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  1. LacticThirteens added a topic in General   

    Event outfit set availability?
    Will the Anemos outfits be added to the other sets and made available to purchase all the time, or are they only available during the event period?
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  2. LacticThirteens added a post in a topic Post Picture's of Your Musa's (Blader's)!   

    Here is mine, finally get to use the name i reserved.

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  3. LacticThirteens added a post in a topic Launcher Failing to start after patch 20/04/2016   

    Same here. Very frustrating, please sort it asap.
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  4. LacticThirteens added a post in a topic Since 20th Apr Patch. Game crashed in character creation. Launcher now wont open.   

    I have the same issue.
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  5. LacticThirteens added a post in a topic [POLL] Dye Vendors   

    I agree, sick of waiting 2 days for 1 dye that is the wrong colour.
    That being said, those prices are WAY too cheap.
    I think 50,000 - 120,000 silver would be better.
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  6. LacticThirteens added a post in a topic Merchant or Noble Wagon?   

    Thanks, i found one on my server earlier as well.
    Nope, im a trader =].
    Decided on a Noble wagon in the end, been trying it out the last 2 days. It is noticeably slower then the others, but 20 slots.. I bought the wagon itself from the market and made all the addons myself, was very cheap as i had all the materials pretty much.
    Im going to get a merchant wagon going as well, in case i need the speed.
    Here it is at the moment, say hi if you see me about =P, names Scylara, thanks for the advice everyone:

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  7. LacticThirteens added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    In game Journal not recording events
    My in game journal has not recorded events for at least a few days, i think it stopped at the end of March. Others in-game have the same problem.
    • 7 replies
  8. LacticThirteens added a post in a topic Merchant or Noble Wagon?   

    Thanks for the info.
    Can you take a screenshot? Im Not on that server.
    What the actual f**k.. Thats crazy money lol. Ive heard more slots is better, i'll take that into consideration when buying one thanks.
    It seems like most people with the cash are doing this. I may have to get some contribution on my alts and sort out making wagons in Altanova.
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  9. LacticThirteens added a post in a topic Merchant or Noble Wagon?   

    Yeah i was planning to make a wagon shop in Altinova, i just dont have the contribution to spare at the moment.
    2 slots goes a long way, but what about its base weight? Does it go up with the slots? I mean without equipping a badge.
    Im definitely serious being ranked 10-18 constantly on my channel, and i have the silver for them.
    Your opinion is appreciated.
    And has anyone got a pic on the fully pimped merchant?
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  10. LacticThirteens added a topic in General   

    Merchant or Noble Wagon?
    Hey peeps. Just wanted some advice on what wagon to upgrade to from my Trade Wagon. Shall I go Merchant or Noble?
    I know the slot difference, but what is the base weight that each wagon can carry, and has anyone got pics on the merchant wagon with wheel, cover, and flag on because I cannot find any.
    • 11 replies
  11. LacticThirteens added a post in a topic Nearly 200 hours and I STILL love this game!   

    678 hours on my main, and most of that was actual gameplay, not afk. I dont sleep anymore...
    Dont regret it though, love the game.
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  12. LacticThirteens added a post in a topic Traders unite!   

    Velia  > Heidel > Glish and back again. And then > Northern Wheat Plantation > Calpheon when they need to restock, and I fish at each end.
    Behold the Moneyshot in all its blingyness.

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  13. LacticThirteens added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Server Disconnecting - Cant AFK anymore
    Since the latest maintenance I have had constant disconnects from the server. I can only stay logged in for about an hour before it throws me out. This has only started since the recent patch.
    Before this I have stayed logged in literally all week between maintenance days with no issues. Im worried that Im going to fall behind when I AFK to go to work.
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  14. LacticThirteens added a post in a topic knowledge in calpheon..   

    I could not find any info on this either.
    You need to go and have a conversation with Von Maren, he is here:
    You need 600 Amity to unlock the information.
    EDIT: OK, the Calpheon markets STILL dont actually appear on the market list when trading, even after doing this...

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  15. LacticThirteens added a post in a topic Witch's Earring/Mark of Shadows quest   

    I went on the quest log and checked all at the top, filtered All and All and this resolved my problem, thanks.
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