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  1. choovanski added a post in a topic Beta New Forum - the time has come!   

    rules are much more restrictive
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  2. choovanski added a post in a topic The Second Push For a Male Dark Knight Counterpart   

    i would much rather have a female striker tbh
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  3. choovanski added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    im rather pleased w how my ranger turned out 😭👌
    (the zerker is my main)

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  4. choovanski added a post in a topic 200% xp channels   

    can you do this more than once? or can you only be a returning player once?
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  5. choovanski added a post in a topic This game is a parasite.   

    Idk bro. Im having fun here, if you're not- i suggest you leave dude.
    BDO is a mad unique MMO, & it's not for everyone, so like maybe dude, it's just not for you.
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  6. choovanski added a post in a topic New players   

    ill always be the dude who types some foul insult at you in gen chat then lava drills into your asshole.
    from what i've experienced im one of many kill first, ask questions later players. so do expect BM & PK in popular spots (pirates, sausan etc).
    i applaud PK, because this game is all about grind > progress character > PvP so it's important to have it, keeps ya on ya toes.
    with you & your fam wanting to group pvp, you are going to run into PK. this is not a great group pve game, there are no raids dungeons, or need for tanks/healers. it's much more dynasty warriors grind. plus the game is ultra sexualised, & the world chat is very much r-18. so it's not a game i would recommend to the whole family lol.
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  7. choovanski added a post in a topic What Class Did You Retire To Join The Darkness ?   

    i'll be playing both DK & Zerker when im back on the game. I can share my Nouver & the rest of my gear, it's a good set up.
    I'm very excited to have a play with the awakening. always wanted a ranged class for node wars.
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  8. choovanski added a post in a topic Saiyer Ornamental Knot   

    i think those orcs by manshas drop em too.
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  9. choovanski added a post in a topic No. Games that ignore their customers die. Every time.   

    tfw someone things a personal blowie is the same as what the community wants.
    tfw they also think community desires are both unanimous and healthy for the game.
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  10. choovanski added a post in a topic Best Melee Class with Self Healing?   

    zerk has a few big heals, & has heal on hit too. pre awakening its on the spin to win, & post awakening it's in a skill called blasting.
    i can say with confidence that you will not need pots to grind with this class.
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  11. choovanski added a post in a topic Need Help: See Screenshot - Why only 27 FPS?   

    I just copied the settings for my nvidia control panel from the reddit post i linked. There are a ton more tweaks in there that i haven't got around to testing too.
    I should mention that i'm only running the game, and either discord or a music player. No google chrome or anything like that.
    but yeah, smooth 60 in heidel 1v1 arena when recording at 1080p (youtube will only show it at 720p for some reason, but its a 1080p file on my pc)
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  12. choovanski added a post in a topic Need Help: See Screenshot - Why only 27 FPS?   

    I didn't try everything, but i did do the card settings and they helped a bunch.
    i get a solid 40-50 frames on high on my i5 desktop w a GTX1060. if im recording arena 1v1s it's a solid 60.
    good luck.
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  13. choovanski added a post in a topic Moving beyond DK...   

    play the class u enjoy dude. ----- the fotm crowd.
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  14. choovanski added a post in a topic Enchanting   

    i really cant comment on ranger awakening, but it made a huge difference on my zerker & my plum. farm speed & sustain both increased a ton. i definitely recommend rushing to get it. you can make a PRI green awakening for under 15mill, & blue isn't much harder to make.
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  15. choovanski added a post in a topic Enchanting   

    dang man, if you're just 51 don't worry about TRI. get DUO then get to 56 & get your awakening. getting the awakening & offhand to TRI are more important than mainhand imo.
    like, im 57 on my main & my axe is still DUO. still does good damage when i use grabs.
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