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Arden Ammund

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  1. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic PVP - RBF Changes Guild Wars 2 Style   

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  2. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic Best place   

    No, that's simply not true. 147 AP will literally wipe out everything with ease in Mediah. One-two shots.
    If you aren't doing so then you're playing your class wrong.

    Overthinking this bud.
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  3. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic Best place   

    lol wtf you talking about?
    147 is overkill for any Mediah spot
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  4. Arden Ammund added a topic in Roleplay   

    [NA 18+ Medium/Heavy Roleplay] The Order of the Rose
    Can Mods delete?
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  5. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic [NA 18+ Medium/Heavy Roleplay] The Order of the Rose   

    Guild is dead because leader had real life resposnibilities and nobody wanted to take the mantle during his abscence. 
    Please don't mind him, he is a disgruntled ex member who feels the need to bash me months later on various forums and social media.
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  6. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic {Orwen} - Sydonia - [ Progression, PvE }   

    Wonderful wonderful people. I cannot stress that enough. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a small knit friendly guild.
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  7. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic [NA 18+ Medium/Heavy Roleplay] The Order of the Rose   

    Thank you mods  
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  8. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic The quality of some of this RP.   

    They do exist, just hard to find them like any game.

    Also, could always try and start your own RP events. Only way to improve an RP community is to help it grow and draw more people in.
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  9. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic Harassed by guild, put ticket in, I get suspended   

    Still trying to figure that out.
    Lol they offered nothing as to what it was exactly that I did, so I appealed it. I asked to be shown what it was that was done to cause the suspension, and instead the GM decided to tell me they wouldn't and if I asked again they would take further actions.

    10/10 GM team.
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  10. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic Harassed by guild, put ticket in, I get suspended   

    I've had pictures from my Facebook, which I have not given out, sent to me with insults photo shopped on them. They are using my real name in game even after I asked them to stop. It's not about snitching or crying. It's about them not growing up and continuing to harass for 2 months now. PvP and the pking is one thing. 
    Using real information about me is another, and that is where I drew the line.

    I don't know. In the screenshots I put a screenshot of getting a message on discord with my pictures photoshopped in one, and another one where the GM of said guild basically said he was going to continue to hunt us and wasn't going to stop etc etc and insulting me in whispers.

    The point is, how the actual shit am I going to get suspended for harassment when situations like this are apparently okay? All we want to do is play the game and be left alone, but they refuse to leave us be. And I'm the one that got in trouble?
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  11. Arden Ammund added a topic in General   

    Harassed by guild, put ticket in, I get suspended
    Gotta love this company.
    My guild has been harassed by another guild on our server for 2 months now, and now they have begun to use real life information to harass us. 
    I put a ticket in about the harassment, with screenshots as proof, and instead I get suspended for a couple days while nothing happens to the actual offenders.
    Great job 10/10
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  12. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic Equalized instanced PvP system   

    I agree with everything other than the PvP gear thing, simply because all other gear in the game would then be neutralized. I'd be okay with cosmetic rewards or titles, however.

    They used to have somewhat equalized PvP in Red Battlefield. Then elitists cried because their gear couldn't carry them and they couldn't two shot people, so they changed it to what it is now.
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  13. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic Corrupt File -> Now Processing -> Laggy Servers   

    so over this shit. i love that my guild can all play it fine yet i get stuck with this stupid bullshit. why haven't they fixed it yet? It's been 2 hours. i'm usually not one to complain but this is ridiculous. 
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  14. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic Stuck at "Now processing" (17.June patch)   

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  15. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic Corrupt data after File check / Failed updated   

    Same thing happening to me
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  16. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic Ourovoros {Orwen}{Heavy rp-pvp}   

    Amazing group of players. Great friends. I recommend them.
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  17. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic DOES SOMONE KNOW WHO THIS IS???   

    I believe it's Hadum, the God of Darkness.
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  18. Arden Ammund added a topic in US Guild   

    [RP-PvP][18+][Orwen] Order of the Rose is Recruiting!
    <Order of the Rose> is recruiting new members interested in RP and PvP. We're based out of Calpheon 2, on the Orwen server
    We are extremely laid back and prefer having a fun loyal group to experience the game with. We've been a guild for almost 4 years now and have been RPing for quite some time, often being told we are some of the best RPers people have had the pleasure to roleplay with. We are looking for people interested in helping us become one of the bastions of great role play when the game launches and beyond. Here is our(rather small) website with some more info!: orderoftherose-bdo.enjin.com

    The Order of the Rose was a band of knights serving under Calpheon during the war with Serendia. Many adventurers, knights, and ordinary folk fought under its banner for the better of the world. Led by Arden Ammund, the group found fortune and fame in their adventures and battles.  However during one battle, a commanding officer gave an order Arden and the Order of the Rose could not follow, due to their own morals. This led to the arrest of Arden, the seizing of all his land and assets, as well as the land seizure and disbanding of the guild.
    After spending a few years in the dungeons, Arden was finally free and was now looking to restore his once glorious band of brothers and sisters to life.

    The way we view roleplay, is that it should be extremely engaging to everyone involved. It's an ongoing story, helped along by those that participate in it. Sometimes RP sessions will last a few hours. Sometimes they will last 12 hours. We enjoy quality roleplay that expands across the entire game world rather than in one place. Like adventure? Like darker, more mature RP? We would be a good fit for you. New or a veteran RPer, we'd welcome you with open arms. Due to the more mature and dark themes we will be attempting to explore this time around, we ask you be 18+ to join.
    As I stated in a post before, we have always been big WPvPers. It's exciting. It's fun. While we will be RPing often, we will also be doing some WPvP frequently. We do hope to one day be able to obtain a nice castle, but that's in the far future. IT SHOULD BE STATED THAT WE ARE NOT HARDCORE PVPERS. As well as WPvP, we hope to help fellow roleplayers defend themselves against any griefer or troll that decides to open fire on people minding their own business. If you have a love for some fun PvP action that isn't too "Whoa so MLG xDxDxdx", then we might be a great fit for you. PVP IS REQUIRED. Members are expected to participate in PvP events with no exceptions. We will help you learn your class and PvP during practice. Everyone starts somewhere, so please don't feel like you are "too bad" or "suck". We will help you get there  
    We don't have many rules. We just ask members be active, participate and contribute, and don't be a complete ----- 100% of the time. As well as being 18+, you must be okay with mature themes and language. We can be vulgar and often have a dark sense of humor as well as being stupid for the sake of hilarity. So if you are not comfortable with that, we may not be right for you. We value quality over quantity. If you join us and expect us to cater to you right off the bat, or you never speak in guild chat or interact with us, you will not be a good fit for us.

    If you are interested please head to our website and fill an application out! If accepted, an officer will contact you in game  
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  19. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic Best rp server?   

    For North America it's Orwen, Calpheon 2.

    For EU I believe it's Jordine, Serendia 2
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  20. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic Overly horny RPers?   

    This post pretty much nailed it.
    The key I guess, is to set your limits before hand and let them know that you are not interested in things like that if you see signs of it happening.
    Both sides of the fence should respect each others RP interests. Whether one wants to ERP or one doesn't, there is nothing wrong with either of them. As long as the ERPer doesn't continue to harass the other person, there should be no problems.
    Basically, everyone simply must handle adult roleplay well...like adults.
    People have sex, nothing you can do about it.
    On the other hand, some people don't want to partake in it, and that's fine and these people should not be getting harassed to do so.
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  21. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic RP-PvP Guilds   

    If you are on Orwen, you can hit Order of the Rose up!
    We're an RP-PvP guild. We do some form of PvP almost daily, and plan on fighting for nodes and beyond in the future. We are also part of a pretty wonderful alliance of guilds that tend to have each others backs when it is needed  
    You can check us out at orderoftherose-bdo.enjin.com
    Guild information is there, as well as an application form.
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  22. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic Maehwa walk toggle   

    Dammit I thought this was just my client being weird....
    This makes me extremely upset. Hope it gets fixed soon.
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  23. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic Quest Problems   

    General discussion?
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  24. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic Quest Problems   

    Sorry, but this isn't really related to roleplaying  
    May be better asking another forum.
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  25. Arden Ammund added a post in a topic Journal not showing for 2016 year 4   

    bump. I want the guild history fixed already.
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