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  1. Space_Elf added a post in a topic I feel like my system is too good to be lagging?   

    I just wish they would put some time into fixing the servers because its hard to play a game thats broken and I know my system is more than capable of handling.
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  2. Space_Elf added a topic in General   

    I feel like my system is too good to be lagging?
    I used to play BDO before the server merg and I had no issues. I would go do Kzarka on max settings and not lag at all. My system is a GTX-970 i7-6700 8GB RAM 1TB Hard drive. 2.something ghtz. I just feel like I have more than enough power to run this game at max. Hell, I used to be able to. Same system, just now there is only one server in the game. Am I alone? Is my system to blame?
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  3. Space_Elf added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Sudden FPS drop
    I have tried what feels like everything. I've been playing this game since launch with the same settings, haven't touched a thing, but now I lag when I try to use a skill. When I first initiate Will of the Wind, for example, my character just slides across the ground or it doesnt animate, or I lag into the spot where I would end up. I simply don't understand why its doing this if I havent changed any settings in the game all of a sudden.
    I have a GTX970 i7-6700 8GB RAM 1TB hardrive so I know I can more than handle this game. Ive downloaded Geforce Experiance, no help. I've downloaded Razer Cortex, no help. I've updated my drivers in Geforce Experiance, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game, I don't know what else to do or what could be wrong. I even have Vsynch turned off.
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  4. Space_Elf added a post in a topic Why are Tamers so rare?   

    I watched like the only Tamer in my guild wipe the floor with a Zerker last night in 1v1 tournament and it opened my eyes to the Tamers potential. He lost the 2 outta 3 but he wasn't beat down easy. Whats you guys opinion on Kunochis awakening?
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  5. Space_Elf added a topic in General   

    Why are Tamers so rare?
    Curious to hear theories. I'm thinking of making one, I've loved Bow Staff weapons since I played Monk in Diablo 3, so their awakening appealed to me. I just noticed there isnt a lot of them. I wonder why?
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  6. Space_Elf added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    I can't afk anything anymore
    Being a mother of a 2 year old, I really enjoyed the afk aspects of BDO. As of late, they have been giving me issues though. I'll auto loop my horse and after 10 minutes I'll come back to find my horse has stopped running for no apparent reason. I have carrots, I have a clear path, it seems to just stop. Same with afk running, its like auto loop is bugged or something. It's been going on for a little over 2 weeks now and its starting to get old. Is it just me? I know my PC is more than equipped to run the game, and I have the fastest speed internet my provider offers. Just can't find a logical explanation other than auto-looping bug.
    Please reply asap so I'm not pulling my hair out over something I can't fix.
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  7. Space_Elf added a topic in Suggestions   

    Fishing Ability Enhancement
    Hello! I'm a decently avid fisher. I've reached professional 2 and as I was leveling up I was thinking about a real world implement to the Fishing Ability.
    So, in real life, fish are more abundant at night and while it is raining. Both things that are a big part of Black Deserts world. I just feel like making the players fishing ability increase by one after 9pm server time until 5am server time would be a logical addition. Same with it increasing by one when a rain storm passes, once its over then the buff goes away. If its night and raining then you just picked a good time to go fishing because the ability goes up by two, but only until 5am or the rain passes. Of course it couldn't go past the max 5, so you could be wearing the fishing suit, on your boat at 10pm in a rainstorm, and use a Steel Fishing Rod and fairly hit 5 fishing ability.
    Also, since hotspots move now and kinda hard to come across, this would be a good way to entice people to still fish even if they haven't found a hotspot.
    Just a thought, feedback?
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  8. Space_Elf added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Error 2001, halp.
    Yeah, I was playing just fine last night. Even downloaded the patch from this week fine, but I guess they released a mini patch and it won't finish downloading. Just keeps telling me Error Code 2001. I've check for solutions on the internet and none have worked, I just don't want to have to reinstall my game. :c
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  9. Space_Elf added a post in a topic Help with Rough Rubys   

    Okay, thanks :3
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  10. Space_Elf added a post in a topic Help with Rough Rubys   

    I'm actually a chick lol
    I'm new to alchemy, are they used in more useful recipes or should I make them regular ruby's then sell them on the market for profit?
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  11. Space_Elf added a topic in General   

    Help with Rough Rubys
    What are they used for? I have some from sending my worker to a coal mine and I don't want to misuse them because they seem rare.
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  12. Space_Elf added a topic in Suggestions   

    Mobile app idea
    Hear me out, I never said this was fantastic. Was just a thought while I was walking my daughter around the neighborhood.
    Black Desert Pacer - Name of the app
    Basically the app tracks your steps through out every 24 hour period. You can then trade the steps in for xp towards your breath in game, kinda like how you could put an egg in the pokewalker and hatch it while you were at school or work. So instead of leaving your PC on for 8-12 hours running this game to loop your breath, while at work you can have this app running in the background on any smart phone and it tracks your steps. Lets say 20 steps equals 5xp, you took 400 steps at work, you come home and hit the "send code" button it then sends a code to your email which you can redeem on the website for a scroll containing however much breath xp that converts to. I don't want to math now. Obviously I haven't put super serious thought into it, just an idea a stay at home mom had while keeping her daughter entertained. Feedback?
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  13. Space_Elf added a post in a topic Anyone else wish you could see damage numbers and crits?   

    I can see your points, just having an option to turn it on or off would be enough for me. :3
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  14. Space_Elf added a topic in General   

    Anyone else wish you could see damage numbers and crits?
    I just feel like that would be a fantastic addition to the game. I loved it in Diablo, TERA, and Borderlands just for some examples. I just think being able to see all the damage in more than just a health bar on the screen would be aesthetically pleasing. 
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  15. Space_Elf added a post in a topic Post screenshots of your character!   

    Ranger named Breakfast

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