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  1. Kitsu289 added a post in a topic Classes Other Than Sword Classes.   

    Actually, that specific example is based on the one class. The highest I got my valk to currently is 48, I'm gonna get to 50 with her. Other than that, I have every class except for Ninja and Musa because I haven't enough slots anymore lol, and my main is a 56 Kunoichi. My witch is also 56, and my Tamer is at 50 right now. The valkyrie and wizard are my lowest ones, and the wizard is my newest character. 
    Kunoichi's been the only class that got me so happy to play it especially for it's awakening. Again though, this thread isn't about the awakenings. It's about the base. 
    The start. The beginning. Level uno. 
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  2. Kitsu289 added a post in a topic GenderLock is outdated   

    It doesn't just happen with Korean games, some Japanese and Chinese games as well. It's a bit odd, in all honesty, but they already made the classes gender-locked and provided some with a male-female equivalent, so they can't really turn back now. As Pancake said, you kind of get over it after awhile because the combat's pretty fun. 
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  3. Kitsu289 added a topic in Off-Topic   

    I looked at what would be on Humanz and it looks pretty good, 15 bucks for 26 songs doesn't sound bad at all, and "Let Me Out" is probably my favorite. Any of you guys going to get it? 
    Seriously I'm just so glad they're back <3
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  4. Kitsu289 added a post in a topic What are your other hobbies besides gaming?   

    Write and film.
    Then sleep after being a teacher assistant. 
    Yep, sleeping is an important part of the process.
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  5. Kitsu289 added a post in a topic Spin the wheel   

    This picture is 10/10
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  6. Kitsu289 added a post in a topic Classes Other Than Sword Classes.   

    It's not absurd - not really the point of this thread either to be honest. I was saying that for the majority of your time in the beginning with a class, you're given only few classes at the start that do not begin with a sword, which are Beserker, Witch/Wiz, Sorcerer, and Ranger in comparison to Musa/Maewha, Tamer, Warrior/Valk, Ninja/Kuno at the moment - and Striker is a nice change to see.  My example was my personal experience with the valk. class. I'm sure many do enjoy her, and I'm happy for them if they do. I just don't feel like I should force myself to 56 to play a weapon I might not even like. If there was a test to play the awakening weapon and try it alongside - like a demo perhaps to see how they play at the start- then sure. I think that would be rather fair, so you know what you're getting into.  Seeing someone else play is an alternative, but it's not as great as trying it themselves. That's not an argument, it's my own feelings and opinions, and you are free to disagree with that.
    The goal in this thread that I genuinely wanted to see is more ideas that, sure, can involve a bladed melee weapon, but different variants at the start so it's not just swords, swords, swords until 56 - only to switch from swords to the awakening weapon. The variation would simply help and allow a lot more playtypes and styles to join the world, and would make PVP a bit more interesting and fun, especially in a midevial fantasy game. 
    I haven't seen that character yet in league, but I know Scorpion from mortal combat. That would be pretty good. Gonna take a look at the Akali character.
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  7. Kitsu289 added a post in a topic Classes Other Than Sword Classes.   

    Are we not going to talk about this boy . There was more to medieval times - and fantasy games, other than swords lol. 
    I'm sure a magical staff was used before firearms too. Aside from my sarcastic comment, yes. It was. But it's not the only weapon and you should take into consideration this is also a fantasy game with cool monsters, deer people, goblins... That's why, while it was the most popular, it wasn't the only weapon to be used, and like the variation in environments and with monsters I feel the same should also be for the classes coming forward. There's no need to change what we have - they're good. It's just the teaser image of the female class is seen with another sword, and I'm just a tad worried there's just going to be more swords, swords, swords, and not other variations. Just a tad. 
    Scythes is an awakening weapon. Lances are an awakening weapon. Greatswords are an awakening weapon not counting DK. Canon is an awakening weapon.. Bo Staff is an awakening weapon. Golems are an awakening weapon. Chakram is an awakening weapon. 
    Shields are not the equivalent to the shields like these that I was thinking more of. 

     Shortswords and regular swords are a weapon for many classes.
     Axes are for the beserker (which I emphasize again, I love Beserker because it's different than the other melee classes and stands out - other than his appearance. His appearance is... well.. Very different
    Magic staff is only for two classes that act very similar except for their awakening.
    Samurai swords are for two classes as their base - still a sword though as I was saying. Kunais and throwing stars, sure.
    Sword mage - I assume this is where we put the DK in place.
    For pets, no. Pets are not for combat - they just pick your stuff up unless you're counting the tamer - which is only one pet.
    Daggers are given to a lot of the classes as a side weapon.
    There's only one character to use the bow effectively, then there's the musa/maewha that have it as a side and don't use it often.
    Magical gloves... I assume you mean the Sorcerer's weapon - but that's not exactly a magical glove.
    Axes you just said again lol. 

    These are the ones I listed above your comment: Maces, Flail, Halberd, Katar, War Hammer, Gunstock War Clubs...  Lances, Tonfas, Patas...
    War Hammers are not equal to the battle axes of the Beserker and are larger in size - usually you only have enough strength to have one.
    Maces, we do not have. Lances are the only one and possibly the Halberd that are in the game, the others are not or is an enemy's weapon - not a player character's weapon lol.
    If we're just going with melee, here's some cool weapons from other games that can fit with the lore of this game and give a differing playstyle, because again, there's some pretty cool awakenings...
    But they're awakenings.
    They're not the main weapon that you grind to 56 with - which can be lackluster for some people that don't particularly like the original class but want the weapon of their awakening. I would like differences with the main weapon because I genuinely, again, enjoy the game, but with just swords there's a lack of variation and makes it lackluster. Striker's pretty cool as a character because it's different, again like I said, just like the Beserker.  
    So similar to Izanami perhaps from Smite?
    Let's be honest, wizards and witches are Op with dat dagger. Playing as that class is pretty fun. 
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  8. Kitsu289 added a post in a topic Classes Other Than Sword Classes.   

    As I said previously in another comment, if we count awakenings I guess you could say that yes, there's more than swords in these classes but I'm sure no one is going to sit around to 56 just because they specifically wanted to play one type of weapon and playstyle, especially if they don't like the original playstyle which is a bit unfortunate (for example, I wanted to like the Valkyrie. I love the Lance - but I really really dislike how she plays so I don't want to grind to 56 just for ONE weapon if that makes sense). 
    What I meant to say is that there should be more classes that are alternatives to simply swords as their base, not exactly their awakening. Lots of RPGs and MMOs have a system anyway where you change slightly but you're for the most part the same class, and BDO's kind of the same. An "evolution" of sorts if you know what I mean. 
    Witches, Wizards, and Sorcerers - if we don't count the DK in this equation, are the only Magic-based classes that offer long-range combat if you don't like being that up close and personal, but not much after that and Sorcerers get a Scythe for more close-combat type of scenarios. 
    Then there's just one ranged class, ranger, if we don't count the Beserker. The Beserker amputates himself and becomes a ranged class I guess if you want to count that - painful for our Zerk, but he's really unique and that's partially why I love his class so much. It's different. And well, we know the ranger's awakening...Daggerplay. I hope this makes a little bit more sense and clear here, I didn't want you to get the wrong idea!

    As for the Striker, I genuinely can't wait for him to come out - buttt he's not out yet OTL 
    The teaser image appears that it looks like she has what it appears to be a samurai sword, but I'm hoping that ribbon gets put into something of her combat- it would be so interesting. As for the idea with dwarves, I think that would work (and besides, I feel like we might be getting that race and/or the smaller people race (forgot their name) that are in florin). 
    I think this would work - especially the Egyptian weapons and book. I had to look up what a nunchaku is because I didn't know that was the real name for those weapons, but that's pretty neat too and think it could work with the lore. 
    Not sure if the wolverine claws would work, but the others I think would given the lore!
    Honestly that would be badass, would end up rerolling to play that shite all day erryday. 
    It's actually a thing in history too so it's even more badass ~o~
    And this lmao

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  9. Kitsu289 added a post in a topic Please Implement a Non-Rng involved/Quest-grind way of upgrading your gear to PEN   

    You people use snowflake more than new yorkers say deadass OP would have effort, there's a lot of cost because of RNG with the system BDO currently has, and there's no other way to do it. While I would like another way to enchance the gear, I'm not so sure the proposition of the OP would work unless it worked like this:
    I want to +15 and blackstones and rng isn't letting me get to it. So I go to a blacksmith, he says kill {day/week worth potentially} of a specific mob, and from 1-15 to PRI-DUO it just increases and gives a different mob for difficulty. But even that system may pose issues. I'm feeling what Stabby said mostly: 
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  10. Kitsu289 added a post in a topic This Currency, When?   

    It doesn't particularly work like that....
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  11. Kitsu289 added a post in a topic Classes Other Than Sword Classes.   

    I do too, but there's a lot of sword classes. 
    Maces, Flail, Halberd, Katar, War Hammer, Gunstock War Clubs...  Lances, Tonfas, Patas, and so much more that could give more diversity. 
    If we cound awakenings, sure. There's a bit more, but just a slight bit and I'm sure playing to 56 to play one different weapon that isn't a sword isn't everyone's cup of tea. There's just so much that can fit with the lore and the game and I feel would play really well with the other classes - 
    Also considering the ratio of sword classes to the one ranged character - then three four magic users (DK being magic too, but close-ranged and with a sword and not a staff), it feels a bit lacking. Striker will have a very unique role, like Beserk I feel. Poor beserk became an amputee  for our sins
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  12. Kitsu289 added a topic in General   

    Classes Other Than Sword Classes.
    I like the classes in BDO, but there's been a pattern I've been noticing with their character announcements with the exception of the new "Striker" class they're putting out - which looks actually pretty cool. It's just ... The next teaser for the female class that made me realize the magic of... 
    S w o r d s. 
    Practically many of the classes are sword-based classes. DK, Musa/Maewha, Tamer, Kuno/Ninja, Valk/Warrior to be specific. 
    Making ranged classes are difficult, especially given the lore. I get that. But what about other types of weapons that would fit in the game? The Beserker has dual war axes which is a nice change in melee. With the current lore, you could add other classes that have weapons like maces, shields (if you ever played Lord of the Fallen or Dark Souls, you might know those very large shields associated with clerics essentially). You could also have a bard class - there's instruments already in the game, necromancers, old-type guns even (since alchemy is a thing, the guns would be rather steampunk-like, similar to a gunblade). Even a crossbow to have a male ranged class would be good. 
    Do you guys have any other ideas for potential classes? It's been hard thinking about ranged classes to fit in the lore, and having variety I feel would help the game and others with different playstyles in melee combat do their thing (like the differences in kuno playstyles and warrior playstyles) 
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  13. Kitsu289 added a post in a topic Where BDO fails.   

    I think we can all agree that the RNG is more cancer than LeafyisHere.
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  14. Kitsu289 added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    I just got this issue out of the blue after this update. 
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  15. Kitsu289 added a post in a topic Best Graphics Settings I could get?   

    I don't know either, this computer is a cooler master and the last person that had it changed things back in 2010, also had really old SLI amd drivers in it, but can't remember it. However, with how nicely the base is made I might just take things out and replace in things. Will try to get the Ryzen one next time maybe and a SSD. Thanks!
    Next time I have these questions I'll go there. Sorry about posting in the wrong one
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