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  1. Solsi added a post in a topic MAJOR FPS issue   

    Yeah, what the hell happened?
    My game was running perfectly this morning before maintenance. Now after patch I'm so laggy, almost a struggle to walk and interacting with NPC's takes ages
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  2. Solsi added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    Not at all. Don't think it's possible to get bored in this game unless you're able to play 24/7 and only do one thing, like grinding mobs all day long. Than for sure I'd get burned out and bored to. Maybe a person expecting endless quality PvP gets bored to? That wouldn't surprise me.
    But I only have around 2-2.5 hours a day to play actively, so after I used my EXP boost and gathered up my mains energy I'm almost out of time. Yet there's probably 500 things I still need to do like failstacking and upgrading, cooking&alchemy, crafting, completing knowledge and titles, use my alts energy, field bosses, move and sell crates in Valencia, daily scrolls and blah blah 
    Grouping for Relics I've given up altogether. Same with node wars. That stuff takes so much time, I wont have time for anything else that day. If you're a PvX type players that enjoys most things, this game has to much content seriously.
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  3. Solsi added a post in a topic Devaluation of Valencia Drops   

    Yeah and it kinda sucks
    Have fun splitting Kamasylve loot with an entire group. Doesn't matter if those mobs poop out gold bars seriously, you'll still make way more cash at Sausan&Pirates.
    The EXP is decent or comparable from what I've heard...if you have a 240+ AP team lol. But people cant even make 220 AP groups for Aakman, so good luck with that.
    Also potato servers v.s mobs that kd and one-shot if back attacking and for sure breaks your offhand gem, because rng. Or kill mobs you can grind almost naked no pots and still be alive after a lag spike?
    People will keep on grinding Pirate&Sausan(or afk chop wood)as always and stack up on silver. Than it's Fine Accessory Box day like now, market prices collapse and finally time to make upgrades with all that silver you saved up.
    Meanwhile, you can grind 50 or even 100 hours and not get a single yellow accessory in Valencia. Than event time and hundreds of thousands BiS items are handed out in a single day. There's no balance at all.
    These developers are missing so many opportunities when it comes to making the game more fun and active. I'm just hoping there's some long terms masterplan behind it.
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  4. Solsi added a post in a topic Ive been kicked out of my spot   

    Not sure how much difference that would make. They'll just drop their guild and continue to mess up your rotation. That's what all those players did prior to Kakao introducing the protected guild feature. Others used normal guild protection, even if that's much rarer, since majority of guildleaders wont give it to griefers. They usually care about the guilds reputation and only protect casual members, lowbies and such. 
    I'm all for removing the protected guild feature though. At least than you have to make a choice. If you want to grief grind spots like it's a second job or level without the risk of wars from stronger guilds&players you piss of, you have to go guildless. That's a fair trade of, since you loose stuff like +2 fishing, combat buffs as well as summon or salary if the guild is better organized. Not like today when you can have it both ways.
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  5. Solsi added a post in a topic Opposite proposition for PVP server (World of Red)   

    Pretty sure he means kill sharing, or whatever term people use these days. I basically kill you for 5 hours and than you kill me for 5 hours. We both get shiny new items.
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  6. Solsi added a post in a topic Broken pre-order?   

    Also tried pre-ordering +3 life cloths
    I can confirm that making them yourself is going to be way way faster&easier and cheaper. Like even if you blow up 5859058958 clothes, it's better than trying to pre-order. Just do it.
    The same goes for all "rare" high demand items. Feels like 9/10 goes to bid, based on my notifications on hot shit everyone wants(including myself). So even if you have the highest pre-order atm can take weeks or even months of waiting. The more people pre-ordering an item the smaller the chance it goes to pre-order.
    They could probably tweak the pre-order v.s bid ratio a little bit, buffing it to 35% going pre-order imo. Like you shouldn't have to wait a lifetime and place a truck full of gold to win that one only item that goes pre-order this decade.
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  7. Solsi added a post in a topic Command to Gather - Why?   

    Because the skill is designed for GvG related and possibly missions. Abusing it to move crates isn't indented for sure. It's like asking Kakao to make over-stacking a wagon more beneficial or user-friendly
    I still agree though. Sucks that a hard working leader can't benefit from this unindented perk, while every other slacker else gets to do it. Especially unproductive guildies that spends 99% of their gaming time chopping wood lol. But still more likely that they remove&patch it altogether and you know it. Carrying trade goods are suppose to prevent auto&instant travel functions for players and mounts.
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  8. Solsi added a post in a topic Increase imperial whatever purchase limit   

    You have to go to Imperial trader in Valencia if you want to get rid of Good Smelling Tea boxes quickly. Most people are to lazy to ride there, for obvious reasons.
    All other traders you have to camp and be there at exact reset to sell best&easy boxes like Boiled Egg, Meat Stew or Tea with Fine Scent.
    I don't think the solution is to increase the limit. Wont help much, since everyone still makes the same boxes. What they should do is make all boxes worth making. Especially master&artisan boxes that currently sucks and not worth anyone's time. Just look at pricing, it's a really bad joke.
    Fried Fish having the same price per unit as costly and complicated Dark Pudding, for example. Elixir of Wings selling for more per unit than Elixir of Frenzy, that requires rare alchemy fruits, crafted bloods and traces to make. The pricing is so irrational and retarded, it's almost chocking once you start comparing boxes.
    There's maybe 10 Imperial Boxes max(cooking&alchemy) that's worth making in terms of time and profit. So of course certain boxes gets completed in a matter of minutes. 
    People say "make different boxes" and sure they can keep doing that themselves, but it's still piss poor profit when you have to use special ingredients or spend loads of time pre-processing&cooking just to make one under-priced dish. Than I rather just process wood and sell the crates for 200k each with m2 buff
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  9. Solsi added a post in a topic Ending the level 10 node debate   

    He could be right sadly. It's maybe intended that investing nodes does ----- all but drain energy?
    Also curious if map related. Maybe node investment still works in original maps like Calpheon or Serendia? I don't remember anyone getting crappy loot from T10 nodes at Hexe or Monastery for example, back when that was "endgame" lol. These weird results all comes from testing in newer maps&nodes like Valencia or Kuit Islands.
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  10. Solsi added a post in a topic Witch nerfed hidden patch   

    They for sure reduced accuracy modifiers on most my witch awakening skills from 30-35% to 20-25%(level 60). Detonative Flow is still 30% at rank III though.
    They did say they where going to release smaller re-balance patched to adjust classes with highest&lowest KD ratio, so minor nerfs was to be expected.
    I don't think it's a big deal personally. Maybe hurts more if you're playing full DP witch without accuracy items, DP&evasion offhand, Rocaba over Bheg's and such. But I think that's mostly a KR meta, haven't seen many of those on NA/EU.
    I'm more into life skills than competitive duelling, so can't say much about the Paralysis nerf. Only time I used it was by accident going for Protected Area in the wrong stance
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  11. Solsi added a post in a topic 550 muskan bundles and nothing?!   

    I played this game since NA/EU release and still haven't seen Muskan's Shoes drop for anyone in my scroll group. Not from boss or from bundle.
    So farming scrolls is probably the slowest possible method of obtaining the shoes(sadly). Just think about it. How often do you see a global message that someone got Muskan's Shoes from bundle or boss lol?
    I got mine ages ago from nightvendor. Patrigio have offered them to me around 10 times by now, with various prices.
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  12. Solsi added a post in a topic Post-50: Wot do?   

    What's funny about that tho?
    He's a new player, so likely doing bunch of non mandatory quests, exploring and other stuff to figure out the game. It's completely pointless to speed grind 56+ in a day, when you're new and lack money, CP, skill points, gear and energy.
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  13. Solsi added a post in a topic No beer on eu   

    Sure, I've seen beer being sold out a few times to, but it's temporary. Always new ones getting listed a few minutes later.
    I think the biggest problem if mass-producing beer is lack of grains really. It eventually bottlenecks your production, since permanently sold out and only a set amount of nodes to invest in.
    I only make beer for myself because cheapo. Noway I'm wasting 1.5-2 million everyday paying for beer, to keep the workers going. 
    You probably need some insane - cooking time decrease to make decent money from beer spam though. But I think a lot of people mainly do it for CP or by-products, not so much to min/max life skill profit.
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  14. Solsi added a post in a topic Things that kind of annoy me gamewise   

    Always thought I was the only one getting annoyed over this lol.
    You should be able to see craftstation as well as furniture durability in the placement window imo. Unlike now when you have to pick it up and go inventory -> check dura to delete the right one. Or you have to play placement roulette until you get the right cooking utensil on full durability 
    Would be a great quality of life improvement, if they made this change. Likely not overly hard or complicated to implement either.
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  15. Solsi added a post in a topic Karma bombing vs large non optimized rotation?   

    Serious question tho. If you're perfectly able to manage your karma and not go red, how exactly did your karma get bombed?
    Negative karma players aren't a common sight at high traffic grind spots to begin with. Why I call BS when people here make posts, proudly describing how they're karma bombing left and right with good results. Vast majority of players wont go negative over a random griefer seriously. They will out-dps the guy, until enough karma to poke him again. Getting PK'ed is not the same as being a successful karma bomber lol.
    I also doubt 90% of grind spots griefers actually wants to be attacked or make you loose karma. No one enjoys getting killed. They would for sure prefer it if you didn't use violence and just gave them some mobs instead or walked away.
    I think the term karma bombing is being used a little to loosely in this game. It's enough that someone basically breathes and he's a karma bomber, because that's what all the cool kids are saying.
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