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  1. Tyldor added a post in a topic Treant Camouflage Costume in PVP   

    This legit needs to be removed. You are introducing costumes like this in a '''PvP focused game''? It's silly. It gives a slight edge for the players with that costume as visibility is an important thing, especially when you deal with mobile classes in a forest environment.

    There's multiple reasons this should be removed, but the most important has to be one that hits Daum too, indirectly. PvP video's are just not as entertaining to make OR watch as you can not see who or what you're fighting. You will see particle effects and maybe a shade of the player you are fighting, but for outsiders who may not have as much knowledge about the game, it's not really a warming welcome for players who favour PvP and are looking into BDO. It's unattractive for your video, it keeps new players from coming in too, it gives advantages in PvP while it's a PvP focused game and there's many more reasons why this effect has to be altered or the costume has to be removed altogether.


    P.S: No it's not HARD to track players with the suit, it's just very unattractive for PvP video's, it DOES give a slight advantage no matter how good you claim to be and many more issues tie into all of this. The only players who favour this costume are the ones who like this edge and I don't think any competetive player likes to have an edge over someone else with an item you buy in the cash shop. If you do, you might as well look into more P2W games.
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  2. Tyldor added a post in a topic Ranger - Recommended gear and weapon discussion   

    I don't know if this is a bit too much off topic, but what gems should a ranger aim for in a perfect world scenario ( I'm heavily PvP focused ).
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  3. Tyldor added a post in a topic why Cash Shop is closed till 03.03.   

    We already saw everything that's available including prices in CBT2.
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  4. Tyldor added a post in a topic Worries about Berserker   

    Is there an official post of that yet? The CM said he would look into it but no announcements made after that.
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  5. Tyldor added a post in a topic [Important] Current PvP CC-System !!!   

    That face when the CC immunity system in goddang ArcheAge is even better than the CC immunity system they have in place for BDO right now. I can understand it when it comes to awakening weapons, but there's no way in hell you can gate that patch in our launch with awakening weapons a few months down the line. There shouldn't even be investigation in this matter, just straight up revert it. It doesn't only make certain classes unplayable in a 1v1 scenario, it also takes away from the group synergy in small scale PvP. Not even to mention the large scale PvP which this game is built up on. Blowing cooldowns on a target which has immunity, but not even being able to see if they're immune to that CC in a large scale fight will chip away from your effectiveness all around. Counter argueing that with ''But there's no way in hell there's no target without CC immunity in a large scale fight'' is straight up dumb. It tells me you have no real coordinated PvP experience. There's priority targets, targets who overextended that you will jump on with your raid to grind down their numbers and so and so forth.

    Please change this asap.
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  6. Tyldor added a post in a topic Worries about Berserker   

    It is very concerning indeed, but the recent CC changes they made to CBT-2 are being reviewed by the staff now and should and probably will be reverted. Having this 4 sec CC immunity is meant to balance out awakening weapons. If they launch with this patch, giant will be useless.
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  7. Tyldor added a post in a topic Berserker PVP Vids   

    Could you clarify / link the patch notes regarding that please? How long will you not be able to knockdown the opponent after you grabbed him?
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  8. Tyldor added a post in a topic Berserker Lack of Damage?   

    Which basically means, as I was trying to point out, other than our grabs, spin and Unfrenzied Destroyer there's no damage. I explained it in a PvP type of scenario, you lot just did for PvE. Daum has to look into this, it's pretty underwhelming that we're one of the lowest DPS classes while classes like Valk or Warrior are supposed to be the tanky lot and do more DPS than us..
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  9. Tyldor added a post in a topic Berserker Lack of Damage?   

    No, that's not the right mindstate. This is the time where changes have to be made to the classes and in general fine-tune the game further. This is a prime example of what has to be changed imo. Also in RU/KR there's less damage restrictions in PvP for a Giant than we have in this EU/NA version.
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  10. Tyldor added a post in a topic Berserker Lack of Damage?   

    No, I'm saying we're too shitty in 1v1 scenario, and good in group PvP. The difference being is that when you're fighting against a large number of players, getting a stun off or a good Knockdown ( like a Predatory Hunt ) is fairly easy. In 1v1 or 3v3, if they stacked Grapple resistance, there's nothing you can do because we rely ONLY a grab in small scale to get damage off. If our grabs failed or you only managed to get off ONE grab out of the 3 you will most likely run, the rest of the time you're running around taking free damage. It doesn't even make sense to go in range of a player to try and damage them as you lack damage other than your spin which is easily avoidable. You could counter argue that you're in a 3v3, so you got CC from the other 2 classes to play with, but if you'd dysect Giant alone in this particular scenario, you don't stand your man as much as other classes would.
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  11. Tyldor added a post in a topic Berserker Lack of Damage?   

    The max you can stack ''ignore resist'' is 20% as far as my knowledge stretches ( 10% gems x2 on offhand ). 40% grapple resist will still be immense. Sure, you can apply this to every class, but Zerker ONLY relies on grabs to get damage off, since like I mentioned before, stuns are rather slow, and if you animation cancel stomp to get a quick stun off, it's not long enough to get *good* damage in. You might be able to swing in 1 hit, but that's not noticable enough vs equally geared players.
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  12. Tyldor added a post in a topic Berserker Lack of Damage?   

    For the more PvP focused and hardcore players, spinning doesn't cut it unfortunately.

    Can you imagine what happens when people get grapple resist to 60%? There's nothing you can do to them. Your damage will be non-existent. The only saviour would be the awakening weapon, but that doesn't provide with any/good single target DPS either, so we become zerg busters with no utility in the small scale fights while GvG's usually are all about the small fights within the larger fight because of the way the combat system works.

    Not to mention that this class ONLY relies on RNG CC to get damage combo's off.. I love the Berzerker and I will definately play it, but changes need to be made.
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  13. Tyldor added a post in a topic Berserker Lack of Damage?   

    Especially against range classes the damage is pretty unrewarding. You basically got nothing if your grab gets resisted, especially vs a Wizard/Sorc/Ranger. Yeah you can slow them, yeah you can do a mini stun with Stomp, but after that and your grabs failed, there's nothing you can do other than using your Super Armor skills to not get CC'd and wait for your cooldowns to come up. You might get lucky with a KD ( Knockdown ) combo, but that depends alot on getting your stuns off first else they will easily dodge it or use their mobility skills to get away from the pretty obvious and slow KD's a zerker has

    It needs to be more rewarding that when you get a normal hit off which doesn't involve a grab, you atleast do noticable damage.
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  14. Tyldor added a post in a topic Which your Fav Armor Sets   

    Does anyone know if the Rotary set will be available for our launch in EU/NA. Also, is it crafted gear thus upgradable through crafting workshops? And if so in what city is a house to upgrade this Rotary set? It also might be pretty useful to know the actual name of the Rotary set in our launch if anyone knows
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  15. Tyldor added a post in a topic Berzerker Q/A   

    I'm only interested in PvP when it comes to gearing as gearing for PvE is easy to figure out on my own without much experience, keep that in mind please as you answer!

    - What are the ways to go about gearing and the main differences per set ( include offhand, accessories, weapon and armor all at once please, keep in mind - PvP focused )
    - What stats are the best to go for ( Goes hand in hand with my previous question a little )
    - Do you know of any secret combo's? Every class has them and I bet zerker has them too!

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