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  1. Monarch added a post in a topic PSA - Decorations update - duplicate items do not add to interior score   

    @CM_Praballo @CM_Aethon @CM_Tytys
    This is just silly.
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  2. Monarch added a post in a topic The Actual Solution to the corrupt file problem from June 22nd   

    Anyone able to give me PAD00746.PAZ
    Deleting the log folder, the PAZ and the dat folder and running the installer fixed me for now.
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  3. Monarch added a post in a topic [SOLUTION] File is corrupted even after repairs   

    I'm going to start going through this thread to see recent fixes, but I thought I would check in:
    My earlier fix (manually installing) worked until just five minutes ago. I was out exploring Valencia, ran down a canyon, got the corruption error, and now can no longer play. Definitely not RAM
    @CM_Jouska @CM_Praballo @PM_Belsazar @GM_Huego
    You guys should remove the sticky on this post, it just makes everyone look bad. This is so obviously not a RAM issue.
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  4. Monarch added a post in a topic [SOLUTION] File is corrupted even after repairs   

    Alright guys. This finally fixed my issue: Manually Installing BDO (link is BD Zendesk)
    Note: It will take HOURS to download the file, just like it takes HOURS to install BDO, because of the throttling they do to our download speeds. I have insanely fast internet, so don't get down on your ISP, it is 100% the fault of the company. They don't want you stealing their bandwidths.
    Note 2: If, when you try to run the extractor, you receive a .dll error, you most likely need to update your C++ Windows files. I had to install three packages, but this was because I had just done a full wipe of my computer and hadn't fully installed all the Windows files. Here is a BDO forum post that has the runtime libs in question. I had to install 2008, and I believe 2010 before I could run that install, but once it was all up to date the BCAB extractor worked.
    Note 3: I have logged into every one of my 10 characters and have had no issues. Just an hour ago I was receiving the error upon login every single time. I am still having the resolution error every time I open the game: the top of the screen is glitchy, and when I click in-window it turns blue like a "not responding" window. The mouse cursor is then offset (I have to click beneath and to the side of buttons/selections) and has to be fixed by going to windowed mode, then back into full screen windowed. I thought this was connected to the corruption error, but it may just be a separate issue. Regardless, it doesn't make the game unplayable, just annoying for the first fifteen seconds of every login.
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  5. Monarch added a post in a topic [SOLUTION] File is corrupted even after repairs   

    However many hours later, a completely fresh installation. Same exact deal. Window is broken, cursor offset, immediate error at log-in. Had a suggestion via Reddit to try a manual install, so that's the last chance of fixing a game that is now literally unplayable.
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  6. Monarch added a post in a topic [SOLUTION] File is corrupted even after repairs   

    As a Conq package player, I never saw this error in almost four months of near constant play (including afk running horses when not actively at the computer, or afk fishing). I did a reformat and a clean install of Win 7 just as maintenance. Logged into one character, set up my UI. Logged into another in Mediah. Error. I didn't even know this was a thing. On a brand new fresh install. Seeing if a repair fixes it, have already checked and my RAM is fine, which I expected. It is less than a month old and has given me no problems in BDO or any other game.
    Incidentally, every time I log in now the window is broken, the mouse cursor is offset, and the repair didn't fix it. Amazing.
    This actually makes sense. I installed very early for my four-day head start, and never deleted any files. But with a fresh install my game is literally unplayable. So you guys managed to break something significant, and are allowing Moderators to tell people it's their RAM, when it's so obviously your game. Team players. @CM_Jouska @PM_Belsazar
    I'm going to do my best to unhook PA's Xigncode rootkits from my PC and try another clean install, and when that ultimately fails, I'll consider what I want to do from there.
    And yes, it is being run as an Administrator.
    For giggles I installed my old RAM, which I used for the first three months of BDO. A serviceable, if not large 8GB (far too small for BDO's memory leak issues). Same error! Fresh install time.
    I remembered my original install file was actually CBT2. I am installing this file instead of the one on the site. I will check back in probably 10+ hours once my download finishes at .80mb/s due to the awesome throttling. At least every other game I play can install in under 20 minutes and utilize the internet I pay exorbitant amounts of money for a month.
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  7. Monarch added a post in a topic A problem with the boss armor patch that is coming   

    Oh look, the bundles drop armor. How surprising.
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  8. Monarch added a post in a topic A problem with the boss armor patch that is coming   

    They can't transfer characters.
    They can't log if you've been on a horse, wagon, or boat requiring you to post screenshots for events.
    The game believes the client over the server.
      Regardless on which side you stand of this debate, do any of you honestly believe they can change the way the bundles work? It's too late.
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  9. Monarch added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  10. Monarch added a post in a topic Horse Breeding Reset   

    You don't put females on the breeding list, you click on a male in the list and hit "apply"
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  11. Monarch added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Horse Dismount Bug
    When dismounting a horse at speed, so that you kick backwards off of it, I am unable to then interact with or mount the horse. The game registers me as still riding. I am unable to open my processing window because I am not idle. Typically only a conversation with an NPC which goes through several menu options will clear this bug. If I am out in the open world even a Node Manager cannot fix this bug and I am forced to run on foot to find an NPC or force close the game. Underwear isn't toggled, I can repeat this bug with everything unequipped, or equipped, it occurs whether the horse has armor or not, and only triggers if I exit the horse backwards. If I come to a complete stop and go through the lengthy dismount animation it will not trigger.
    Verified this is only happening with one character.
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  12. Monarch added a post in a topic Game Crash   

    I've noticed that the game doesn't have memory leak/caching issues in optimization mode. If I'm staying in one area for awhile I keep everything on ultra, and it'll climb up to around 4-5GB. But if I'm running horses to level them, it'll quickly go up to 8+GB and start freezing, so I drop it all the way down to optimization mode and it stays at around 2GB. This has basically fixed all of my crashing issues. Makes it look like N64 zelda, but I'm not watching the game while leveling horses anyway, just tabbing back over to the window to set up another path.
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  13. Monarch added a post in a topic Compensation Conclusion   

    Sorry it took me so long to reply to this! I definitely had my account flagged properly. I had Comp B available once the mait was done, and then Comp A appeared on my account at a later time when they were issued. I definitely am grateful that my account was properly flagged, I did not have a ticket in.
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  14. Monarch added a post in a topic Compensation Conclusion   

    Trying to get through all the replies in the thread, thought I'd ask you guys. I received Compensation A & B, and was part of the #serendiasurvivors group, is there a new compensation for Serendia, or is this still only about Comp A&B?
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  15. Monarch added a post in a topic Customer Support and You   

    I swapped all of my names over to the correct server with the exception of my main, who will be name swapped. I just deleted them and set a timer. Why didn't you do this? I had most of my names back by the second day of headstart for conq.
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