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  1. Mirrenis added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

    Despite being a beautiful game at its core, i think the devs and pubs are fraudolent shits....anyway i'd rather give aways the guest codes than let them rot.
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  2. Mirrenis added a post in a topic Fruit of X - Farming Guide!   

    Thanks! Commenting to save this post!!! 
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  3. Mirrenis added a post in a topic Total Horse Spawn Per channel & Their Locations   

    Good job on the list
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  4. Mirrenis added a post in a topic ANCIENT RUINS TREASURE ...   

    Mmmh..Between Florin and Calpheon..at the end of the cave which name i don't remember (i think Keplan Cave? the one with the possesed bandits).

    You'll know when you are in the area because you'll find ancient ruin spiders and such.
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  5. Mirrenis added a post in a topic ANCIENT RUINS TREASURE ...   

    Took me couple hours...even if it's not worth it, i have to finish all quests i see..... :<
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  6. Mirrenis added a topic in General   

    Did you guys forget about hunting?
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  7. Mirrenis added a post in a topic Do you miss a CBT2 title/reward after 9th of March? - please reply   

    Missing Title/Reward: Master Baiter
    Character name: Mirrenis
    Family name: SinVer
    I've received the Thriatlon reward twice in my account (still haven't receive it in game however)
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  8. Mirrenis added a post in a topic Looking for a mature guild on Jordine   

    Ehy..i'm an officer of <Survival_Evolved>.
    We'r a medium sized guild with currently 40 members. We're pretty chill as we all have jobs and families. We don't expect you to be online everyday, but when possible try to help with guild quests (gathering ones are easy!).
    Current guild skills:
    Gathering+2, Fishing+1, AP+2, DP+1.
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  9. Mirrenis added a topic in Suggestions   

    More quest filters!
    I want to suggest more quest filters. 
    I like to do life quests except cooking ones..but i either have to disable all of life quests or keep them on..
    I'd also like a filter only for REPEATABLES....i'm afraid of graying out the "OTHER" quests, as it stated it includes repeatable and other types of quests (which ones tho...who knows?)
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  10. Mirrenis added a post in a topic Liverto Vs Kzarka accuracy test - Is it legit?   

    I'm not asking about Valk at all.

    I'm asking about ACCURACY you get from enchanting...people saying a Kzarka is way better than Liverto, because of accuracy, should be incorrect following this test.
    Thoughts about this?
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  11. Mirrenis added a post in a topic Liverto Vs Kzarka accuracy test - Is it legit?   

    Actually i play a Wiz. This test was made with a Valk skill just to showcase the difference in accuracy from the 2 weapons.
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  12. Mirrenis added a post in a topic Diminishing returns on loot drops.   

    Could it be that since KR has huge issues with people playing too much, they want to promote logging off and reduce grinding by adding diminishing loot after 1hr grind?
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  13. Mirrenis added a topic in General   

    Liverto Vs Kzarka accuracy test - Is it legit?
    i was checking this test: 
    Basically it's a +17 liverto vs a +17 kzarka.
    Using VALKYRIE SLASH , which hit 10 targets at once, they spam the skill 10 times..At the end, having hit 100 times total, these are the results:

    Kzarka accuracy: 72%
    Liverto: 71.5%
    Considering everyone says Kzarka>Liverto because of the accuracy, would this prove them equal instead?
    This would make Liverto actually a better choice considering that with market bot/scripters it will be impossible to snipe a Kzarka wpn, while Liverto is easier to aquire.


    No flame please
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  14. Mirrenis added a post in a topic Hunting Rifles and Cuddly Critters   

    Thank you for your work..i'm currently hunting begginer 10...will share if i find something!
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  15. Mirrenis added a post in a topic Black Desert and SSD's   

    Commenting to save the discussion
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