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  1. Aryn added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 8th   

    Where did i say that the only thing that matters are outfits? Don't expect everyone to care about the same stuff you do. And those fixes will come in 2043.
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  2. Aryn added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 8th   

    Will there be gotha rensa for other classes beside ranger? Get us some more cool fash like this plz
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  3. Aryn added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 28th **Update**   

    Great that they implement Nouvre, also garner group, im curious about that  But what do they mean by class changes? If anyone knows reply plz  
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  4. Aryn added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I do not know why people are so upset about this newly implemented feature and why they call it pay to win in the first place. This is the way i view things:
    1) 100 Euro is a huge amount for me to spend on items that i want from cash shop. I did spend every now and then but i didn't rly feel ok with it. Now i can get those items with ingame money that i can earn pretty easy even tho i am only active about 2 hrs per day; (BTW...cash shop is what keeps the game alive).
    2) Players without money can obtain what they want from cash shop without any need for Euro or Dollars. That is an amazing feature that i was personally looking forward to;
    3) If you have millions in your bank it doesn't mean that the night vendor will actually give you the item you want so it takes forever to "pay and win";
    4) People do not know how to play BDO. Everyone is literally barking "this crap is unfair....that crap is also unfair" because everyone wants to be nr1 and they are upset if someone else is above them . BDO is not a competition but a game to be enjoyed. Play it at your own pace without giving a dam about what others do! If your guild loses a war...so what? It is not the end of the world. If you lose a pvp fight so what? There are other things to do in this game. If you want to turn this game into a competition then you will only pour venom within your own soul and get frustrated to the point where you want to quit.
    So as a conclusion to all of you people who complain that this new feature is bad i can only give you this advise: Stop ranting and enjoy the game! It is in your own interest
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  5. Aryn added a post in a topic BDO Fashion price and durability   

    It's cool that it can be repaired, it would suck to jsut break down to shreads after paying 20 dollars for it. Although i stil lthink 20 dollars for fahion is too expensive, bonus effects up or down. (been playing other games and they were far cheaper) I'll just try to get some over a few months if prices stay the same as in beta.  
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  6. Aryn added a topic in General   

    BDO Fashion price and durability
    Hello fellow gamers. I got a few questions. As i've been trying out the last beta, i couldn't help but notice the fashion is awefully expensive. I really hope at launch the prices go down, because it's just not worth paying 20 dollars for a fashion. (some of us western people are not as rich as we seem) In addition to that the fashion kind of breaks / tears upon dieing and durability goes down. Is there a way to fix it before it gets destroyed? Because if u pay 20 dollars and u get your fashion ripped after a few deaths then it looks really bad in terms of people wanting to cash shop..
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  7. Aryn added a post in a topic My list of bugs/suggestions   

    I can relate in all of those suggestions. It would be awesome to be able to interact with other players in game, especially for couples.(my other significant half plays as well) It would give this game a lot of meaning to play together and let characters interact and even give permisson for both owning a single house if they get married. Also class restriction is bothersome, i would like to play more classes than jsut ones who are restricted female. It would be great if we werent forced into a class we dont really feel like playing just because you nessesarly need to pick one out of gender you are looking to play. This game is great if you are playing it solo but if you are playing it with your lover it greatly lacks on interaction part and it just feels like you are playing on ur own.. i wish for this to change. As well as class restrictions. Please consider, it's important for future of this great game! 
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  8. Aryn added a post in a topic Beauty & Beast Winners   

    So i thought lol T__T if only i knew that u'd win by letting ur inmagination explode on ur screen no matter how ugly it is.. 
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  9. Aryn added a post in a topic Marriage system   

    To be honest i kind of expected marriage to be available in such highly detailed game, that it kind of took me back when i heard there s none yet. It's an amazing game, a lot of people were looking forward to be released in west for years and i really hope and kindly ask the gm's to implement a marriage system. To some people it may not seem like a great deal, but to some it may appear really important, since this game really seems "alive" with all npc's moving and all the things you can do, it would really fill a gap. So i vote YES for in game marriage!  Cheers.
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