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  1. Nesdude added a post in a topic Private Horse Sales   

    It's really an issue with the market in general. Prices capped, which equals very low to nonexistent supply to many items across the board. Essentially I agree. But really the whole system needs revamping. People argue it until they are blue in the face though. So have fun with that. Imo, when many items, even basic ones, can't be traded properly because of price caps -- there is room for improvement at the very least.
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  2. Nesdude added a post in a topic Lantern Toggle Hotkey   

    Make it happen viva la lantern de revolution
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  3. Nesdude added a post in a topic Latence/déconnexions : que faire ?   

    I cannot speak French but I have been trying to find a solution to prevent desync. I cannot auto-loop for long periods. Google does a good job of translating French though!  I can understand 99% of what is being said. I will gladly try a VPN on my next day off. I cannot train strength with backpacks, and cannot train horses or fish without a desync during the night.
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  4. Nesdude added a post in a topic Modded Chat   

    I agree. I started the game about the same time you did. Unfortunately after looking around, player moderators in particular have already been suggested several times, dating as far as a year back.

    And while I didn't take screenshots, just today for a few hours at a time, several players all with unique names all posted the same ad for their botting service. I'd block one, another would show up. They keep coming.
    Then there were players posting text pictures, spamming the same word several times, etc etc etc. I blocked at least 20 people today.

    The arguments I've seen include:
    Disable chat - I do not want to become deaf to everyone in the channel.
    Spam isn't that bad - I don't know what rock they've been under. It happens.
    The power could be abused - If chosen carefully, the benefits will outweigh the risks. Other MMOs have incorporated player moderators that have resulted in a better experience, despite the few isolated incidents.
    The player mods would expect payment - There are people who will do it for free just like any other online game.
    They would need professionals to represent the company - The current spamming problem is already giving the company a bad reputation.
    It's the internet, get used to it. - Taking insults etc out of the equation -- spamming a botting website is not okay. Flooding the chat with pictures is not okay. If you think it has no effect, I will not bother even responding to you. Because you are already beyond reason.

    Regardless, they don't seem to be interested in incorporating it for one reason or another. Having you block player after player after player requires no time or effort on their part and is clearly not high up on their priority list. Plain and simple. Other games incorporate it and still continue to pump out updates and have less to buy from a cash shop. So I am low on sympathy.
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  5. Nesdude added a post in a topic Horse Auto-Loop Feature Broken   

    I've had this issue since I first started the game two weeks ago. I've done everything I can possibly find on the subject. Read every post of every related topic. Kept the map screen open. Inventory open. Game minimized, maximized. Firewall off. In game screen saver off. Made the loop small. Looped in a remote area.
    Can an option be added to restart auto loop after these brief disconnects? My connection isn't perfect, but still, auto looping is essential for any kind of fishing, stamina, strength, or horse training. Without it, it will take me months/years to do what other players do in weeks, since I have a full time job.
    I am unhappy to see that this has been an ongoing issue for so long, coming in as a new player. But I do not make games. Just a statement that you are aware and working on it would pacify me. Even if it took months to accomplish, I would have some hope.
    Tl;Dr An unstable connection shouldn't prevent me from using such an essential feature. Please let auto run continue after reconnecting.
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  6. Nesdude added a post in a topic Can't prevent auto-loop from stopping after minor d/c no matter what I do   

    The game goes to the splash loading screen with the man being chased by a black shadow, then resumes within a few seconds. Except now the auto loop is off. I only have one character. I've tried it in a remote area. I have tried it minimized and full screen.
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  7. Nesdude added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Can't prevent auto-loop from stopping after minor d/c no matter what I do
    I have tried everything to keep auto-loop working. Yes my connection is not perfect. But I have the best available in my area. I have tried making the loop as small as possible. Going to the map screen, opening up the inventory. Looping in a remote area. I even thought about seeing if a macro could be set up to counter this but I'd probably just be banned for it. Every possible whisper of a rumor of a way to get around this and it continues to go to the splash screen after a few minutes, and then my horse will slow to a stop. I'm not going to babysit my game watching my guy carry a backpack around. Can the auto-loop just be patched and set to continue even after these split-second disconnects? Or just a tick box option for it? It is frustrating that anyone with a less than seamless connection is completely barred from such an important aspect of the game.
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  8. Nesdude added a post in a topic Age-Locked classes   

    I am not playing this game until we get younger wizards. This game flaunts the character customization more than any game out there (for good reason), and all of these restrictions is a complete and utter waste. I (and many others) want to be able to portray a fantasy representation of themselves in an MMO. I am 24. I do not want to be portrayed as 65. It is not rocket science. Not lore friendly? I have yet to play an MMO (or any other game) with a lore I actually find interesting and care about to such an extent that it would be OK for the character creation to be so unbelievably restricted.
    You are free to have your own opinion about the lore but this is mine, and there are plenty of other games out there I can play which allow such simple freedoms.
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