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  1. Brom added a post in a topic [Alustin][PK][PVP] Paleblood Bewerbung open   

    Mh, wir sahen das eigentlich nur als grinden an
    Eure Dropchance ist leider so hoch, dass es ziemlich lukrativ ist euch zu farmen
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  2. Brom added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Escape Window HUGE; Custom Quickslot reset?!
    i have two problems, first, the Window that opens when you press "Escape" ist HUGE! i dont know why it changed, its just ugly. 
    Is there a way to change that? And in addition, is there a Client repair option in the Launcher? I couldnt find it.
    Second, everytime i restart the game, my Custom UI Quickslots reset back to normal Quickslot and i have to enable them again in the Options.
    Same for the PK-Button, i always have to enable it again after Client restart.
    In hope that there are any Solutions out there
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  3. Brom added a post in a topic PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!   

    i mean, who is so dumb to wait until fhe last -----ng day to buy that package? 
    its not like you had 2 months (?) to do it-.-
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  4. Brom added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    This is pretty simple Psychology
    The higher they put the prices the happier you guys will be, when they lower them in the future
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  5. Brom added a post in a topic DO NOT MISS THE KEY DATES   

    Afterall, the CS SHOULD NOT be Pay2Win, but everyone is complaining about boosting.
    In the end it shouldn't even matter if the Cashshop opens 3 Months from now, it should have the same effect on the game as if it wasnt there.
    But the real Question is, whether the Pet we bought with the 100€ Package comes with the claiming process on the Website (choose pet directly from the Website), same with colors etc.
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  6. Brom added a post in a topic DO NOT MISS THE KEY DATES   

    Its actually not! Not even the people at launch are able to buy stuff.
    This evens out the playingfield a lot if you ask me.
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  7. Brom added a post in a topic VERPASSE NICHT DIE WICHTIGEN TERMINE!   

    Wie gesagt, im Englischen steht nicht Stufenweise, kann also gut sein, dass sich das auf die Pakete bezieht!
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  8. Brom added a post in a topic VERPASSE NICHT DIE WICHTIGEN TERMINE!   

    Im deutschen Artikel steht:
    • Stufenweise erhalten die Vorbesteller von Paket des Eroberers Zugang zum Frühen Start.
    • Der Einlöseprozess der Vorbesteller-Extras beginnt.
    Im englischen steht nur, dass man als Vorbesteller Zugang hat.
    Bezieht sich das "Stufenweise" nun auf die Art des Vorbesteller-Packets oder darauf, dass man Zeitlich versetzt zugelassen wird um die Server nicht zu zerstören ;)?
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  9. Brom added a post in a topic Liverto vs. Yuria Discussion   

    Since i didnt want to read the whole Thread;

    Are the Yuria Weapons already implemented in EU?, since Grunil isnt i wonder what else is missing (Yes is know, it drops in Mediah and Yuria doesnt) 
    But non the less, is there any information on that?
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