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  1. Solsi added a post in a topic fix Valencia drop rates or...   

    Around 200+ AP to be effective. You don't need much DP though. You take more dmg at for example Crescent Shrine or Bandits.
    I grinded there a lot trying to get gold maps. After 70+ hours of grinding, I only had 1 map piece and 0 necklace, so I said ----- it. I'm also 240+ AP witch so not like my clear speed is slow. The loot at Sulfur is extremely poor. Grinding for 1-2+ hour and only getting trash items and some weapon stone, is pretty normal. EXP is barely ok.
    If you have enough AP to grind there, you're better of going Pila Ku in terms of both silver and EXP. The 3 million quest drop, scroll pieces as well as necklace is also way more frequent drops at Pila Ku.
    Only advantage of Sulfur is no one contesting the spots ever, so you can grind in peace all day long. The few people you run into tends to ask for group more than anything else. Also close to town, so easy to repair&restock if you lack 948654986656 maids. You wont die if you have lag spikes or other performance issues(unlike Pila Ku or Aakman where mobs hits really hard).
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  2. Solsi added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Nothing against either GW2 or WoW, it's awesome games both of them, but I get bored to quickly with most commercial MMO's.
    Like they release some expansion and I play through the quest-lines in a few days. I complete rest of the content in a few weeks. Than after a few month or so I have farmed all the new PvP/PvE gear and maxed out whatever new crafting thing came out. All I have left to do than is playing alts or do fluff while waiting for yet another new expansion. It's such a tedious cycle.
    You also get flamed by whiteknight in those types of games, when you run out of content and get bored lol. Apparently you didn't enjoy "the journey" if you complete couple of hours worth of new quest-lines in a few weeks. I guess those people play 5 minutes a day?
    In a game like BDO it's impossible to get bored, because so much stuff to do and no seasonal content&characters caps. That's why I prefer it, even if there's loads of stuff I feel GW2/WoW does better than BDO.
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  3. Solsi added a post in a topic Trading vs Pure AH.   

    Before you get the M2 buff, your best move by far is selling plywood(the ones used for Calpheon&Mediah crate) at the marketplace. Only downside is missing out on trade EXP.
    Making crates takes more time, requires transportation(if guild lacks summon skills),consumes black stone powder and less profit. The recent nerf to 100% max prices when selling crates, made M2 buff more or less mandatory for crate production. In the past you could channel hop and only sell for 130-120% and still make profit at lower trade levels.
    As a comparison I'd make roughly 130k each Calpheon Crate as Artisan trader + bargain if selling in Valencia, so was smarter to sell the mats with value pack bonus. Now with M2 buff +bargain I make around 200k each crate selling in Valencia.
    When it comes to selling timber v.s plywood, it's a matter of your processing success rate and processing level. You want alchemy life stone buff, upgraded craftsman's clothes and preferable artisan 1 processing for making plywood. If you never want to bother with any of that stuff, than go ahead and keep selling timber.
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  4. Solsi added a post in a topic <Casual> Guild EU   

    Only a few things that works:
    1. Gather your forces and fight back, make them bleed to and respect you. If the war starts to hurt them equally at places like bosses, it's no longer as much fun and they might drop it. But since they're way stronger, I doubt it will work in this case.
    2. Just lay really low and stop feeding them. They'll get bored eventually and drop the war, when not getting any "fun" from you guys. I'm sure they have other wars to, so make them focus more on those instead. Avoid them as much as you can. That means no flaming and shit talking or responding, even if they kill you. Be nice, polite and just leave. Under no circumstances should any of your members use dirty "revenge" methods like killing their afk fishers, boats or horses being trained lol. It's that type of behaviour that makes a dragged out war become a permanent war.
    3. Send a ticket and claim you're roleplayers being harassed by the PvP guild "Casual" that hates roleplayers. Now your roleplaying guild is forced to disband, because of harassment&griefing. Kakao normally avoids interfering in PvP conflict between players or guilds, but if the victims are roleplayer they do take action, for some mega retarded reason.
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  5. Solsi added a post in a topic Actual situation of our BDO   

    It's actually gotten way worse when it comes to resources.
    In the past and pre-merge, was only a few items permanently sold out like mem frags, BiS gear or gathered stuff like milk, meat or hides. Now it's almost everything, including tons of raw material types gathered by workers like timber types and ores. Like we're in some post war depression era...can't even buy a -----ing potato on EU server
    Think partly related to the fact that EU's playerbase nowadays consists of afk master processors and other afk crafters(for multiple reasons).
    While you should ofc be self-sufficient and able to obtain your own materials and items(without the use of a marketplace), it's still a massive design flaw when the auction house in a MMORPG is this empty.
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  6. Solsi added a post in a topic Do you think there will ever be an MMO that looks as good as Black Desert in the near future?   

    Of course MMO's with better graphics will come out. 
    Besides, it's not that hard to make a pretty game with breathtaking scenery, detailed characters and stuff that looks good. It's making sure performance stays decent, combat responsive and smooth gameplay in general for hundred thousands of players logged into the game, that's the complicated part.
    All MMORPG's looks better and more detailed as time goes by really. But gaming creators still haven't made and maintained a MMORPG that's free of lag and fps drops. Not even one. Good performance is also the most important thing, if you ask the playerbase(not how pretty the sunrise is).
    Also kinda funny(or sad) how creators of new games always claims their innovative engine design and superior optimization blah blah allows thousands of players in the same area doing large scale PvP no lag lol. So you play the game like 2-3 months after release and yeah, worse -----ing slide show ever.
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  7. Solsi added a post in a topic Keep lifeskilling on main or make alts?   

    It's useful to have a life skill alt in your main city. At higher levels you'll start grinding(or trading&questing)in areas that takes a while to reach, so it's nice being able to just relogg and setting up a craft session if you need a longer afk.
    Up to you what life skills that alt should specialize in. Really no need to be different than the ones on your main at all. The purpose is being able to do life skills and make money afk, without having to ride or sail back to town and leave the grind area with your main.
    Fishing or training horses on a character eligible for PvP can be risky(outside of safe zone), especially if your guild gets into wars. So certain people keep an alt level 49.99 for those activities. Downside is the fact that a fishing character needs tons and tons of inventory, something you naturally want on your main since it cost money or loyalty. But if you want to fish outside of safe zone and never ever die to PvP, you need it on a lowbie alt. Have to decide yourself if it's worth it.
    Lastly you might want to level gathering on more than one character. It's nice during drop events when farming for shards. However, main gatherer should obv be the character you play the most, for max energy recovery.
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  8. Solsi added a post in a topic Why Karma bombing is a good thing.   

    How do you manage to get PK'ed by lower geared newbies tho?
    Anyway, not sure how this is griefing. Those lowbies intentionally avoid war or PvP, abusing protected guilds or being guildless, because it benefits them. That also means they're fair game and up for PvE'ing over mob&spots without whining. It's their decision to resolve conflicts without using PvP, so in no way are they victims of griefing. You both use same lame tactic and you guys grind faster.
    You also know they 100% prefer this scenario(getting outfarmed) compared to the old days loosing shit ton of EXP or getting war'ed and node camped all the way to Padix Island. The golden says of BDO where different top guilds "owned" pirates and sausan.
    Nice try lol. But you cant trick poor lowbies into thinking they're in fact the ones being victims and "griefed", using silly revered psychology. They know exactly how much current system benefits them. Worse possible outcome now, they get outfarmed on majority of the packs. That's still a -----ing vacation compared to how it used to be as a lowbie in a non-factor guild in BDO.
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  9. Solsi added a post in a topic Best Life Skill Tree?   

    Combination of processing(at least artisan) + trading(master 2) is the most profitable life skill tree(s), if you make crates and sell with max distance bonus, bargain and desert buff.
    Main reason it's more profitable than cooking&alchemy is because there's no need for preparations when making crates. Workers bring the stuff, so only have to press one button like a braindead.
    If I want to make 10 millions per hour cooking, for example, I have to spend time travelling, gathering, processing as well as crafting ingredients, before able to make consumables. Or worse, do the milk mini-game lol. So all preparations required just to get started, lowers the profit /hour.
    With alchemy the issue is also about ingredients being rarer or harder to obtain, making it impossible to mass-produce profitable items more than maybe once or twice a week.
    Maybe someone have a difference experience? As master 6 alchemist and master 7 cook personally, I still make way more money from crate production&trade sadly
    Gathering is the second most profitable or important life skill imo. Without it, both cooking, alchemy and many crafted designs becomes impossible to do, because can't buy that stuff from the marketplace. No one really sells high demand materials, unless you can get them from node using worker. Gathering stuff like meat, skins, logs, stones and bloods yourself is really important. But also the amount if money you're saving by farming your own hard&sharp, makes it very profitable.
    Should probably also mention that correct setup is crucial for life skills to be profitable. You need upgraded life skill cloths, pearl costume if available, life alchemy stone and buff food. It's actually easier to gear up for normal PvE grinding lol.
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  10. Solsi added a post in a topic Is it possible to only buy gear?   

    All it means is that you're insanely lucky when it comes to marketplace rng. Don't think I ever heard of anyone with such luck
    Vast majority will never be able to snipe TRI boss gear or TET Dandelions. TET Kzarka or Kutum&Nouver can be possible if you play a less poplar class, ditched by re-rollers. But otherwise no.
    Sniping TRI accessories is even harder, like way way harder. Just look how many that's been sold ever and compare that with hundred thousands of players that wants to buy. I dare say 90% of the playerbase will never win a bid on a TRI accessory ever.
    Realistically speaking, you might be able to win 1 or maybe 2 BiS item eventually if you hardcore map market for 6+ months. So no, players with average marketplace rng can not buy gear and play the way they want to. If you want TRI&TET BiS gear you have to suck it up and deal with enchanting. Pre-ordering stuff for 2-5 billion each isn't a very good option either. Usually much cheaper to make yourself, even if you're a bit unlucky.
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  11. Solsi added a post in a topic How long does it take to get GS at least 450?   

    Really hard to answer. Depends on how many hours you play obviously and how focused you are(not doing fluff).
    Also depends if we're talking 450 GS wearing BIS(gold) stuff or 450 GS wearing lower grade equipment.
    Would probably only take a few weeks getting 450 AP/DP if you settle for green&blue quality armor and weapons.
    If you want full boss gear and all gold quality weapons as well as 450 AP/DP I'd say at least 6+ months if casual. If more hardcore maybe 2-3 months.
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  12. Solsi added a post in a topic EU Market   

    And why is that a problem for you? I mean aren't you one of many here advocating that players should go out and farm their own stuff, instead of qq'ing and camping market like helpless kids?(something I partly agree about).
    But how come that principle doesn't apply when it comes to so called "average players"?
    If enchantment items becomes to pricey for dirtpoor casuals, they can't farm relics or black stones themselves why?
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  13. Solsi added a post in a topic Where to find Trace of Death and Trace of Memory?   

    Trace of Death drops from mobs in Soldiers Grave, Hexe Sanctuary and Marni's Lab+chimeras. Clearing all the elites in Soldiers Grave is the fastest way to stack up on them. But kinda hard to do during primetime ofc, because people like to kill&camp elites.
    Trace of Memory only comes from Valencia excavation node. Never got it from any type of mob. Can also get them from melting Rosar weapons.
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  14. Solsi added a post in a topic New Upgrade Button   

    KR got that a few patches ago so no.
    Also why the hell would there be crying about making green gear easier to enchant? No one wanted failstacking to be harder. This isn't a buff, it's a nerf.  Now you're stuck with reblath&milita only to make failstacks. GL getting a stack over 20+ using that.
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  15. Solsi added a post in a topic I wish BDO included Tab/Focus-Targeting as an option.   

    I think tab targeting is really nice in old school rpg's, because combat is balanced and built around it. They often have a lot of crucial target switching(in PvE) as well as heal and support jobs, so tab targeting fit those type of games well.
    But when it comes to BDO and all these modern action type MMO's with high burst&mobility, it doesn't work to have tab targeting. Would be way to easy to kill people in PvP, especially for classes with a bit more range. Would be like click->dead HAHAHA from 20 meters away, playing my witch
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