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  1. Keth added a post in a topic Corrupt file when updating 1.7GB patch   

    12837th thread about Daum incompetence.
    Officially a world record.
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  2. Keth added a post in a topic Transformation won't cost enerygy anymore ?   

    No, it's about all the processors who put effort in, you dim wit.
    You play your way, processors play their way, you dim wit.
    Or rather they don't now because yet another section of players has been screwed by PA/Daum. It's become a habit of there's.
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  3. Keth added a post in a topic Transformation won't cost enerygy anymore ?   

    It's a good change for grinders. It's an absolute kick in the balls for life skill crafters. Again.
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  4. Keth added a post in a topic Energy costs for everything needs to go away   

    Another kick in the teeth for life skillers. Profits will fall even further behind grinders income. Of course, grinders will love this, but all it will do for the game is flatten the market so it is utterly saturated with mats.
    PA/Daum = sh*t on a stick.
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  5. Keth added a post in a topic Legit or....?   

    Ranger here. I can't shotgun that fast. But maybe he's just better than me :).
    But solution is easy whether hacking or not, just report and let Daum sort it out. 'Bout time they started earning their money :).
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  6. Keth added a post in a topic Feedback - Recent Patch Notes   

    Kick in the nuts for players who were doing processing over other things.
    PA/Daum really are fecking useless. One of my friends, master 1 processing, just quit on the spot. No doubt a load of others will jack it in as well.
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  7. Keth added a post in a topic Feedback - Recent Patch Notes   

    The reason these changes are happening is because this game is heading towards F2P at a rate of knots.
    They have, unfortunately, completely ballsed this game up. Now they are just consolidating to make it the same as KR.
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  8. Keth added a post in a topic Why People Are Quitting Black Desert   

    Some good points there
    Hard work has gone into making sure this game makes a great first impression, the fantastic open world and the unique immersion leads new players to think they have finally found something that can be there home for at least a while. This is by design because those first coupla months are when players spent the most. But after that first coupla months you realize it's just another grinder with an absolute ton of irritating things which can only be there to drive players away, like the extreme RNG, like that stupid quantity dialog, like the excessive mouse clicking.
    This game is designed to be maintained by a small company with few employees, it's designed to chase players away after they have done the traditional new MMO cash shop splurge.
    Regardless of whether it was meant to be, this game is the most cynical cash grab I have ever come across. And that's even before you start discussing F2P antics in a B2P game.
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  9. Keth added a post in a topic Happy News from YouTubes & Other Thoughts   

    I'll bring you a pressie, a Bless mug with "World's best MMO player" on it or something :).
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  10. Keth added a post in a topic Happy News from YouTubes & Other Thoughts   

    Wish I was.
    I actually agree with everything in your post except that line. I posted in another thread that I think this game has the largest gap between how good it could have been and how good it actually is of any game I have ever played. There have been some real stinker decisions made.
    Everything other than grinding, whether PVP or life skills is utterly pointless as a tool of progression or money making since it is sublimated to grinding. Calling this a sandbox game was highly dubious in the first place, but the reduction of life skills to facebook-like mini game within a game status ensures this is about as theme park as it's possible to get.
    Their vision is obviously as a grinder when it could have been so much more. And that's such a shame as grinders are ten a penny and ultimately boring and repetitive for most Western players.
    I still enjoy the life skills, but no point in terms of progression means no future. I'm just waiting for Bless now.
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  11. Keth added a post in a topic Please shed light on node investment.   

    Makes you wonder why those dickheads would leave the worker node investment in the game if it does absoutely nothing. Imbecilic.
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  12. Keth added a post in a topic All your dreams of making money through crafting are destroyed, including the economy here after. Here is why (video)   

    It is a shame that life skills are pretty pointless from a game progression point of view. You can make a profit if you gather/mine/chop etc. most of the ingredients yourself or with workers, but it's nothing to the amount you can make grinding.
    It's a shame because that makes this game just another grinder rather than a (partially) sandbox game. Grinders are ten a penny and get boring and repetitive real quick for a lot of players.
    And Valencia will make this disparity even worse.
    I actually can't remember any MMO with such a large gap between how good it could have been and how good it actually is as BDO. Some real stinker decisions made.
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  13. Keth added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Nobody here changed anything. This change was in KR 1.5 years ago and was merely ported over.
    You should have researched the game better. (At least, that's what all you gankers told the PVE'ers a few weeks ago when they asked for a separate PVE server).
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  14. Keth added a post in a topic My opinion on the Eu version of Black Desert with the content available right now.   

    Yeah, never been a fan of RNG for anything other than trash drops. It's a just a feckin' lazy and cheap way to avoid putting in content or some other loot delivery system.
    I think a lot of players have left because of that one, particular because of the absolutely retarded accessory enhancement system. It's not helped by honest players trying to catch 'way out in front' cheater players and in some cases, whole cheater guilds.
    I think the grind is heavy in this game, but it's a long, long, long way from the heaviest grinder out there. Again, I'd say this was more about the wall of grind *and* seeing cheats disappear into the distance. With Daum doing nothing about it, what's the point?
    I do agree something need to be done about loot drops. As a carebear PVE'er, the fact that not a single piece of BiS comes from crafting, amity, or any other life skill feels completely retarded. At the same time life skills also need an income boost as you can simply grind and you achieve much greater income rendering life skills pretty much pointless. That's losing a lot of PVE'ers.
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  15. Keth added a post in a topic Why do all MMO's go casual?   

    *yawn* another halfwit ganker.
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