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  1. Raidenz258 added a post in a topic BDO server down?   

    Id usually say no need to be mean.....but it is right there on the launcher so....lol
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  2. Raidenz258 added a post in a topic RE: Account block as reward   

    Omg lol.... Dude runs a hack and thought he was helping..... Complains on forums..... Gets locked and told how to correctly handle his "negative" experience..... Tards out and makes another thread lol.
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  3. Raidenz258 added a post in a topic Account blocked as reward!   

    This was a good laugh, thanks.
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  4. Raidenz258 added a post in a topic Best horse macro ever seen   

    A low quality / low light pic of a generic keyboard?
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  5. Raidenz258 added a post in a topic Please extend the EXP buff   

    Honestly I'm offended that I can't get a level 60 instantly like I can in WoW.
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  6. Raidenz258 added a post in a topic A simple ghillie fix..   

    Anyone who plays with names on is doing it wrong anyways.
    turn them off and look for red glow.
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  7. Raidenz258 added a post in a topic only need answer from devs   

    just close it, you know these cash shop crying threads are always no good lol
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  8. Raidenz258 added a post in a topic Hacker Hunting Initiative   

    well.... Did you answer them? 
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  9. Raidenz258 added a post in a topic World Boss, Boss Armor ?   

    I am a zerker and already have bhegs gloves to +10 lol
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  10. Raidenz258 added a post in a topic World Boss, Boss Armor ?   

    really? That's your opinion.
    I for one am excited to have things like this that remind me of the good old MMOs with open world boss monsters.
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  11. Raidenz258 added a post in a topic Why Collision must be implemented   

    Good god..... This guy was annoying at first..... But he's baiting you all so well....
    grats OP, you're a master baiter.
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  12. Raidenz258 added a post in a topic My Review of The Game   

    I came here expecting a review of "The Game" triple H and instead run into a Great Wall.
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  13. Raidenz258 added a post in a topic X34 upgrade = constant crashing.   

    thanks for the smartass response.....
    If you don't plan on being helpful then why are you in the support section?
    Every other game I play works fine, its only BDO.
    I was posting to see if there is an issue with BDO and gsync and/or 3440x1440.
    According to your logic, please explain how a display could cause a computer to freeze, close to desktop, BSOD, etc.
    it just displays what the GPU tells it to......
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  14. Raidenz258 added a topic in Technical Issues   

    X34 upgrade = constant crashing.
    I've played since head start without any issues using a monitor at 1080 and 60 fps.
    I upgraded my monitor to an x34 today and now the game crashes, freezes, and I've even had my PC restart.
    So far I've tried newer drivers and older drivers, doesn't change.
    No other games or benchmarks cause any issues.
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  15. Raidenz258 added a post in a topic So much for this patch of hope.   

    so the OP is kinda slow......
    but then you have this guy lol
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