have to talk to the pickpocket after each time you answer a question in order to start the next one.  Unless they broke it in the last 3 weeks (I just did it 3 weeks ago), it should still be working.
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  4. finndo added a post in a topic New class to try Ninja or Musa?   

    I dropped my Maewha for Ninja when it came out, never went back to play my Maewha at all, except as an energy dump... now I've been trying to awaken all the classes I have toons on (get that extra house fame), I had to push my Maewha up from 54 and realized why I stopped playing my which for a Maewha when it came out, I love it, much faster at Sausans with about 15%-20% lower AP (read MUCH FASTER!!!) even when at level 54.  I might have to swap back to Maewha instead of ninja as my main once I get this silly DK to 56...
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  5. finndo added a post in a topic Warning to Dark Knights: If your weapon breaks, your skills break   

    I've never seen this on any other class and I have 5x at level 56, 2 more at 52, 2 more at 50, only the DK has ever complained and not performed when the weapon is broken.  Granted, my AP is gone when the weapon breaks on any class, but the DK just stands there like your keyboard is broken or something...  I normally grind until stuff breaks before repairing (maids are nice if you have enough, I need about 14 more... so I can send it to the bank, swap toons, repair it, and swap back and grab it again without waiting) 
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  6. finndo added a post in a topic VOID KNIGHT FOR DARK KNIGHT!!!!!!!   

    The ninja looks bad ass in the Bloody suit... especially with a pumpkin head...
    Personally I think the Dark Knight outfits are garbage.  They didn't leave much to remove when they give us more costumes... I don't look at anything in KR versions, so I have no idea what is coming...
    I can't tell the difference between the default armor outfits and the rosa costume, I've said it before and I'll say it again, they put just those up, so people would buy them for the XP bonus as it is a new class, then they will drop more later (still not the most requested one) in hopes that people will buy 3 or 4 different ones as they become available, until the one they really want is out, and then spend more money on yet another outfit...
    This game is all about the money, they will make every decision based on how much money they can make.  and nothing else.
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  7. finndo added a post in a topic ult repeated annihilation   

    it uses up 42 SP while you are waiting for awakening skills...  that way you have to buy a skill reset to get rid of it when awakening comes out and you need more SP...
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  8. finndo added a post in a topic Biggest SLAP in the face by Kashkao   

    too many of these threads already, maybe they need to be combined...  tired of repeating myself, just combine them already!!!
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  9. finndo added a post in a topic INCREASE CASH SHOP MARKETPLACE PRICES   

    all for equalization of pearl to silver ratio, but I would also prefer to have AH prices fixed, not variable like other items, everyone sells for max on most cash shop things anyway...  If there was a 20% bump in silver cost as well, I think there would be many more sales.  Right now I think the CS to AH sales have dwindled from the people trying to P2W realizing it is gonna cost a lot more cash than they thought, into people just selling items when they need just a little more silver to buy something they have been saving up for...  a 20% boost in silver and flat rate sales prices, coupled with equal pearl to silver ratios would increase their sales of pearls significantly.  And we all know that is what they are doing it for to begin with...
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  10. finndo added a post in a topic Anniversary Event.... The worst.   

    very disappointing compared to the holiday sales, I really thought the 1 year anniversary would be at least that good, I've posted this in another thread already, but it seems like the "new company direction" is to go to short time very limited discounts/event items, I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing in game items with a 1 week life expectancy that auto expires, like the lantern/7 day costumes/7 day horse flute...  takes a lot of the manual management out of the event items for them.  Possibly they didn't get exactly what they expected out of the holiday sales, or ended up giving the players more in game power than they wanted them to have in too short an amount of time.  The lack of transparency is really what gets me with KaoKao, considering it is the most valued asset where I work...
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  11. finndo added a post in a topic Auto Looping not working since patch this morning   

    Autolooping breaks after every patch in the last 4 months, and seems to get better, but not 100% after about 4 days, then you patch again a couple days after it just started working again and it breaks, again.  it has been a horrible cycle.
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  12. finndo added a post in a topic Don't you want my money kakao!   

    I was expecting 30 days of hourly sales after the way the holidays were handled, I am sure they made more money over the holidays than the rest of the year combined in 2016 from EU/NA.  instead I would not be surprised if at least 20% of the players don't even use the 20% coupon.
    I have saved up my entertainment funds since the christmas sale to blow it all on hourly sales for the anniversary   now I won't spend any of it on this game, unless they do something else after the 20% coupon expires... I doubt they will do anything until then as they came out and said you could stack the coupon on sale items...
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  13. finndo added a post in a topic All Warm Milk and Black Tea gone.   

    I wasn't using them like someone else said, waiting to get to the levels where the grind really matters...  Just kept thinking they would serve me better if I saved until at least level 50 and used them to get my alts up to 56 for the double house fame points   but I only used them when I knew I could take full advantage of it (grinding non-stop for more than 30 minutes without any possible interruptions.  instead of using them constantly...  until I started my post 56 grind on all 6 toons then I intended to use them non-stop until gone,  now they are gone
    not cool man, not cool...
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  14. finndo added a post in a topic What to do next   

    I'd recommend selling everything you get from the events and anything that drops, (should be able to in less than a month buy a weapon and full armor set at +15 or so, just selling event items) save up and get a +15 rosar/krea weapon, and you will find grinding for cash much easier (I'd still stay out of mediah until you can get that to PRI and have all your armor at +15 or above though).  
    Alternately, you start a profession for money and get lifeskilling!  lots of ways to do it, check you tube for some awesome money making methods, just watch the dates on them, lots has changed in the last 4 months alone.
    Good luck and happy gaming!!
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  15. finndo added a post in a topic I Need help VERY BADLY SO   

    ditto!  looking to do my second gift soon, so I can tier up my polar bear!! FYI mine got "Combat EXP +3%"  so I use him constantly, just not for fishing... although I've never gotten any comments about him.
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