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  1. Mavor added a post in a topic pve players trying to ruin black desert for everyone>>pvp players need to speak up b4 they kill the game>>   

    So pvpers whine and say 'don't give in to the whiny pve'ers' - pve'ers whine and say 'don't give in to the whiney pvp'ers' - this goes on and on and on and on....
    The game is what the game is - its always been this way, its going to be this way - we all knew it getting into the game and if you didn't, that's your fault for not reading up on your purchase.
    Im not a pvper - unsanctioned pvp and ganking is one of the things that irritates me most in open world games - but Im SO sick of seeing the incessant back and forth between pvp and pve.
    *Its not going to change*. This is how Black Desert plays.
    To both sides: deal with it or leave - your only options.
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  2. Mavor added a post in a topic Still no set dates for class release after Q/A answers. GG Daum   

    OP, quit your -----ing. Classes will be here soon enough. No one really cares that you have no patience...
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  3. Mavor added a post in a topic Please stop...This game is too awesome.   

    Someone is happy with a purchase they made - so others who are salty about it have to come here and act like somehow their opinion of *someone elses* purchase matters in any way. Jesus, get over yourselves.
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  4. Mavor added a post in a topic Do some of you actually play this game just for PVE?   

    The game, at its heart and soul, is whatever you want it to be - within the confines of the games systems. Therefore - it is a pve game, a pvp game, a social game, an exploration game, a crafting game, a house décor game, etc, etc. Those who continually insist that BDO is strictly a PVP game, simply because PVP systems exist, are missing the bigger picture. Its like saying my house is only for taking showers in.
    Yes, pvp is the main focus at endgame for some - for others they just want to continue enjoying being in, living in and interacting with the world.
    Stop trying to pigeonhole everyone into your narrow pvp mindset. You may see endgame as only pvp - I do not. Many do not. Id go so far as to say a majority do not. The world BDO provides is rife with opportunities to do stuff besides pvp.
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  5. Mavor added a post in a topic Botting for Easter Eggs? Seriously?   

    Yeah this whole egg thing is fairly dumb the way its being done. Force people to sit on spawns for any real chance with the rarer eggs. I fished like a madman at first and only got 2 over the span of 2 days (non-stop fishing as best I could, Im sure luck was a factor), so it was apparent that wasn't going to be a 100% successful way to get Raindrops - then the spawns show up on the net and everyone and their granpa is sitting at the sites.
    So much for the chandelier. A holiday event shouldn't be pseudo-competitive...
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  6. Mavor added a post in a topic defensive gear bad idea?   

    Excellent, thanks much for the info =)
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  7. Mavor added a post in a topic defensive gear bad idea?   

    When does the skill awakening occur? I keep hearing about it but I don't know the details. (Sorry, not trying to derail the thread, just saw it mentioned and Im so sick of downing pots...   )
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  8. Mavor added a post in a topic [POLL] Cash Shop rating   

    It works, its fast, it has cool stuff. 10/10.
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  9. Mavor added a post in a topic Server with trade enabled?   

    Did the game release in any region with trading? If not, point is moot.
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  10. Mavor added a post in a topic Server with trade enabled?   

    It wont happen, Pearl Abyss is very adamant about their vision for their game - and Daum can only *request* changes from them - but PA has the final say. So far they've given in to some smaller changes, but as you can clearly see from the forum rage - those changes aren't enough and will never be enough for the vocal minority.
    Requesting a change as big and severe as open trade would result, Im 100% positive, in a huge resounding *NO* from PA.
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  11. Mavor added a post in a topic Black Desert is getting boring fast.   

    I was going to say pretty much the same thing =)
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  12. Mavor added a post in a topic Server with trade enabled?   

    Wont happen. Pearl Abyss designed the game and all its systems around no trading. To add it in would require rethinking the entire economic system. PA just isn't going to do that.
    Also, 50% of the community? Heh, 50% of the community don't even visit the forums - so this number is pulled from thin air.
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  13. Mavor added a post in a topic Anyone fallen off their path?   

    I apparently didn't read the OP's post clearly enough with my first reply. Sorry bout that =P
    You cant fall off your path here - BDO *wants* you to play with all its systems - in fact, Id say its production systems are arguably more important than endgame level cap and pvp or what have you.
    Enjoy the world, take whatever path suits your fancy for that day. Don't limit yourself
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  14. Mavor added a post in a topic Egg drop rates   

    From my experience you're going to get way more eggs by hunting for them hidden around the world on the ground - than from their associated activities (cept maybe the fishing eggs, haven't seen those as a ground spawn yet). Remember, the patch notes do say they are a very low drop chance from combat/gathering/fishing. Also remember, its an easter egg *hunt* - so running around like a loon looking for hidden eggs is the 'true' way to do it
    Also: their locations as ground spawns respawn every 10-15 minutes - so once you've found a spot, it'll always show back up there. I managed to get the star and life eggs done from 2 spawns that were close to each other - just running back and forth every 10-15 minutes. Took several hours - but they're done.
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  15. Mavor added a post in a topic Don't spend any money if you wish that something has to be done with the cash shop   

    Cash shop isnt going to change. Deal with it. Bottom line.
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