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  1. mirrorraven added a post in a topic [NA | Orwen] Are you StormBlessed? (40+)   

    An awesome community full of awesome people and all of the shenanigans. Can't ask for a more supportive community <3. Come join us.. for the greater good.
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  2. mirrorraven added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  3. mirrorraven added a post in a topic [NA | Orwen] Are you StormBlessed?   

    I never got a free nod for joining? Klaess! What's that about? It was Eggy's fault wasn't it? D:
    XD <3
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  4. mirrorraven added a post in a topic [NA | Orwen] Are you StormBlessed?   

    Big welcome to all the new members that we have taken in in the passed week or so! We are all super excited to have you join us!

    And for prospective members checking us out, I may be a bit biased, but this is the best guild ever! <3 But seriously, feel free to ask any questions here or shoot one of us already-members a PM. They won't bite, I promise (...though my fingers may or may not be crossed behind my back...) :D.
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  5. mirrorraven added a post in a topic [NA | Orwen] Are you StormBlessed?   

    Much better :D. *cheers for Helvetica* Look at us, making progress :p.
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  6. mirrorraven added a post in a topic CB2 suggestions: Chat, emote. taming, etc   

    Not sure if this is what you mean by it, but you can actually hit the 's' button by the [enter] chat window and reset all the emotes to your own /commands. EX: The original 'wave' is set to /greeting, but you can set it to /wave. 
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  7. mirrorraven added a post in a topic Improve Social Aspects of BDO   

    I agree with a lot this; I found the interfaces for the friends list awkward to use myself - though perhaps for other reasons. I don't mind the family name thing so much (though I would certainly get behind something like in GW2 where they showed the account name as well as the name/level of the currently played character), but I struggled initially to even put the character name into the friends list. Then I found it hard to notice when a friend was actually messaging me using the separate text box, which took up more space than I thought necessary on the UI, and - I don't know if this was a glitch or my own incompetence, though in general I do find mouse clicking to be a bit sticky - when i typed in the box it would also call up the hotkey windows o.O. Made it very inconvenient in battle mode.
    I also found the cross-channel thing a little... buggy? overall. I don't know if it was supposed to work the way it did or what. When you can create a bunch of characters for each channel, what is the worth of getting extra character slots? But also, since I made a character on one channel not realizing it would be locked to that channel, I now have to switch channels every time I log in to play with my friends. I know a friend found that he was in a guild in one channel but not in another. The party invite restrictions were an annoyance, though not detrimental once you figured it out.
    Over all, I feel like the channels were buggy and the friends chat interface could have been worked into the existing chat window somehow. I would ask for more clarity for both processes as well.
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  8. mirrorraven added a post in a topic [Poll] Realism v.s. Anime/Manga   

    Personally, I kind of like to cross the two, depending on my characters proposed personality, though I think these days I do tend more toward realistic (in a purely proportionate meaning).
    As for the locks/realism/anime/fantasy discussion:
    I think a lot of the restrictions are culture based, based on the preferences of the country of origin. Are they restrictive? Yes, and I would like to see the NA/EU versions add some more flexibility and presets to the creator as time goes on. Some would be as simple as adding a double eyelid, others, such as ages and body size, would be more difficult.
    While I agree that there is a difference between 'realistic' and 'fantasy', I would venture that using 'realistic' to describe 'fantasy' would better suit the purpose. BDO is, or at least tries to be(leaving success aside), a 'realistic high fantasy' vs an 'anime high fantasy'. That said, while things like race and body types can vary to a degree, depending on lore and class they are restricted to the confines of 'realistic probability' depending on the chosen rules of the world (I.E: Gravity exists, cultural differences exist, magic exists, ect.). A warrior is muscular because that is what warriors are, or are the average representation of someone who has spent X amount of time doing a physical activity. Those who are looking for a leaner type fighter would probably find the Blader suiting their needs. Why is a Wizard old and a witch young? Couldn't tell you; they lost me on that unless there is lore about Wizards having to work for it while Witches acquire magic naturally. As for gender locks, they are at least appropriate gender locks. A Valkyrie can't be male (though I would love to see an Einherjar class), and Kunoichi can't be male either (thus: Ninja). The system may not be up to snuff, and they really need to remedy the lack of a male Sorc, but only time can tell how far they will take it.
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  9. mirrorraven added a post in a topic I'm not getting what makes this a sandbox MMO, it isn't   

    Do you mean PvE wants to provide services, or that they are free of providing services? I am sure that the PvE people are more toward wanting to provide those services than not. There are plenty out there who wouldn't mind at all if there were pure merchant and blacksmith classes.
    There are certainly merits to the idea of scaling things like cities and places down. If we were really going for logic here, you are right. 15 min to get to the market and a two weeks ride to the city give or take. Certainly, there would be plenty of apartments for all, and finding a person would be like a needle in a haystack. Amazing as that would be, for what a 'game' is, is not realistic. Who would play that game? More specifically, who would have the time and/or money to invest in a game like that?
    Something that I would like to see as an improvement in the existing model is the ability for players to create quests/content through NPCs. The bounty hunter system is cool, but what about an in game Assassin's Guild that players can be a part of and hired to kill player chosen targets for no karma penalty. A Guardian Guild for players to hire other players to protect caravan cargo that another player can hire a Thieves guild (of other players) to rob. Even if it's the guild that sets the prices and rewards, it creates and interesting setup for PvPers without breaking the immersion for either the PvP party or the PvE party, and the PvEer doesn't necessarily need to take part in the PvP aspect.
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  10. mirrorraven added a topic in US Guild   

    Guild Curiosity - Looking for one, but wondering when is best to join ~
    Hey all. I debated about posting this, but what the heck, I'll give it a shot.
    My trouble is is that I don't normally join guilds before they launch; I like to have an idea of the people who are in them and have a real conversation before I join. However, with the nature of BDO and having the pre-order head start, I decided I kind of wanted to join one before hand.
    Is it worth applying for/joining a guild chosen from the forums? Is it worth joining a guild without having played the endgame or having participated in guild or even group activities in BDO before?
    I am a pretty easy going person; I'm willing to try, and I'm willing to learn. I've played enough of the game to know that I will play it - but my schedule tends toward unpredictable with my job and my masters (Reading. Hours of reading. Bleh. Adulting sucks...), and I may end up in a different timezone within the next six months. I don't know how much that will affect, but I don't like making commitments I can't keep.
    Long story short, as much as I would like to be more involved in group activities, time is not so kind.
    I don't care so much about guild size, but I do care about the community - hence the actual talking to people before joining/applying. I prefer the 18+ crowd. I don't PK, but I've nothing against PvP and PKK. I'm looking for mature, good natured people here - preferably ones who don't take themselves so seriously that drama is involved every other day. I deal with kids all day - quite enough drama, trolling,  for me lol.
    I do have limited experience in playing BDO. I also have a lot of misc. MMO experience.
    Ultimately I'm still on the fence about even applying for one. If someone out there wants to convince me its worth the gamble, please, convince me. You don't really need to advertise your guild here - there are other threads that do list them - but feel free if you think your guild is a good match for what I am looking for. If I am looking at said threads, then other people with similar interests may also use this one as a resource.
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  11. mirrorraven added a post in a topic I'm not getting what makes this a sandbox MMO, it isn't   

    Maybe I'm poking a dead topic here looking at all the dismissive comments, but as I am new I'm not going to care.
    Honestly, the 'sandbox' existence in itself is really becoming a political term. It becomes a matter of player base and marketing. Say you have three basic 'political parties' that apply to the Sandbox mechanism: The PvP party, the PvE party, and the PvPvE Party.
    The PvP party elects the game that allows them to live a second life with the option to kill anyone whenever they want with as little punishment as possible.
    The PvE party elects the game that allows them to live a second life free of getting killed randomly in the streets, or losing their hard work because of a PK.
    The PvPvE party elects the game that allows them the freedom to live quite literally a second life with all the rewards and dangers in it.
    In all three parties, there are those that just want to live in the world and play the game. They want the thirty minute reprieve from real life that hunting down mobs gives them. You also have those who want to test their actual skills in combat, work with groups to carry out some kind of challenge, and the constant sense of being rewarded for their actions. There are those who want to be craftsmen and sell their wares, and those who would willingly devote their time to ruling a city/guild/country/what-have-you. But it's not everyone. And you can't honestly expect that of everyone. But everyone wants to be equal not matter how much effort, time, and money they are willing to put into the game. In a 'sandbox', this doesn't really work - and it shouldn't. As with any other kind of political situation though, its about how many votes you get, not how great the system is.
    Now, there is one game, one world - how do you make it work with all three parties? Just like reality, it's not quite that simple. Why take part in a caravan system when a group of 50s ganks you for shits and giggles? For that matter, the same could happen to a shop in town in a legit 'sandbox' as the OP is looking for. Why PvP when you know you aren't good at it, don't have the gear for it, or simply don't have the time to get involved in a long standing player struggle. It's too easy to alienate the PvP and/or PvE parties one way or another, and the PvPvE party, ideal for the 'sandbox' concept, is only 1/3rd of the player base - is arguably not enough to keep the game alive.
    Can BDO resurrect the more 'sandbox-y' idea that it had originally via the Western interest? Maybe. All those who are arguing about content not being there should probably take a look at the current game market. It sucks. All games have DL content now - some are unplayable without it. Content takes time, money, and interest to create. In other markets for BDO, that funding is purely based off of the Pearl market. At least with the B2P model some money is going into funding the new systems and changes in mechanics that everyone is looking for. Will they do it? Who knows. But supporting the game by making actual suggestions and real feedback is far more valuable than dismissing and/or accepting. Is the Karma system perfect? I'm sure it isn't. Should someone go read the Korean light novel 'Ark' and get some fun ideas? Probably, haha. Understand though that the NA/EU version is probably going to be quite a bit different than the game that was released in KR/RU; it will need some time to grow into itself. And then, move on.
    (Apologies for the long winded post everyone! I'll go back to lurking quietly now *goes back under her rock*.)
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  12. mirrorraven added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Another New Person Says Hello!
    Hey All ~ I've been poking about, so I thought I would just say 'hi' here instead of randomly posting elsewhere, haha.
    I'm a newcomer to the forums, but not really to BDO. I played in S.Korea after it's launch, but lost my account when I came back to America (had to give up my phone number). I'm excited to start playing again(I miss the Black Spirit, creepy as he is to me XD), and I am looking forward to the changes that seem to be in the works for the NA/EU release. I'm happy to support the team and community now with the pre-order and all that. With the changes in the game, I would like to find a guild or like minded players to run with, so if anyone has suggestions or whatnot, do point me in the right direction :). I've been playing MMOs most of my life, but I'm a fairly causal player. I won't go into details here, but if you care you can ask. I tend more toward PvE, but I occasionally PvP. I do tend to get distracted really easy though, haha.
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