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  1. Bento added a post in a topic Tamer Changes 20/07/16   

    Well yeah, the faster animation speed on Summon and Absorb Heilang is really nice and noticeable. The other ones I have not tested yet, but the bugfix to Heilang's ability to punch through superarmor will be pretty bad in pvp I imagine.
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  2. Bento added a post in a topic Assumptions based on the updated Ru Editor   

    What does that mean?
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  3. Bento added a post in a topic So +18 is Inc = Heilang 3 shot?   

    It's a 2 minute cooldown actually
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  4. Bento added a post in a topic So +18 is Inc = Heilang 3 shot?   

    So... Almost every class is getting damage buffs this patch and they kinda try to balance that out with giving everyone way more HP.
    Again, the pet gets left out. It will die even faster now than it already did.
    Tamer really got shafted this patch and all I hear are Sorcs whining about their nerf bugfix.
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  5. Bento added a post in a topic Ancient Weapon Core Drop Rate   

    5 types + the turrets actually
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  6. Bento added a post in a topic Ancient Weapon Core Drop Rate   

    What level was your node and which mob type dropped it?
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  7. Bento added a post in a topic Ancient Weapon Core Drop Rate   

    Could it be that a higher node level actually decreases the droprate of rare items? I have been grinding a lot in Hasrah aswell and have the node at lvl 7 right now. And at lvl 5 and below I was at least getting Forbidden Books and Blackstones sometimes but after getting the node to level 6 these items seem to be dropping MUCH less frequently.
    I have also never gotten a Belt after around 18 hours of farming there. Had a necklace drop in the Helms dungeon though (with a level 5 node and no rating on the mob that dropped it) within the first 2 hours of farming there.
    I have heard similar stories from people who farmed for the Tree Spirit Belt and actually reset their lvl 10 node to lvl 1 because they saw a decrease in rare drops after getting their node to a higher level.
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  8. Bento added a post in a topic Rework this completely broken Monster Ranking System   

    Sorry for getting slightly off-topic, but which 3 mobs have a chance of dropping the belt? I thought it could drop from all of the mobs in there.
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  9. Bento added a post in a topic Tamer looking for Gearcheck / Upgrade Advice   

    Thanks! Which ring do you use with your Outlaw Ring?
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  10. Bento added a post in a topic Tamer looking for Gearcheck / Upgrade Advice   

    Which necklace would you say provides the best resistance in pvp? In the marketplace I see:
    30% stun/stiffness resistance
    30% knockdown/bound resistance
    30% knockback/floating resistance
    10% resistance to all status abnormalities (no clue what all of this would help against)
    Also, do you like the Outlaw Rings and do you think they are worth upping?
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  11. Bento added a post in a topic Tamer looking for Gearcheck / Upgrade Advice   

    Thank you for this advice! So basically you're saying that Liverto is more important than anything else for now and once I get it to +15 I should focus on the rest.
    Do you think it would be fine to use cheap accessories and my +14 Grunil pieces for building failstacks until I am at the failstack cap for each Liverto level upgrade and then try to up the Liverto?
    I am not that good at English so I have a few questions to help me understand what you mean...
    I should either get PRI Witches Earrings or ignore earrings altogether because we will get better ones soon?
    I should not focus on an Ogre Ring and instead keep my Scarla Necklace and swap it out with a decent resist necklace for pvp?
    About the Ancient Core set... I have seen the belt being registered at the Marketplace repeatedly but never the Necklace. Does it even drop at this point?
    Thanks again for all the help!
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  12. Bento added a topic in Tamer   

    Tamer looking for Gearcheck / Upgrade Advice
    My equipment is pretty mediocre and I have a lot of stuff to work on for my tamer. But I just can't decide what I should do in which order to make her stronger. So I would greatly appreciate any advice that you can give me.
    Here is a list of my current equipment:
    Weapon: +15 Ultimate Yuria Shortsword
    Offhand: +10 Incense Trinket, +10 Blade Trinket
    Armor: Full Grunil +14 +14 +14 +15
    Jewelry: Scarla Necklace, PRI Rhutum Elite Belt, Outlaw Ring, PRI Outlaw Ring, 2x Earring of Sealed Magical Power
    Here is a list of the assets that I have in storage right now:
    70M Silver
    43 Armor Blackstones, 125 Weapon Blackstones, 194 Hunter's Seals
    96 Memory Fragments
    Liverto Weapon Bundle
    3x Scarla Necklace
    1x Outlaw Ring
    I also have 3, 4 and 24 failstacks across all characters right now.
    If anyone could give me some advice on what part of my equipment to focus on, where to invest my failstacks etc. I would greatly appreciate it. Is it worth upgrading the Liverto before having my Armor at +15?
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  13. Bento added a post in a topic Tamer skills you can awaken?   

    Ahhh that's awesome. Why did noone tell me that
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  14. Bento added a post in a topic Tamer skills you can awaken?   

    Yeah you're right. Weightlimit is quite a big issue in PvE that I should not underestimate.
    This Q - Shift+Q combo though... I have always tried to avoid using those skills in that order because when I use Shift+Q after Q there is quite a long gap between the animations where she just stands there and does nothing. What am I doing wrong here?
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  15. Bento added a post in a topic Tamer skills you can awaken?   

    I got Magic Attack Power on my Whiplash and I think it might be more useful in PvP than MP Regen. Since you are spamming mana pots in PvP anyways, having the MP Reg would only save you a bit of silver while Magic Attack Power straight up buffs your Whiplash damage (I think).
    Btw before you wrote "Trample if it's not downed". What is the penalty for using Trample while it's on CD? The tooltip doesn't show any like it does for our other skills.
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