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  1. Teno1 added a post in a topic Why is there still no live chat or phone support   

    It's hilarious how long the support times in this game are it's more then 1 month after release allrdy and no change did they rly hire new support staff?
    No f2p game i played ever had tickets that took as long as here not to mention b2p or p2p games.
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  2. Teno1 added a post in a topic Valkyrie Shields have horrible clipping issues with the mini Yukata costume   

    Screenshot of the issue.
    seriously i don't understand why they can't just hide the shield while wearing this and not in combat they allrdy do exactly this with the fishing costume so the tech is there.
    I want to exchange mine for another costume bugs like that are unacceptable on a 23€ costume.
    I have a ticket open to exchange the costume since it's clearly broken on Valkyries atm would that be possible? i really don't want it with the shield clipping bug it looks teribble.
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  3. Teno1 added a post in a topic "You have 48 hours to get cash shop exchange" Ticket time: over 5 days   

    Same here want to exchange my mini yukata i bought for my valkyrie cause the shield clipping with it is seriously bad and i allrdy had to switch to a worse shield cause the best one has the worst clipping, seriously if they charge 23€ for a costume alone they could atleast make sure bugs like that don't happen...
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  4. Teno1 added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Valkyrie Shields have horrible clipping issues with the mini Yukata costume
    Every Valkyrie Shield has really bad clipping issues with the sleeve of the Yukata, could we maybe at least get an option to hide it while not in combat ? or maybe you could move it a tiny bit away from the sleeve so the clipping doesn't look so bad.
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  5. Teno1 added a post in a topic Puff Mini Armor Clipping   

    I swear there is not even 1 Cash shop outfit without clipping issues i just bought The new Yukata for my Valkyrie and ofc the shield has clipping issues with the sleeve.
    Same with every outfit i bought so far there is always something wrong with them that starts to annoy you after a short while.
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  6. Teno1 added a post in a topic Anyone tried the game with a 980TI?   

    Try this it made a huge improvement for me:
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  7. Teno1 added a post in a topic Gear looks and progression will drive off many players   

    Tbh i only play for 2-3 weeks and while i like the game this is really starting to chew on me and i think the majority of players outside of these forums here as well since i often see this come up in world or guild chat, most ppl will not come here to the forums to complain about this or other issues, if they are fed up with them they will just leave and never come back.
    I invested around 80€ myself in to the game so far (30 base game + a few cash shop purchases but no costumes they don't offer enough value for the price for me) and tbh i'm thinking about cutting my losses and playing something else since i don't see a bright future for the game if Daum doesn't step up their game soon.
    It doesn't really seem to me as if they thought the b2p model would work here either, the CM recently said in an interview that they had to convince their Bosses in Korea of it, as a result they seem to have gotten only a tiny budget and couldn't really change a lot of stuff about the game, this is very apparent cause there is no advertising or PR anywhere which is very unusual and their support is hopelessly understaffed they are running a skeleton crew here.
    Still the game had a good start but for the future population will inevitably drop traditionally retention rates are around 60% or lower for new MMOs after 2-3 Months and that's for really successful games, so how do they plan to attract new players if there is no advertising, word of mouth is not great cause of issues like this and reviews range from mediocre to bad?
    They need to address issues like this fast, i don't really care if they sell cash costumes for 30€ or whatever, but not at the cost of no ingame armor variety that's really bad.
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  8. Teno1 added a post in a topic Gear looks and progression will drive off many players   

    My Problem isn't that the Costumes are to expensive or have stats i could care less about that if i wanted them i would buy them im not poor, my problem is there are none to earn in game since farming cool looking Armor, sets and watching my Character visually become more powerful after a hard task was always something that motivated me in RPGs this is gone in this game completely, i see looks as a form of reward and i think that's a stable for RPGs in general and in old games you could see what a character had accomplished based on that.
    Just buying it in the Shop and looking like a mighty Warrior at lvl 1 seems very pointless to me and contradictory to the essence of RPGs i would never pay for costumes based on that alone.
    Just to make that even more clear i would actually be very willing to pay for (hard) content that would make it possible for me to farm it ingame like it is supposed to be.
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  9. Teno1 added a post in a topic How to get 50+ FPS on max settings at 1440p?   

    Don't upgrade always clean install, upgrade messes everything up.
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  10. Teno1 added a post in a topic IGN Review   

    Fair Review they also mention some of the current problems ppl have with the Shop and Dyes if they mentioned the Ghillie as well it would be even better but still not bad.
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  11. Teno1 added a topic in General   

    Do Skills cast from the quick slots really do reduced damage or is that a myth?
    Ok i heard a few times now that skills cast from the custom quick slots do reduced damage or use more resources but i cant find any proof of that i tried it on Valkyrie, Ranger and Sorc now and there is really no difference between skills cast from the custom quick slots or from the combinations they always do the same damage and use the same amount of mp/wp/sp there is also no tool-tip that warns you of that in game either so is there something i'm missing or is this just a myth? 
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  12. Teno1 added a post in a topic Base tamer build   

    Why no Fearful Trembling it was buffed massively? and it seems to have a aoe heal that isn't in the tooltip on top of the aoe stun seems like a nobrainer to me.

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  13. Teno1 added a post in a topic FULL List of Tamer Buffs/Nerfs (Updated 03/4/16) [Nerf/Buff Megathread]   

    So what's a good build based on this?  I was thinking about something like this: http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/beastmaster/7150#
    (forgot trample)
    but i would need a shitton of skillpoints to reach it, fearful trembling seems like a must have now  especially since it also seems to have an aoe heal now as reported here: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/36282-tamer-is-this-a-scam-devs/
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  14. Teno1 added a topic in Tamer   

    Best Armor atm? confused about what to choose.
    I see a lot of different  opinions on that and im not sure anymore, i'm using 3 part Taritas myself atm with Agerian gloves is that a good combination or should i use something else like Zereth or full Agerian or some combination of those, maybe even with the crit gloves or something like that?
    What's good and did the Tamer rebalance change something about that?
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