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  1. TrullsRohk added a post in a topic Did they increase guard damage?   

    yeah. i noticed they increased the damage as well. consistent 2shot kills instead of sitting there for a bit. 
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  2. TrullsRohk added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    MMA vs Awakening for Bosses
    Has anyone done any definitive tests showing that our awakenings are actually better long term sustained dmg then MMA spam? I did a few rough tests on Ogres and couldnt really see a difference. I mean even if the dps is ~ the same MMA offers more freedom of mobility but has that huge durability damage it does. 

    So I was curious if anyone has actually tested.
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  3. TrullsRohk added a post in a topic Add Value Packs to the night vendor   

    As its already been mentioned, its the typical drug dealers hook. Someone gets it on the nv. Gets used to having it. Spends cash after it runs out. This way they get more people who normally wouldnt bother with buying it. Your statement is asinine in that you think you are stating something profound or intelligent when its actually one of the most thought deprived ideas that could have been posted. 
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  4. TrullsRohk added a topic in General   

    Add Value Packs to the night vendor
    please and thank you
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  5. TrullsRohk added a post in a topic Staff Swap   

    I cant remember the combo off hand, i think its c+space, but thats what triggers the tp into stance change. 

    Quit jumping around like a monkey and it wont trigger
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  6. TrullsRohk added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Lava not pulling extra agro?
    Anyone notice that the lava field isnt increasing your agro limit since the last patch? Seem like even using it im still only hitting the normal cap. 
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  7. TrullsRohk added a post in a topic Give every class an on command healing ability like Wizard   

    hahaha. give wizards a block and you can have all the healing you want.
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  8. TrullsRohk added a post in a topic Pila Ku   

    Thats the whole point of this thread! Im asking where a better spot in pila ku is! As in where people who know the area go. And that .5% completely unbuffed during daytime on a weekday. 

    I didnt realize asking about rotation spots was such a difficult topic. 
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  9. TrullsRohk added a post in a topic Pila Ku   

    Because im just asking about a good rotation. IE an area with denser mobs or has a better rotation then the pit near the entrance. 

    But for whatever its worth im a 59 wiz with 220ap
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  10. TrullsRohk added a topic in General   

    Pila Ku
    Where would you say is the best rotation?

    I tried the pit thats just inside from the main entrance. Got about .5% exp unbuffed and 1.7k trash drops in an hour. Seems like its not really the best spot. 
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  11. TrullsRohk added a post in a topic Wizard feedback awakening skills   

    idk. i just redid my hotbar and put the fire fist on 1 and grapple on 2. ezmode combo. 
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  12. TrullsRohk added a post in a topic Lavientia Event informations   

    Go back to RO! No body wants your easy to understand guides here anymore!
    Back on topic though.

    An hour at crescents with kama blessing and gm blessing net me 10 rings. 14 silver and 12 gold powder. No gems.
    So im assuming the diamonds are probably gathering and the pearls are probably fishing? Anyone tested yet?
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  13. TrullsRohk added a post in a topic My server before and after the merge   

    Being an Orwenian my first contact with Uno consisted of some Ascendants awakened valk and a ninja trying to take my spot at bashims. Im just a poor lowly wizard.

    First they tried farming over me. Didnt work.
    Then they tried flagging on me. Didnt work. 
    Then I flagged and killed them again.
    Then they tried karma bombing me so i dropped a dec.
    Farm around them til dec clears because they wont return
    They got put on the protected status to keep trying to karmabomb. 

    Id put my money on the friendly peeps being from Orwen
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  14. TrullsRohk added a post in a topic Exp Events   

    4. Combat EXP Event
    Start: September 2nd
    End: All class awakenings have been released
    We will run a +100% combat EXP boost event until all classes have received their awakening weapons. The boost will always be active between 16:00 UTC Friday and 8:00 UTC Monday.
    The BDO Team @CM_Aethon

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  15. TrullsRohk added a topic in General   

    Weekend + Event Bonus Exp?
    So come tomorrow is the 50% event and 100% weekend server bonus gonna stack to 150%?
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