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  1. Majestic Gazelle added a post in a topic Apologies to the new players   

    I can see this argument in a sense, but let me hear you come up with an alternative. This game is ridiculously gear dependent and the way the game functions heavily benefits highly geared players.  For example, if I'm new everything goes pretty smoothly until around 52/53. Then once you get to elrics/sausans it gets competitive from there, and I use the term "competitive" loosely. Because 9/10 times they get decimated by 58+ players who have probably been grinding these spots since there release. So this new player comes back, dies again, and again. and again. Now he's considered to be a "karma griefer" (give me a break) . And sure you could group up, but even then you could EASILY get griefed/killed by players due to the shear gear gap. So the idea that dumping  these items is destructive is kind of weak in my opinion, other games do the same thing in different ways to narrow these gaps between players. Most of these "top items" are a drop in the bucket for your average player anyway.
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  2. Majestic Gazelle added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    I think the damage is fine to an extent, even though it overshadows all the other classes. I just feel like they have way to much to work with on their toolkit compared to other classes. They seem to be capable of much more in comparison to other classes. So is Wizard OP ? Or do other classes need more to work with? I guess in a way the skillcap comes into mind also. You could argue some other classes could do the same just with more effort.  
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  3. Majestic Gazelle added a post in a topic Is putting PVP behind a PVE grind wall a good idea?   

    I agree in a way, but before you could lose exp getting PvP'd and it made more sense because pvp happened on a regular basis out in the world. But it changed because the majority of the players weren't into it. Now you have this weird PvEvP thing. BUT there are things in the game for catching up, whether it be the soft cap, free stuff you get for logging in, exp weekends whatever.  Everybody eventually hits that RNG wall and people end up meeting them there. 
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  4. Majestic Gazelle added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

     Nerfs don't always need to be big, there's a lot of tweaking to be done. You would need to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of every class, and follow up with how these strengths and weaknesses carry over into game play . It's hard to do with different types of PvP and then you also need consider the effects these tweaks will have on PvE. Some classes excel at small scale PvP , some medium, and some large. But Some of these classes are great at all of these, while also being great in PvE aswel. Which to me is where the discrepancy comes into play.
    I just also want to add that this sometimes all seems pretty pointless when there is no direct contact with the people who made the game. We don't really get any information or reasoning behind the vision they have for the game. Which I think adds to a lot of peoples frustration, it would be cool to hear about the game devs more but that's a whole other issue in itself. 
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  5. Majestic Gazelle added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Haha what on earth? Did I say take the second teleport out of the game? No. I said increase the cool down, by how much? I don't know I'm just spit balling ideas...It would only so its not an easy way out the way it is. Honestly you wouldn't even need to nerf the second teleport  if you increase the CD on that channel heal to cut back on the self sustain. Your argument acts as if I said remove it which isn't the case at all, therefore I'm not sure I even fully understand your statement. 
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  6. Majestic Gazelle added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    I said a nerf on the double teleport, not the teleport its self. And to say it would make the class worthless for grinding and pvp is a little extreme. To put it into comparison it would still probably be the fastest grinding class. And you don't even bring of the fact that they get super armor for most of their abilities to combat them being stationary. They have way to much utility for what they are capable of doing. 
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  7. Majestic Gazelle added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    I don't think they need a nerf across the board, they just have way to much utility. A longer cd on their double teleport and a longer CD on their channel heal I think would be enough. Maybe minor tweaks on the damage but that would hurt the class to much. I don't know what the vision of the classes are. Is it that wizards are to strong? Or are other classes simply weak in comparison and need buffs. I don't know. 
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  8. Majestic Gazelle added a post in a topic Least Popular Classes   

    That's how I feel, it doesn't really give a good representation of whats actively played just whats on accounts. No way Valkyrie is more popular in game than a warrior. I would argue Witch/Wiz/War would be most popular. 
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  9. Majestic Gazelle added a post in a topic PVP Is Completely Broken. Admit it.   

    I think the gear discrepancy is pretty obvious, but I guess my only argument would be that its all based around large scale PvP. Sure 1v1 it comes down to gear, but I assume the large scale PvP has some sort of strategy to  it because with any guild you have your casuals then you have your 1%ers with mantrain gear . (I haven't participated yet). Once they add that arena tournaments system PvP might get a new light . Assuming that the arena tournament brings everybody to the same level.
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  10. Majestic Gazelle added a post in a topic YEBIS posteffects   

    Perhaps this is just one of the projects they felt was worth presenting? Advertising how you optimized an unoptimized game doesn't really fare well when you are showcasing a game. Maybe there is optimization along with this. 
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  11. Majestic Gazelle added a post in a topic My Olvia access and +100% buff expired. Can I get a new one?   

    I've heard the same thing, they do not stack.
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  12. Majestic Gazelle added a post in a topic why suddenly has black stone armor's price fallen ?   

    DK event / Drop event / Crystal Scroll farming
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  13. Majestic Gazelle added a post in a topic Seriously though why is the reward vs punishment for PvP/PK so imbalanced?   

    Honest question, how is anybody new suppose to progress in the game when there's people who've been farming the same areas for months now (sausans/pirates for example) capable of more or less one shotting the new person. Do you just stay at cat fish or what? Like realistically what options are there when there aren't many spots to grind to begin with. Even with the upcoming update I doubt much will change. 
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  14. Majestic Gazelle added a post in a topic What triggers the start of the 30 days on the returning player server?   

    Honestly those channels can be hit or miss, they are SO packed in all grinding areas. Despite the bonus exp it still can be slower than a normal server just due to the population.
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  15. Majestic Gazelle added a post in a topic Can I still use the Winter Rosefinch pets after March 1?   

    That's just when they get removed from the market.
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