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  1. Blondie added a post in a topic Tamer's Resent Class Changes in KR   

    Dk awakening next week just reroll already you idiots 
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  2. Blondie added a post in a topic Choppy T4 IMPOSSIBLE?   

    Took me 6 i think. First two went T2, then next 2 went T2. Bought 2 more smashed t2 and t1 into a t2 and a t2 and a t1 into a t3, then smashed the t2 and t3 for a t4.
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  3. Blondie added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Can't the people who already claimed it just get sent the items other than the pet? 
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  4. Blondie added a post in a topic Korean tamer feedback post March 3rd KR patch notes   

    Not that it matters much but I went through each of those threads (not the spammed ones) and they were all talking about the nerf or the class constantly suffering. 
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  5. Blondie added a topic in General   

    Korean tamer feedback post March 3rd KR patch notes

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  6. Blondie added a post in a topic Doot Doot   


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  7. Blondie added a post in a topic Doot Doot   

    Let's "bug fix" the last useful thing tamer had in siege 
    I mean they do need more people to reroll to dark Knight great way to do it
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  8. Blondie added a topic in Tamer   

    Doot Doot
    ● The opponent will not stun from the skill Heilang: Void Lightning during the skill cool down.
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  9. Blondie added a post in a topic Lunar's first node war   

    I am but a lowly wood chopper , I do not know how to steer a rocketship 😔
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  10. Blondie added a post in a topic Lunar's first node war   

    Lunar is Gravity huh 🤔
    explains why the moon is covered in holes ecks dee
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  11. Blondie added a post in a topic 2/15/2017 Accuracy tests   

    We knew AP was better for ages. This is such old news it amazes me that people think OP is trolling. Invest into some good AP accessories before saying accuracy > all. If you never tried it for yourself you're not one to talk about what is and isn't better.
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  12. Blondie added a post in a topic Can You Meld Ribbon Cat with Other Cats?   

    you can save the appearance of the ribbon cat when you merge pets and then buy a voucher to change the final appearance 
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  13. Blondie added a post in a topic Known issues with Tamer class   

    allround spinner is shift rmb.
    shift lmb in staff stance will activate bolt jolt and swap you back to shortsword stance. You can shift rmb from that and go back into staff stance if you want. 
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  14. Blondie added a post in a topic TAMER VS WITCH/WIZARD   

    I thought this thread was gonna be about how tamers take inherently more damage from witches and wizards not gonna lie
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  15. Blondie added a post in a topic Gravity Feedz ManUp   

    No 😔
    A-are you assuming my gender? 😡
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