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  1. Delolith added a post in a topic Chase stamina cost removed!!!   

    Wow...these are some news. I hope this change will go through and won't remain just as a rumor.
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  2. Delolith added a post in a topic Crafted costumes   

    Yes exactly
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  3. Delolith added a post in a topic Crafted costumes   

    This is not correct. The actual skill has 40-50% chance to crit. It does not apply a buff...it is a baseline chance to crit with the skill. This skill at 0% critical chance profile has a 40 or 50% (depending on level) chance to crit. If you have a baseline 10% crit chance then the skill has 50 and 60%, respectively.  It does not refer to critical damage..... I thought I was pretty clear with what I said. The second spin gives a 10% buff.
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  4. Delolith added a post in a topic Crafted costumes   

    I know this is unrelated to the actual thread, but I tested the critical hit rate of Crosscut. With a baseline of 2 critical chance ticks (10% critical chance) I was scoring 53% critical hits out of 1000 hits. I am inclined to believe that the +40 to +50% is actually crit chance not damage. You can test this if you want.
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  5. Delolith added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    Just tested Sharp destruction alchemy stone in PvP (+6 accuracy). The accuracy increase was 5.7 +- 1.43%. Let's assume due to small sample of hits (500 hits) that the gain is 6%...this looks pretty consistent with the +6 accuracy indicated on the item. Accordingly, I would suggest that Destruction stone's accuracy works properly in PvP.
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  6. Delolith added a post in a topic Crafted costumes   

    Are you sure on this? Because the wording just tells me that the first spin has 50% chance to crit, not that it does 50% extra crit damage.
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  7. Delolith added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    Just tested thoroughly the sandwich accuracy buff and with quite bit of certainty I can say it does not contribute in PvP at all. Quite big of datasets as well both against warrior and ninja (with +0 Krea for the test). 
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  8. Delolith added a post in a topic Crafted costumes   

    Pretty certain that the +300 Pila Ku trash per hour were due to the use of Serendia. Also Crosscut says: 40% Critical Hit. That means chance...not damage.
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  9. Delolith added a post in a topic Crafted costumes   

    Yes but in the end you are utilizing one less food, I am guessing you are not using hamburg. In that case you are already on the loosing side no matter what Margoria gives you even not considering the JIN Hystria.... Also I am still on the process of getting gold from grinding and getting level 61, so Serendia does quite a bit of difference in PvE and I would bet my right ball that will also be very relevant with Kama 62+ level mobs.
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  10. Delolith added a post in a topic Crafted costumes   

    Are you sure on this? I cannot log into game atm due to maintenance in order to check. I could be wrong.
    Also you have to consider that the +2 movement speed from Margoria is going to get irrelevant very very soon. So that is why I had to go into a 4x food rotation without Margoria.
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  11. Delolith added a post in a topic Crafted costumes   

    Actually this is rather incorrect. BtB has the slash with 100% crit chance. Foul Play has 100% crit damage. Our bread and butter crosscut has a 40-50% crit chance depending on what level you have it at and a pretty much permanent +10% crit chance buff that you can also combine with another 10-20% permanent crit chance from addons.
    Atm I use Knights (120m), Jumbo Humberg (120m), Special Valencia (120m), Special Serendia (110m). I might change Serendia for the sandwich (110m) after some personal testing.
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  12. Delolith added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    Yes I am talking about main spot. Same rotation, same elixirs, always Sharp destruction on. And my gear is at the point of being "unchangeable" atm (full TET, full TRI BiS jewels etc). So yes with the same gear I saw around 8-10% increase in trash gain with just Serendia food.
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  13. Delolith added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    I am not so sure on Serendia and PvE... +300 Pila Ku trash per hour would like to have a word with you. And this is not placebo....it is very consistent.
    PS Have you done any solid testing with the sandwich accuracy on PvP? This is interesting information unless it is anecdotal.
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  14. Delolith added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    Well to tell you the truth it all boils down to point on the curve accuracy vs evasion your gearscore is. 2x http://bddatabase.net/us/item/15807/ could tip the scales soon...I hope...
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  15. Delolith added a post in a topic Crafted costumes   

    I do not consider any food setup including Arehaza or Margoria as optimal setup due to only using three food slots. If they ever include a 120m duration of these then I will reconsider.
    But apart from this I will play along. Let's hypothesize we will also be able to introduce these costumes as gems (after heating) to our favorite purchased costumes. We will have to consider that there are in the database some crystals that increase the stat limits http://bddatabase.net/us/item/15643/ . However, I don't know whether these actually exist even in KR version so I cannot make a proper plan on what to use. Anyone has access to such knowledge?
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