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  1. zeezero added a post in a topic NEED A +15 LIVERTO AXE!!   

    Liverto is actually relatively cheap and easy to level up.  Use another liverto and artisans memory and it repairs 30 durability.  I'd be surprised if it costs you more than 75 mil to make one. 
    Highly doubt your gonna get any traction asking for people to post up an item in the forums here. 
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  2. zeezero added a post in a topic does fail stacking ability get reduced after getting to +15?   

    Gear will have the same RNG chance after downgrading. Doesn't matter how many times. I've downgraded gear 100s of times for failstacking. No difference.
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  3. zeezero added a post in a topic Horse skill ticket scam, will I get banned for a paypal claim/chargeback?   

    I think you'll prolly get banned, but I'd like to see you do this anyway. Just as a protest. Those horse skill exchange coupons are extreme cancer and need to be fixed.
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  4. zeezero added a post in a topic Limit to how many times an item can downgrade?   

    I'm 99% sure there is no fail stack memory on items. If you downgrade it 10x or 100x it doesn't make a difference. You are just experiencing RNG and using confirmation bias to make up these kind of mechanisms.
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  5. zeezero added a post in a topic Gear question   

    I'd keep the giath for the boss set bonus
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  6. zeezero added a post in a topic Competitive bidding   

    I'd like to see them implement a fail stack system for bidding. Each failed bid would increase the stack and add maybe 1% more chance at getting an item. Seeing as we have this type of mechanic in a lot of other areas I think it's doable for the market place.
    It would help to spread the wealth a bit and ensure that at some point you will be the winning bidder. 
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  7. zeezero added a post in a topic Some changes i would make to BDO   

    There could be many reasons why you don't want it to auto payout. Some officers may have several million silver contracts. Depending on how active the guild is at certain points in time they may choose not to grab their funds. It could break the bank, or drop the amount of funds below what is needed to get a guild house or some other service. 
    Some players depending on how active they are may not want to pull their funds. For instance if I'm afk for a week and don't feel I have contributed I won't grab my payout. 
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  8. zeezero added a post in a topic Marketplace Bidding System   

    What if they added a fail stack mechanism to bidding?  Add 1% chance or something to your bid each time you miss? It might take a bit of the RNG frustration out of the process and create a little more even distribution of items. 
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  9. zeezero added a post in a topic Low game performance.   

    Just like to bump this topic. Performance is extremely poor compared to several months ago.
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  10. zeezero added a post in a topic Horse Skill Coupons (Poll)   

    I'll just throw in my 2 cents just to bump the thread. The horse skill change coupons are ultra crap and a total cash grab. But would be bearable as an in game mechanic if they were attainable via loyalty or some other in game currency. 
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  11. zeezero added a post in a topic Clarification requested: Possible Bitcoin Miner in Black Desert Online or XIGNCODE3   

    Bitcoin mining requires such dedicated hardware nowadays it wouldn't really be worth the effort to embed a miner in everyone's client. A million core i5s running full time will generate maybe 14 terahashes which nets you $800 per month. You wouldn't make anywhere near that with a stealth client on random PCs. 
    You have been listening to too much Alex Jones I think.
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