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  1. Efreeti added a post in a topic Name the TOP warrior's in the game.   

    Jinnster is the top warrior on NA, completely skill carried terrible gear but never loses in anything less than 10 on 1
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  2. Efreeti added a topic in Suggestions   

    Valencia monster XP
    Most areas in valencia need an experience buff, now I'm not talking a huge buff to increase the maximum level, I'm just talking big enough that pirates isn't the best. I hunted nagas/fogans/crescent/bashims/centaurs/basilisks with 185+ awaken ap warrior so i clear pretty fast and honestly they get near or maybe equivalent to pirates but being new content I would prefer hunting the new areas so if they were just a bit better, it would be more viable. (the money isnt great in valencia either, turn in items are less than pirate bandanas) considering that you have to know where you are going in the desert, have to use waters and teas it should be better than pirates based on that alone.
    p.s for some of the tamers I know out there, please make heilang not desummon from random puddles of water on the ground, Thank you!
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  3. Efreeti added a post in a topic lvl 59 Ninja vs lvl 59 Sorc   

    I think it would have been better had you guys used potions I would have liked that a bit more. Good fights but not exactly a real scenario without potions. (it takes skill to remember to use potions on a 3 second cooldown while playing your class believe it or not)
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  4. Efreeti added a post in a topic I bought this accidentally, how do I use it?   

    with that you can now enter the dudora villa i believe and there are npcs in there that are closer to a hunt zone in that area and a quest or something, i dont know too much about it was gonna check it out today
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  5. Efreeti added a post in a topic Soon to be adventurer(?) how is the non-paying convenience?   

    yea they had log in events where the final reward was a pet the first one i didnt receive unfortunately because i was not playing as often at the time but the second one i got the penguin.
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  6. Efreeti added a post in a topic Valencia Part 2 is here!   

    guild is not ready for war is extremely annoying
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  7. Efreeti added a post in a topic Soon to be adventurer(?) how is the non-paying convenience?   

    you can get pets off the market place, a costume for the exp boost, and value packs to have the better marketplace tax. the game is purely play to win and if you think its at all pay to win your just lazy. plain and simple. (first time i wanted to buy a value pack i got it its not that hard @people complaining about snipers) at most you may have to buy pets because they arent put on the market with the bad money to silver ratio. at the most this game is a $60 game if u buy $30 pack with $30 of pets.(dont mention the fact that they have had 2 free pet events already)
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  8. Efreeti added a post in a topic Field bosses is there because the community wanted it   

    Field bosses aren't even worth your time, they drop complete garbage. just do your scroll bosses and be happy.
    (for the difficulty, if field bosses dropped 10x as much as they do now, I MIGHT consider MAKING a ranger or witch ALT to farm them with)
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  9. Efreeti added a post in a topic Character position (UI)   

    You know how hard this would be for them to implement. This would take over 30 minutes but less than one hour, don't even think about it.
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  10. Efreeti added a post in a topic Berserker Love   

    The problem is they already buffed you, but in the wrong way. You are WAY too tanky because of the HP they gave you. It takes a year to kill you and im sure you dont like spending a year popping potions to get back up to full. I'd say take away 400 to 500 HP from the 800 they gave you if they fix the desyncs. Class is much too powerful.
    (can agree horseback combat is AIDS and everyone needs more ways to deal with them)
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  11. Efreeti added a topic in Suggestions   

    I never seen a person who likes losing XP, it makes me happy to feel like you are never safe when you aren't in a town. If you have problems dying afk fishing its because you did it outside the safety of town and deserve to be punished. If you die auto pathing your horse, its because you left the safety of town, don't cry about being killed if you can do these things INSIDE a safety zone and you chose not to. 
    When I would PVP I would make sure I played in a way not to do stupid things like charge in to 5 people and die instantly so I don't lose experience, it made the game enjoyable and you thought about engagements. 

    You thought this was a good change? Let me change your mind. I know a lot of rangers that are gonna steal your monsters and you cant do anything about it, you know why? Because they clear faster than you and you cant do anything about it. You kill them you go red (they will let you kill them) guess what, they keep coming back and stealing your monsters, you are forced to leave or go red, your choice. Leave and they can follow you! you can change channels, but there will be another guy doing the same thing. Best part is they probably wont even be in a guild! Not like you can declare war, hahahhah. So you go red, you die and lose all your EXP, all your enchant levels, and your gems. Then you quit the game for a reason different than maybe losing 1% for being killed randomly. (if you quit because you get ganked you are playing the wrong game) THIS game had an appeal to a lot of people, its really similar to a game most of us use to play, LINEAGE, and LINEAGE 2. The thing is with those games, if you died and lost xp, you could even DELEVEL. ALL THE WAY back down to 10. OH and the EXP was much harder to get on those games, so quit being a crybaby.
    My guilds goal might have been a little bit mean but we had EVERY guild declaring on us for fear of losing EXP upon death. If you pissed us off you were on the hit list, warred or not. We killed you AFK or not, it didn't matter. You lost experience and it was your fault. The feeling of never being safe was lost with this patch, you can literally feel safe anywhere you go now. Not like you have to worry about losing hard work and time if you get killed for being a mop-thief, or crap talking the wrong player. 
    There is only 2 solutions to this patch. The first solution, go back to the way it was. The second solution is remove karma completely from the game. If I can continuously kill people with no draw back that would be fine with me, then people will consider they are wasting their time instead of actually being rewarded for griefing. (Rewarded for griefing - they die lose 0% xp, you lose karma and go red, with MASSIVE penalties) I like the first solution better believe me, but the second solution would open the door to a lot of PVP . (griefing actually might be worse in case 2, you are out of town you probably gonna die).
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  12. Efreeti added a post in a topic Warriors Need Help   

    Just read the main post and ignore helbjorne, just a troll who has no valid input.
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  13. Efreeti added a post in a topic Warriors Need Help   

    At no point did I say I dont know how to spinning slash cancel, the damage output just isn't there. And for 1v1's, are you talking arena no pots?
    We dont actually win ANY 1v1's if its with pots, in the arena with no pots I can surely win a lot of the matchups, and at no point did I say im running the bad abilities. Because they are bad. Im running cookie cutter build and the cookie cutter build is bad. that simple. oh and btw, every class can solo the areas you say requires 5 man, except faster. When you have some real input or knowledge reply to this thread but as of right now you are just probably some 1v1 no pots arena noob
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  14. Efreeti added a topic in Suggestions   

    Warriors Need Help
    So I'm nearly level 56 now with 122 AP which is higher than average, and a full combo landing on any player generally wont kill them. landing this combo is not easy due to desyncs and doesn't feel rewarding. Currently the gameplay is dull and revolves around how many spinning slashes can I get on someone before they stand back up. The full combo is shield charge to stun ( shield charge does zero damage even though your hitting your target with a shield at a fast sprint, it would seem fair to do more ) take down the stunned target ( only works if target is not desync'd they usually desync and appear to "teleport" to a different location on your monitor ) if that works you immediately spinning slash into counter ( this combo doesn't appear to work if you dont have +10% attack speed on takedown and 5 attack speed. the player will get up too soon ) spinning slash immediately after counter ( nows generally the time you have to use some finger work and hit a herb juice ((we cant use mana pots)) ) ground smash one time ( has a good slow and down attack damage ) then you chopping kick into 2 more spinnings. This combo is pretty hard to do i've only seen a few warriors pull it off and even then it cant kill anyone with decent DP (+15 armors is not hard to get) and a few potions.
    ^^^ The above is a PVP point of view, clearly we cant kill anyone 1v1 and only generally kill people in guild wars that are undergeared with our black spirit rage spender ( feelsgoodman when you kill more than 1 player but feelsbadman when you realize those players were level 50 in less than 100 dp ) 
    Now you have to look at PVE... The worst class in the game by far is warrior when it comes to PVE. our scars of dusk deals enough damage to monsters and the real reason its used is because of the block while using,saving potions. But, it has a 10 second cooldown along with a awkward wind-up time ( the wind-up time is what makes it kind of bad in PVP, it will never hit a player that is not AFK in the brain ) Heavy strike seemed alright at low levels yea it was a really fun skill. Got to about level 40 and it was overtaken by simply using scars and waiting 10 seconds for its cooldown. The reason being it dealt too little damage and left me vulnerable to a lot of damage. The ultimate for that skill is a joke, getting you 0.1% max hp heal per target you hit. So what, you are suppose to heal about 0.5 to 0.8% health per swing ( I have 2200 health so it comes out to about 11 to 20 or so ) The ultimate should look more like heal 0.5% max hp per target you hit, if thats what that ultimate is aiming for, raising the amount healed to 55 to 100 ( on a pack of monsters ). That would probably be enough sustain to farm appropriately without having to go back to blocking and pumping potions. On top of all that, the skill alone should deal twice the amount of damage that it does. It doesn't have a fancy 100% critical factor or additional damage based on HP like spinning slash, Plus it has low base damage. I would put it near spinning slash in base damage and considering it has better speed people would probably start trying it out or using it to farm. 
    The way I currently solo hunt is to ground roar once to aggro monsters then press scars of dusk to clear everything, and while thats on cooldown I shield charge to the next pack, ground roar, and do a chopping kick / spinning slash combo. With equivalent gear every other class can farm faster because they have great immediate AOE damage abilities. Witch/wizard needs not an explanation of all their godly AOE spells, Ranger has shotgun and great movement to pair with it, zerker can literally hold left and right click and spin through monsters, Valk just has more damage than warrior, ( most of valk skills are exact same as warriors but generally each skill has 2x the damage multiplier ) baseline ability does 651% x 4 hits and final thrust hit sword of judgement ( basically warriors spinning slash ) deals 976.5% weapon damage x 2 hits with an ultimate that repeats it, our spinning slash, 413% x 3 hits. Yeah I kinda see why people are telling me to re-roll Valkyrie. They are just as tanky if not tankier than us due to being able to hold shield and walk sideways, and they have a 40 second cooldown that heals 25% max hp. The problem I have with valk is that I just want to play my warrior I've put in all this time and effort and bought costumes and its just plain garbage. I'd mention even Sorceress is faster at PVE farming than warrior but they have it a little but rough too with not too many great AOE skills, the catch is with them is they are GODS of 1v1 PVP and can actually murder people very easily. One knockdown from a 150 AP sorc and you are good as dead. I have not seen too much Musa/Maewha play so I wont comment on that, and it doesn't really matter because obviously someone is doing something about it, they have gotten many buffs since release. Lastly, the Tamer. Boy is that class overpowered. Solo hunting they can pull more monsters because the dog has its own aggro like a player. They do great AOE dmg and are pretty tanky. This class is by far the most overpowered class in the game currently yet most people don't see it. Tamers generally can fearlessly charge into 5 people, knock all of them down, kill a few of them with insane black rain damage, and then use I-Frames and insane movement abilities to escape. ( when i fight a tamer this is how it goes - i stun them proceed to throw them down to the ground to start my combo, get stunned or knocked down by their pet, they get up and run away, I deal zero damage, realize I cant win this fight, run away is best option )
    Like I said earlier, ALL of our shield abilities tap people like our shield is made of plastic or something. Try getting hit by someone by a shield bash, its going to stun you and deal massive amounts of damage to either you or your armor. I can speak for all warriors when I say, I wish the shield bash skill ( our base-line right click ) could be unlearned or unbound. Its garbage and I never used it once ever even when I first started. Another skill that should be deleted completely is our base-line kick. It doesn't happen too often but sometimes it feels like your character has the urge to kick when trying to activate charge or ground smash ( found out the other day that if u try to shift F while in a block it wont work, you will just kick ). The ability is in the game to be an annoyance and thats all. Also our base-line slash, who designed that? Its completely unusable due to its small range, when I first started I could barely hit things unless i was inside of them with it. ( found out about forward slash never looked back ) Oh now we talk about forward slash, I'd bet not many actually see that the ultimate forward slash is wonky with your stamina bar. Generally you tap q and forward slash together to cancel around and if you look, usually it eats double the stamina that it should. There are times where I do it and can cancel for about 15 slashes and times where it only lasts for 5 slashes due to it eating double or even triple stamina. 
    Back to the matter at hand, we are the worst PVP class and worst PVE class and need some buffing love, I see other classes that are actually better off than warrior currently getting buffs ( zerkers gaining massive hp yet they are one of the best PVE farmers and very useful in group PVP ) and no love for the warrior which I play and am trying to have fun with. Any time I complain I just tell myself your doing it for your awakening trust me it will be great fun, but then every patch comes by and there is no awakening coming out in sight. With the release schedule I'd assume to have awakenings out in 3-5 months. They did say they want to do all the awakenings at once and I'm not sure exactly what they mean by that, do they mean we have to wait til witch/wizard gets awakening on korea? Do we have to wait for maewha/musa and ninja awakenings? We don't even have Ninja class yet so I hope that isn't the case. The hype is real for my greatsword and putting in a great deal of effort to make sure I can get it and enchant it up to 15 or higher.
    - From a concerned warrior, please fix our class. Realizing I've wrote an essay but its my thoughts upon the class I play
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