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  1. Goat added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  2. Goat added a post in a topic Regular Maintenance - 9 March   

    So.. the reason for the Maintenance was fixing the Cash Shop..
    And I didn't even start in Serendia but still feel that's a bigger issue than the Cash Shop (not including the fact that half of the items aren't there)-
    So now let's have a Maintenance for a Serendia Fix that should've been done from Day 1? ♥
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  3. Goat added a post in a topic Beauty & Beast Winners   

    I think the Judges should've judged the characters instead of using a generator.
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  4. Goat added a post in a topic Beauty & Beast Winners   

    Can't help but agree also.
    Almost feel like a few were just recolors of default selections.
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  5. Goat added a post in a topic What's your family and character name?   

    Where is Waldo?
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  6. Goat added a post in a topic Need something to play until BDO comes   

    Even with an IP changing program it doesn't work for some players.
    I played before the IP block, so even using a VPN changing program ( and/or WTFast as well ) in order to play it now doesn't work for me . People who played after the IP block was placed were able to use programs in order to help them bypass the IP block.
    You are just lucky.
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  7. Goat added a post in a topic I'm going to create a small guild - Just some info..   

    Then thank you for your sign of good faith ~
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  8. Goat added a post in a topic I'm going to create a small guild - Just some info..   

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  9. Goat added a post in a topic I'm going to create a small guild - Just some info..   

    Please message me then ~
    Please message me also ~
    And I am unsure.
    I suppose not in excess ?
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  10. Goat added a post in a topic Need something to play until BDO comes   

    That doesn't always work though.
    (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ~
    I played on the RU Client of Black Desert before they placed the IP block.
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  11. Goat added a post in a topic I'm going to create a small guild - Just some info..   

    Thank you . <3
    Smaller guilds are the best ~
    Thank youu . ≧◡≦
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  12. Goat added a post in a topic I'm going to create a small guild - Just some info..   

    Thankies .
    You too ~ ^◡^
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  13. Goat added a topic in US Guild   

    I'm going to create a small guild - Just some info..
    Hii everyone . (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ~
    I am planning on creating a small guild. It'll be small in order to.. Be closer ? (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
    < Cause in big guilds half the time you don't know who else is in it >
    - Just saying: I do not know the guild name yet . It's still to be decided. -
    But yes- I'm going to start off by saying I am not the type to usually write something on the forums. So.. I'll just give a brief description about mahself first.
    < Since you should know about your-possibly-guild-master beforehand >
    I am a female. I'd say quiet. Timid until I know someone ..
    < I hate drama - I won't deal with it. Like zero tolerance. >
    Have been gaming for approximately..10 years or more. I have played so many MMORPGs it's not even funny. I have ran a guild before in another MMORPG, wasn't a top guild but I have never been fond of big guilds so.. But I briefly was able to play the RU version of Black Desert before the IP block was placed. I plan on getting the Conqueror's Package since this will become my main game. I prefer PVE, since I am commonly the support roles or healers in games and people tend to slaughter them first . <3
    < Gaming includes PC and consoles but whatever . > >;
    So I'm going to just say the main things I desire in a guild and possible questions I think y'all may have ?
    IDEK . Ask questions if chu have any.
    A List .. For you. o/ ~
    1. Administrators
    Of course, they are needed.
    Since it'll be a small guild, most likely there will only be a few?
    But I ask for everyone's opinion.
    Since like.. It sucks to not be acknowledged. >;
    2. Size ? .. Heh.
    Small . I want to be able to know everyone's name.
    I can't stress that enough . ≧◡≦
    3. PVP/PVE ?
    Slight dip into both .. ? But I am not fond of heavy PVP, so most likely PVE based.
    < Unless Guildies want it changed ; I want to know their opinions too on that . >
    5. Would this a trolling/PK guild?
    Heh. No,
    but the guild won't be responsible for any actions a guildie may take.
    so like.. Fight your own wars. ლ(́ಠ益ಠლ
    6. RP ?
    'kay. Well this is where there is a fine line.. Rping is okay but not all the time .
    I love to - glomp - like many others.
    <I don't count that really as Rping- but yeah. It's an example.>
    But no to :
    " As I wandered into the woods, I saw a huntsman staring at me. Cautiously I walked forward- "
     < ☉▵☉ 'Cause I seriously get lost , it's like a story. ☉▵☉ >
    7. Using a Voice-Chatting Program ?
    I guess I wouldn't mind, but I do not have one in mind.
    Joint decision.
    8. Mature guild?
    I can have a sick sense of humor . If you don't like that-
    This guild clearly wouldn't be for you.
    But, if you are really immature then this guild isn't for you.
    9. Drama
    Just making sure I've said that enough .
    ^ v ^
    Looking for active, loyal members ~
    I am unsure of what else to list .. But if there are any questions, then please ask away ~
    < Since I'm sure there will be some. >  
    Thankies for reading this far ~ ^◡^
    I hope everyone enjoys playing BDO ~
    But if I lost you prior, that is okay. It was for the best I'm sure.
    But if you stayed ~ I bet you didn't notice I skipped 4.
      1 point for Goat.
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