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  1. Arvek added a topic in PVE   

    Can't find crafting quests in Velia and Heidel
    Hi all.
    I'm really getting into crafting these days, and there are two quests in particular I can't seem to unlock yet. One is for processing metal shards into ingots without needing a mineral workbench, supposedly given out in Heidel by the material vendor, Flaviano. The other is for processing lizard hide, etc. into fine hard leather from drying, given by Tehchton the blacksmith in Heidel. What do I have to do to unlock these quests? I'm at the point where having these abilities are mandatory and haven't made any progress on them despite spending 3 hours on it today.
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  2. Arvek added a post in a topic The Community   

    There is absolutely nothing of use in zone chat for me, so I just made a new chat tab without it. Typing there costs energy anyways. I'd rather use that energy for crafting!
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  3. Arvek added a post in a topic Where do I start   

    That's fine. Making a character for an RPer is always something that takes some time. I hope you enjoy your time playing the game!
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  4. Arvek added a post in a topic In Game Linkup.   

    I hear ya! This is a great thread to form link ups with. Here's hoping people come around and look!
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  5. Arvek added a post in a topic New to RP. Can someone explain how it works?   

    Hi, MrMegaGamerz.
    Roleplay is great fun, and I'm new myself. I've learned a lot from this RP community, and by reading a few guides and watching this video series on Youtube (One link here will get you to all his RP introduction vids in order). These videos explain the basics, and a lot of the structure behind RP. The third video focuses on things to avoid doing during RP and is greatly helpful.
    Also, here is a link to a guide which has access to questionaires to help with creating a RP character, and also has lots of tips and tricks as well.
    RP guilds can vary wildly, depending on their structure. Some are a ragtag band of adventurers, others are organized types of groups, even things like monarchies or noble houses. I am part of the Ravens of War, a RP/PvX guild that is a mercenary group. Feel free to look through our thread to get an idea of what an RP guild structure can look like. Recruitment is still open as well. Our guild leader is currently in the rush for 50 but I could vouch for you and help you get started as well if you find yourself interested in our guild.

    I know this is information overload, take your time looking through everything and see if the concept of RP draws you in and interests you. I just wanted to provide a bunch of info for you to look at in one place. Good luck!
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  6. Arvek added a post in a topic Where do I start   

    NA Orwen is the unofficial RP server. That is where all the RP is. As for RP guilds, there are quite a few to choose from. I'm part of a RP/PvX called the Ravens of War. We have a good, pretty tight knit group and we are still open to bolstering the roster. Take a look if you are interested. Our guild leader is doing the big push to 50 right now, and it might be awhile until your application gets reviewed by him, but I could vouch for you and possibly even get you accepted into the guild. Please just fill out the application on this thread, and I'll review it and relay it to Konrad, if you are interested.
    Edit: Forgot to mention that Calpheon 2 is the RP channel on Orwen. Mah bad!

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  7. Arvek added a post in a topic In Game Linkup.   

    Hey, Tyranth. I was reading another thread, and what I gleaned from it was that most of the RP happening at the moment is in Calpheon, the actual city. Can't say I'm surprised, it is certainly going to be an RP hub. I would also like to link up for some RP at some point. Hopefully we could go together?
    But yeah, I'd certainly do some RP with you and anyone else as well! Would be fun.
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  8. Arvek added a post in a topic [NA] RPers, it's time to Choose   

    I'm happy to hear people are already finding RP! Myself, Arvek Cydonia and a guild friend, Tyranth Demont will be around Heidel at times while playing today. I hope to see some RPers when I finally head back over to Calpheon 2. Good luck everyone!
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  9. Arvek added a post in a topic Should I give RP a try?   

    Its pretty simple to join the Ravens.
    If you would like to make an application, you can leave it on our thread that Sigilor linked. Follow the guidelines for application that our Captain, Konrad Knox left and you should get a response soon!
    Sorry for the late reply. Also, if there isn't a male class you want to play and aren't comfortable RPing a female (completely understandable), then it might be awhile until you have the character you want to RP with. You could PvX with us on another class until then and not have to worry about RPing with us for now.
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  10. Arvek added a post in a topic A Beginners Guide to Roleplay   

    These are fantastic., I'm only 7 minutes in to the 2nd lesson video, but I've already had so much info crammed into my brain I need a break, haha.
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  11. Arvek added a post in a topic Should I give RP a try?   

    I'm watching the videos linked here, and I have to say, they are great. I'm not done all of them yet, but they are both entertaining and informative. Also, the lessons are excellently conveyed to the viewer.
    Good luck! And if you need any help with anything, feel free to PM me and I'll do my best to point you in the right direction.
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  12. Arvek added a post in a topic Should I give RP a try?   

    The RP community here is great. They have been very supportive of me getting into RP, and I was in a similar situation as you when I was considering starting up RP in BDO. I went to my first event during CBT2 and had a lot of fun. There are lots of RP guilds and I'm sure someone would love to take you on and help you. Making a character will take time, but it is time well spent and it can be as toned down or deep as you want! I support you 100% and hope you consider joining the RP community here.
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  13. Arvek added a post in a topic How hard did you work to afford the Pre-order?   

    I won a lifetime supply of money at the local money mart.
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  14. Arvek added a post in a topic Your GPU for BDO eye candy   

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  15. Arvek added a post in a topic Interested in beginning to RP   

    The role players here are great! I got in with a cool RP guild that I'm happy with, and got to go to my first event during CBT2. I learned a lot from it, fleshed out my character after and have been having a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to the adventures and times to be had with them and the RP community here at large. I was pretty timid about it at first, but I have a lot more confidence now. Thanks for the encouragement from yourself, as well! I hope you have a good experience as well.
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