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  1. GummyBear added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

  2. GummyBear added a post in a topic okay. im done with this game.   

    I'm just going to say that, if you played for so long in KR you should already understand the features that were in this game before you spent $400. Even if the NA players use these features more often that doesn't mean that the game needs to adjust to your liking. Also there's been plenty of games that had even scarier elements to enchanting your gear, like a small percentage that it will completely break so I never really got bothered by just lack of durability but if it bothers you make a suggestion thread no a complaint thread here.
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  3. GummyBear added a post in a topic Upgrade from Traveler's Package to Explorer's Package   

    I don't believe you can upgrade your package but you can purchase all the items that come included in the Explorer's pack. Though to get the same items will be around $32 (not including the horse but you can get it in game for free by taming one or buying one with ingame silver). A perk though is that you don't need to buy everything that pack offers and customize the items you purchase the way you see fit.
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  4. GummyBear added a post in a topic World Bosses   

    Unless the guild is hyper aggressive, I don't believe it would be much of an issue. I would like to believe that everyone would aim to just finish the boss versus starting a fight. And even with a pretty good computer specs I only get around 20-30fps during events like those so the majority would be trying to just stay alive.
    Lesson here kids is don't flag, stay alive!

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  5. GummyBear added a post in a topic World Bosses   

    Well in good news if a whole guild is around the area it would be hard to pinpoint you in the middle of the crowd unless your name is red.
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  6. GummyBear added a post in a topic Ferry license!!! SCAM lol   

    I see where the confusion could have happened, I was reading guides for the NA since I was scared of messing up.  But yeah that translation is pretty messed up I feel horrible for those players that got confused.
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  7. GummyBear added a post in a topic Ferry license!!! SCAM lol   

    You needed to aim for a Fishing Boat, not to sound rude in anyway but it's almost self explanatory. Ferry= Gets you across Fishing Boat = For fishing. But this is why the materials are much more expensive or harder to get for the Fishing Boat.
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  8. GummyBear added a post in a topic The "What did you name your horse & pets" thread!   

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  9. GummyBear added a post in a topic Party Exp Bug - 0 Exp Gain   

    The mobs have to be red name and not higher for the lowest member of your party, if the mobs you're killing are purple they won't get any exp.
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  10. GummyBear added a post in a topic Enhancing???   

    Been around 24 stacks of fail multiple times while upgrading, it sucks but you just gotta keep going. But I gotta say, 36 stacks is just wow even more so when you're just trying to get to +13.
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  11. GummyBear added a post in a topic Event: One for all, and all for one. 3rd - 22nd March   


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  12. GummyBear added a post in a topic Pre-Order ended   

    I wonder how the non-preorder packages will be like.
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  13. GummyBear added a post in a topic The reason they tried to stop cash shop from release at launch (initially) ..   

    Anything is possible,  I kinda feel like they did this method because it helps sell the $99.99 package by making it seem like the best possible option to having a great start when the game comes out. Some players feel like buying the $50 then getting $50  worth of pearls would go further since they can pick out the costume+get some extra items that would be better than a few home decor, partial skill resets, and the founder costume, etc that's comes from the conqueror package but now they would have to wait a few days more to have the opportunity to purchase those items so they might just upgrade heir package instead.
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  14. GummyBear added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    These prices are insanely high for a B2P game,  I don't mind spending money on a game but I was expecting prices like KRs or slightly lower in price but instead the items are quite a bit more expensive. With these prices I would feel pretty dirty for buying anything and supporting this kind of cash shop so most likely I will hold back.
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  15. GummyBear added a post in a topic Which Zodiac do you choose and why?   

    Treant Owl, to satisfy my addiction to them.
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