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  1. DarkSchneider78 added a post in a topic [Petition]Remove Paymentwall   

    Its so obvious that Kaka "Europe" has some inside action with Paymentwall - Its so Ironic that both are located in the same city -
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  2. DarkSchneider78 added a post in a topic CANT PURCHASE GAME!!   

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  3. DarkSchneider78 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Use paypal instead of paymentwall?
    Simple suggestion
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  4. DarkSchneider78 added a post in a topic So, this is customer service?   

    dude..  this "aint" an Amerika company worried about lawsuits or bbb raitings...... their hq based in Amsterdam.. just expect customer service to be non existing when purchasing any services outside the states =)

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  5. DarkSchneider78 added a topic in General   

  6. DarkSchneider78 added a post in a topic Black Desert in Steam!!!   

    would be nice, so we can bypass paymentwall
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  7. DarkSchneider78 added a post in a topic One Year Anniversary   

    Remove paymentwall?

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  8. DarkSchneider78 added a post in a topic [Petition]Remove Paymentwall   

    be-careful  about sending a copy image of anything - if you do make sure you screen shot the edit image so the data cant not be restored from the edited image. 
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  9. DarkSchneider78 added a post in a topic Outfit bidding   

    Apparently macros are being used.. still..... I guess they are overlooking gaming keyboards/mouse software that comes with built in macros..  
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  10. DarkSchneider78 added a post in a topic [Petition]Remove Paymentwall   

    maybe... but kaokao aint the only company using paymentwall
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  11. DarkSchneider78 added a post in a topic [Petition]Remove Paymentwall   

    Everyone needs to send a e-mail  to compliance@paypal.com - with a screensh ot paymentwall e-mail, show that were  requesting copy of your bank statement/ID - this does goes against paypal services agreement.
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  12. DarkSchneider78 added a post in a topic [Petition]Remove Paymentwall   

    This post should be replaced back on the General 
    You know this 7-10 business day is complete utter bullshit - its a loop hole online banks use so they can have this  "Money up in the cloud" so they can make a little extra from on your own time..  How? I would day trade.. 
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  13. DarkSchneider78 added a topic in General   

    Why are you trying to hide the paymentwall complaints???
    So why you moving all the paymentwall complaints in the far back corner of the forums????????????? 
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  14. DarkSchneider78 added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    So I'm just going to use paypal as my primary form of purchase with paymentwall.. but they still need my bank statement???
    Had a long talk with paypal services...  and about what a online merchant "can and not do" to their "you users".... so far they think they cant.. but they will have to get back with me in the next working day...  well at least paypal is looking to this.. some what. lol 
    LOL oh yeah btw I sent payment paypal privacy rights to  payment wall.. they responded back saying its not international law so they are not bound to them...........

    just woke up .. so my dyslexia at its peak =)
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