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  1. CujoMADDOG added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    Ah, I wasn't aware of that. Pretty thrifty?
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  2. CujoMADDOG added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    A new voice you say?? Mind explaining why that is a new voice? Can I also get a confirmation on what the actual name of the Animos/Anemos/Amenos outfit is?
    And on that note, mind explaining why all patch notes, in game descriptions and tooltips(especially Cash Shop items), and obviously a large amount of official Kakao/Pearl Abyss announcements or responses are all poorly translated and often vague? If there were a list of each time that sort of issue lead to seeming intentionally misleading for another potential cash grab, I imagine that list would be pretty long. That list alone would be long I'm saying. Let alone laziness and/or lack of QA. Yet, that seems to be the expectation from you. With no sign of any intention on changing that. Despite people complaining about it for a long time. Not that they can really expect to have it addressed. I can't really enjoy seeing that as some sort of running joke about this game. There is hidden mechanics and then there's a far too consistent, often problematic and even seemingly shady, lack of clarity it seems you'd like to skate by on and never want to speak about. Even when people just as consistently bring those things up. I'm speaking in reference to both Kakao and Pearly Abyss by the way. Since Kakao gets to have the convenient excuse that they are just the middle man and they just never get to speak to this dark and mysterious thing called the game developers.
    I see a whole lot of posts by Kakao on the forum saying that they'll continue throw more things into a growing pool inquiries about info even they'd really like to know. Can you tell me, so far after 1+ year, how many of those things do we now have answered. How many others were given an indefinite, essentially 'no comment right now', sort of response. What's the ratio there? Can we at least know an estimate of when they will get around to giving answers or feedback?
    Here's a related question, why did you release the Kibelius outfit set before as a limited offer and not mention to us that it would be missing the awakening weapon outfit skin that wouldn't be available until the outfit set was re-released? Awakening weapon outfits sure do seem to priced much higher relative to what the rest of the entire outfit costs. Guess that's because they're new and we couldn't have anticipated on buying it the second time around because it's been insisted we have the game rolled out slowly towards the current Korean patch? I guess all limited availability and discontinued outfits that didn't contain an awakened weapon skin are just gonna have to cost that much more now? That or the cash shop to auction house pay to win incentive is generating a lot of cash for you right now?
    Will you continue always roll things out in this fashion? Would you also mind telling me all the cash walls you intend on implementing? Or is it that you're actually so out of the loop Pearl Abyss only sends you their own broken notes an hour after they already gave you a new patch?
    Can this not be the way we have the servers handled either? Just playing the game I see tons of people commenting on 'wtf lag' and 'fix potato servers when?' or something similar has got to be the most repeated thing on the forums. Providing the bare bones then letting the annoyance build just to never address plans to fix it. That sort of way. We're in need for just an outlook on when they plan on doing anything. Even if it turns out they do not ever plan on upgrading servers for whatever reason, maybe the servers seem just dandy to them when it comes to the money we're giving them. Could you at least get them to descend from their tower to announce they won't? You keep us in the dark in a game that is pretty -----ing hard to read sometime$.
    One last thing, real talk, was the game and the patch notes translation outsourced on the cheap to like students in english learning/certification courses? I know it could look good on a resume to showcase fluency or as a final project to present.
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  3. CujoMADDOG added a post in a topic Upcoming Skill and Awakening system revisions   

    Credit Card Simulator GTFOH
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  4. CujoMADDOG added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    Credit Card Simulator
    Buy to Win is the same thing. This is Garbage.
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  5. CujoMADDOG added a post in a topic FYI You can lose Black Spirit Crystal from being PK'd   

    Yeah that was basically my understanding as well. I wasn't flagged and had full karma but I lost them anyways. It's either a fault of clarity on the tooltip or I was mislead to believe that it couldn't happen when I'm PK'd like that.
    GM DresdenYesterday at 23:30

    Unfortunately this is working as intended any death with few exceptions can cause the loss of gems and trade items and we will be unable to restore the gem for you but if you were positive in karma at least you did not lose experience.

    If you need anything else let us know.

    We hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy the game.GM Dresden
    Black Desert Online Customer Support
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  6. CujoMADDOG added a post in a topic FYI You can lose Black Spirit Crystal from being PK'd   

    I could post a screenshot of the GM's response yeah.
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  7. CujoMADDOG added a post in a topic FYI You can lose Black Spirit Crystal from being PK'd   

    I understand where you guys are coming from, and yeah I've never played a game like this. I really wanted to let people know that if someone PK's you can lose those incredibly hard to get crystals. And it's no matter what, you can be unflagged and full karma. To me, getting those Black Spirit Crystals was huge and I always made sure to protect them in PvE. If my health got low i noped out and waited at the nearest safe zone until i got back t full health and my V escape was available.
    What really disappointed me was that I thought it wasn't possible to lose those things from a PK like that. Those crystals are only available after getting a character to 53(I think?) and you only get one per character. I really just wont go back to grinding up levels for more. Especially because I'm only interested in playing a couple classes and having to grind to 50+ just because i want a crystal sounds very unfun.
    And so yeah, the GM says it's absolutely intended for that to happen. I hoped people would keep that in mind. And I'm pleased to see several posts already of others finding that info useful.
    No, I've never taken screenshots while playing a game.
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  8. CujoMADDOG added a post in a topic FYI You can lose Black Spirit Crystal from being PK'd   

    So, for all the people saying i must have lied, I'm not lying. As for all the other questions, I had positive karma (full 300k), I was not flagged for pvp, and was definitely killed by a player and the chat log said so.
    what's more is i was confused by this and asked through a ticket, the GM said he understood i was not flagged, had full karma etc and that it was fully intended for me to lose both my Black Spirit Crystals.
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  9. CujoMADDOG added a topic in General   

    FYI You can lose Black Spirit Crystal from being PK'd
    I was farming and someone came up to me a 1 shot me. I lost my both my Black Spirit Crystals. I spent so much time to get those. GM says it's legit so I am done playing this game.
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  10. CujoMADDOG added a post in a topic Cannot change channel due to restrictions   

    Well, I think that means you might have to wait it out like I did. Sorry bro
    Okay, so I think we've got something. We three each got this issue while having alt/offline characters perform tasks in a residence. I'm gonna send an update to my support ticket about this thread. 
    Should you tag this thread with "GM Huego"?
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  11. CujoMADDOG added a post in a topic Cannot change channel due to restrictions   

    Question, did you recently use the bookshelf in a residence? If so, was it on an offline character? As in, you had them read from the bookshelf then switched characters or went offline after you set the task? Same question for @Bstt and @kiralia.
    I've had this same error a couple times now and I'm almost positive that's what's been causing it for me. The first time I had to wait about 2 days then I was able to get past server channel selection. The second time, and this was odd, I was able to get past channel selection by selecting the channel I was previously logged onto. It seemed odd to me because the first time I had tried selecting each different channel several times each and I wasn't able to log on and just had to wait it out. But since you were on Valencia 3, you obviously won't be able to try selecting the channel you were previously on.
    I've searched through reddit and this sites forums and I've only found 2 or 3 posts of people saying they fixed this issue by logging in to a different server then logging out and restarting the client. That didn't work for me though. But it's still something you could try. This issue is pretty lame. The latest patch notes mentioned the NA servers were expecting technicians to service them soon. I'm hoping that will be able to clear A LOT of issues up. If not I'd be kinda frustrated if it meant I wouldn't be able to use the bookshelf I got from pre-ordering.
    Let me know if you guys used the bookshelf or not so i could bump my support ticket with a reference to this thread. We could possibly get contribution points for helping if this turns out to be the cause! I'm pretty sure contributing to solving issues/reporting bugs/reporting cheaters can gets you a GM Box from the mail. Those got awesome loot boxes inside.
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  12. CujoMADDOG added a post in a topic Game freezes at server select   

    I have the same problem, except when I select any of the server channels it says "You cannot change channels". Then it disconnects. Sent a ticket and it took a day and a half for a GM to tell me I shouldn't be having a problem changing channels like he thought i was trying to change channels in-game. Guessing it will take just as long for him to respond again. This is so lame.
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  13. CujoMADDOG added a post in a topic Cannot Log In to Character Select or Choose Server Channel   

    I did try that. I don't have any characters on any of the other servers but I tried logging in to another server to create another character and got the same message.
    The only progress i've made with this is that i managed to make another character on another server. it finally stop telling me some error message. I STILL can't logon to Uno where all my real characters are. I did all of the troubleshooting the support page says and have submitted a ticket. Haven't heard anything yet and I still can't play. I've tried logging on to other servers and waiting and nothing is working.
    It's been a day now and it's still not letting me select any channel to get to character select. Has anyone else dealt with this?
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  14. CujoMADDOG added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Cannot Log In to Character Select or Choose Server Channel
    I can log into the game via the launcher, but, once the main in-game Start screen loads and I press Start and go to Channel Selection in order to access the Character Selection screen I instantly receive a message that says, " You Cannot Change Channel Due to Restrictions". I've only ever seen that message when I tried to change channels to quickly when i was already online with one of my characters and was using the Change Channel too in the Options Menu.
    It doesn't matter what channel I select or how many times i close the client and re-login through the launcher. I decided to see if giving it some time would work. I've tried again after 2 hours and I am still having this problem. 
    What am I supposed to do?
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  15. CujoMADDOG added a post in a topic Character Creation Service!   

    Class: Berserker if possible. Warrior if not.
    Details: I chose the Winter Soldier because he has the long hair and some friends told me I had an uncanny resemblance to him when they saw the movie. I'd like to have a character that looked like me, so this would be a great template. I can't say I'm actually as attractive as Sebastian Stan and I'm currently trying to watch up on a lot of videos on how to mess around with the character creator. Any help's appreciated!

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