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  1. Spacial Ethereality added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Something something, Lets look a gift horse in the mouth.
    5000 hours isn't hard if you do any AFK activities, I'm glad to get an extra 7 days instead of nothing.
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  2. Spacial Ethereality added a post in a topic Black Desert will always be a social game without social interactions...?   

    It's not 30% of the transaction, it's 30% of the tax, This has already been long debunkedAnyone who does any activities that give you relics and also repair equipment relatively easily with memfrags, and longtime players can just dump loyalty into artisansYou can also use loyalty to lessen that inventory/weight gapUse memfrags to reset your skills, see point 1Energy Points come from Knowledge, meaning you have to be an avid player to have a large pool of energy, (or a lot of characters for night-vendor)Do some quests, get some contribution, bam slotsNormal Costumes can be bought in the marketHaving your home #1 doesn't guarantee massive return from investing your goldPets can also be bought through the marketRead point #1 
    I see a bunch of poor or false arguments. By no means are mine perfect but with some effort or gameplay you can be on par with any "P2W" player who happens to have disposable income.
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  3. Spacial Ethereality added a post in a topic Black Desert will always be a social game without social interactions...?   

    As far as social interactions go, I'd kill to have guildies in a party be able to help me harvest wood during my 1+ hour gathering sessions trying to harvest logs for boats
    I'd prefer any system that allowed sharing of actively gathered resources, meaning friends can help lessen a workload but can't simply give you stuff outright.
    I would also think it would be hard to turn something like this suggestion into a P2W scheme, as whatever seller would likely have to use bots to keep up with demand, and if a bot gets caught, Kaokao could simply ban anyone that partied with it for gathering, wiping out swaths of illegitimate players.
    That being said, nothings foolproof.
    I'm more than against allowing Player2Player trade as it's the golden gateway to P2W, but I'd really like to be able to help gather or do other activities outside of just grinding w/ my friend set as PL w/ all loot to PL.
    TL:DR Gathering options for Parties somewhat like loot.
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  4. Spacial Ethereality added a post in a topic This game should branch to PS4   

    I don't see mapping skills working, movement would be easy, but there are a variety of skills that aren't SHIFT+Key combos that are set to hotkeys, as well as the fixed speed that a controller would turn/spin for preforming movement (ie. flicking 90/180 to evade away from something). It just looks like a precision/button limitation issue.
    Also I'd reason that Coherent UI doesn't preform up to par on PS4/XBOne or even a PS4Pro/Scorpio; being it preforms badly enough on PC that most of us kill it on sight.
    You mentioned APB, APB is more of a shooter that can be simplified down, you don't activate skills, protect areas, and fight at FTL speeds. You aim, shoot, throw gernades, drive, troll-truck, and don't necessarily rely on a large keymap to support a dozen abilities.
    Do I think this would be cool: Sure, It would open the game to a larger audience (non-PC), but I'd fear that they'd have to really dumb down the controls to make this work and that development would slow in order to fork/port BDO to another platform. Then there's things like current server lag.
    TL:DR I just see control issues due to the wide variety of skills
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  5. Spacial Ethereality added a post in a topic Buying pearl shop items from market place is nearly impossible.   

    I've bought my fair share of outfits, packs, and even pets through the marketplace OP. I can confirm that buying pearl items with silver works and isn't some scam. I think you just need to up your market game. That being said this really looks like a rant thread about a player unwilling to put more effort into setting notifications and just keeping a market character in a city next to the marketplace, You can be doing whatever and just swap to that character when something you want gets registered, spend 10min, bid, lose/win, move on.
    There's plenty of stuff always hitting the market, Like I said, just set a notification, or just check the numbers of items sold, they're always increasing. Just because YOU do not see things on the market when you check, doesn't mean they haven't been registered or were already sold. Also Uncapping prices is how we get P2W, if I can sell an $10 pet for piles of money there would be no point to the 5 item cap. I just buy stuff for myself or people that have helped me.
    Side Note: I've also spent close to $1.2k USD in disposable income on stuff I couldn't snipe off market BECAUSE SALARYMAN LIFESTYLE.
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  6. Spacial Ethereality added a post in a topic What specs to get 144 FPS on max settings?   

    I don't think SLI would help 
    and I think that's why
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  7. Spacial Ethereality added a post in a topic What specs to get 144 FPS on max settings?   

    Confirming this, I have a frigg'n Titan X (P) and get about the same frames as any other player. (with an i7 6700k) 
    Top teir hardware feels like it has next to no value on BDO's performance.
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  8. Spacial Ethereality added a post in a topic Spirit quest - DIM magical items   

    You should have a quest called "While preparing for Mediah..." active, just forfeit it and restart the quest by talking to the black spirit to get the base "Dim Magical Armor".
    From there, if you are leveled enough, you can just spam Mevo until you have Roaring Magical Armor.
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  9. Spacial Ethereality added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    My Feedback:
    Remove the Beauty shop access from the Loyalty version and 1/2 the cost, I'm assuming it costs 1400 because it technically includes a pearl only beauty shop pass.
    Add a 3/7/30 day Loyalty version that gradually increases the Loyalty points saved. 700/1300/2200/4100 1Day/3Day/7Day/30Day
    On both versions cut the 30% tax reduction in half to 15%
    Make bleach  a permanent addition to the loyalties shop, but at an increased price.
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  10. Spacial Ethereality added a post in a topic [Poll] do you want a name & shame wall??   

    Waits for the "I din du nuthin" threads
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  11. Spacial Ethereality added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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