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  1. Dreamless added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance June 08th   

    oh ye more exp because ninja/kunoichi needs a bigger gap  
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  2. Dreamless added a post in a topic Hacker Perma Ban Initiative   

    I just hope they remove all the items otherwise it's completely useless to "BAN" them and everyone should get free everything but ye what is the goal of the game than... hmm might be a reason for some player to leave the game, but ye what are they doing if they see ppl hacking their items and getting advantage out of them. (1 week ban and items worth of 2month worth of active making money)
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  3. Dreamless added a post in a topic Night Trader   

    I totally agree with it would give the player who has very bad luck with getting items from field bosses a higher chance to get the items.
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  4. Dreamless added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 4th   

    @CM_Jouska No Hebetate Armor?
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  5. Dreamless added a post in a topic Server lag .   

    thanks for it that fits more
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  6. Dreamless added a post in a topic Server lag .   

    There is a difference between LAG serversided and really laggy server with real lags i say when he is using his breath and after that he is unattackable for like 5-10min that is lag in my eyes not the 3-5 sec delay that is something i can deal with (played for a long time KR)
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  7. Dreamless added a post in a topic Server lag .   

    No it's Valencia 1 this week which is lagging af on the Jordine Server. It's every week another channel which is lagging and is nearly impossible to play on.
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  8. Dreamless added a post in a topic Server lag .   

    There are always buggy channels on tuesday try to avoid them when you do kzarka. I can agree that it is annoying I also died once because of being in that laggy channels.
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  9. Dreamless added a post in a topic Character Name Change   

    Ye that might be true atm it is not possible but if a lot of ppl are asking to get it we might get it I like that idea.
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  10. Dreamless added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 13th   

    T1 = 1 skill
    T2 = 1 skill
    T3 = 2 skills 
    Make sense right? Don't forget about the tamer bug that they can't use their pet atm in red battlefield isn't a known issue and not being fixed. 
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  11. Dreamless added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   




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  12. Dreamless added a post in a topic Post your Level and Wealth   

    I am in GRIND. We are grinding a lot and Mobs are dropping a lot.
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  13. Dreamless added a post in a topic Post your Level and Wealth   

    Just the money in your bank no items.
    LVL: 55
    Wealth: around 105M
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  14. Dreamless added a post in a topic Statement on Server Configuration   

    Look at News & Announcement there is an information.
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  15. Dreamless added a post in a topic Black Stones drop rate   

    I cannot agree with that some of our guild got +15 weapon in 4 days it looks like it is still the same.
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