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  1. Sahyu added a post in a topic [VoS] Vikings on Shrooms, Join the raiding party on Alustin!   

    I just make a new character later, since I only played Tamer and didnt check the witch. Ill whisper you when Im online
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  2. Sahyu added a post in a topic [VoS] Vikings on Shrooms, Join the raiding party on Alustin!   

    Im on Alustin =( damn
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  3. Sahyu added a post in a topic [VoS] Vikings on Shrooms, Join the raiding party on Alustin!   

    I tried to contact all the names you listed. Said everyone would be offline
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  4. Sahyu added a post in a topic If you're reading this on the forums...   

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  5. Sahyu added a post in a topic Post The Stupidest Thing You've Read In Chat   

    I dont even know where to start
    "If you cant buy Alienware, you are just poor"
    "Wow is best MMO" (and then massive spam about which mmo is better)
    "BDO is just a copy of mmo"
    "JOEL! SKYPE!"
    " <TS Adress> for Cybersex"
    "Im Horny"
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  6. Sahyu added a post in a topic [VoS] Vikings on Shrooms, Join the raiding party on Alustin!   

    Hi everyone I registered at the guildside of yours. Name is Sahyu
    First of all some personal infomation:
    My Name is Rebecca, Im 27 years old and from Germany. I speak german and english. I work fulltime as a Physicaltherapist.
    I Play Video games since I can remeber (3 or 4 years old) and my MMO experience started when I was 16 with FFXI. After FFXI got to easy and they kinda messed up the game I played other mmos like: wow, rift, teso,swo, ffxiv. I still Play FFXIV (for years now) and started to Play BaS,
    My Playing "Style":
    My main is a Tamer. (In Beta her Name is Visar, Family Name Sahyu) my second will be a witch. Im also a gatherer and a crafter. I love gathering, mostly fishing ♥ (so if you want a gatherer / crafter Im the one )
    Im loyal to a guild and I have no Problem doing my daily quests everyday or just help with simple / complicated Things.
    I have Teamspeak. But I will mostly use it when we do stuff together like Raids, Grinding, GvG, PvP etc. Because at my work I have to talk and listen almost for 9hrs and Im happy after work if I dont hear anything So its nothing personal if I wont be in TS everyday.
    I already did an application to another guild last sunday, but I never got an answer and after trying to contact ingame someone of the guild and got "ignored" again. Thats why I try my luck somewhere else. Cause I have no idea whats going on ^^; and I realy want to start with a guild when the game Comes out.
    If I forgot something in my application or you have more questions feel free to ask me
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  7. Sahyu added a post in a topic <Leviathan> EU Semi-Hardcore Guild Now Recruiting!   

    After my application here on the Forum I didnt hear anything. In the Beta I tried to contact the Guid Leader ingame (got no answer) and did ask in the international Chat if someones online from Leviathan. Someone answered me and I explained my Situation that I did a post here in this Forum and asked if the Guild is full or still lfm. So after my question I got no answer again. After I wrote that Player again after waiting 10min, no answer or I just get simply ignored.
    So, needles to say I have NO IDEA whats going on and I kinda feel stupid to be honest, cause I tried multiple times and I just get ignored or whatever 
    I mean if this guild is full or just dont liked my application etc its no Problem but it would be nice to have actualy known. ^^;  Cause I wanted to start with a guild and do stuff together.
    But yeah....Idk.
    Have a nice day.
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  8. Sahyu added a post in a topic Black desert is boring?   

    Well, I also played it for a few hours and felt a bit lost at the beginning but I wouldnt say boring because theres ALOT to do and so much I dont fully understood I had Trouble doing Quests yesterday because, of Course, I wasnt the only one doing it so I thought to myself "meh, Ill do something else while everyone is grinding the Mobs". So I went fishing, I bought the Fishing tackle and went to the ocean. Fishing is really fun! (For me atleast, maybe you also will like it?) After fishing I traveled the map a bit. I also died, the mob was a higher Level lol I went to 2 different cities in the game and checked out housing and NPC`s. Also did some side quests. Went to back to the beginner aera and bought a horse. Then I checked out the cash shop and bought stuff, After that I went back fishing  I shouted for a guild, because I wanted to check out the Guildsystem & Quests but never got an answer or invite. So Im still not sure how this works.
    If you only played 3 hrs you should spend more time in it, because theres alot to do, to discover and to understand. (Like the crafting, trading System etc) Since Im not fully Aware of everything I dont get bored. Maybe Im lucky today and I can actualy do the main quests.
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  9. Sahyu added a post in a topic Streik !   

    Leute, chillt ^^ erstmal sollten sich nicht alle anflamen etc. Dann heißts wieder "BDO Community ist fürn Arsch" etc.
    Wenn ich es nun mit anderen Games etc vergleich (von den Preisen her) ist es Preislich wie bei jedem anderen Game auch.
    zB bei: FFXIV : 20 Euro für ein Kostüm mit Hairstyle (keine waffe, kein Kopfteil etc, nur Body und ne Frisur)
    oder BaS: 20 Euro für ein Hemd ! (ungelogen, ein Hemd, ohne Hose etc) <- die Preise bei dem Game find ich zb viel Schlimmer
    Vielleicht gibt es ja auch Aktionen o.ä. wo es mal %te auf Gear gibt oder so. Aber jetzt erstmal regt euch nicht auf und spart euch eure Nerven für den Alltag
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  10. Sahyu added a post in a topic Meine Meinung zum Game. Was sagt ihr?   

    Viel sagen kann ich leider nicht, zb kaum zum Thema was Quests angeht (so viel los gestern, man bekam kaum einen Mob in die Finger)
    Was mir sehr Spaß macht ist das Angeln find ich sehr gut umgesetzt.
    Klar, Grafik und die Welt an sich sehr sehr schön. Auch was die Städte betrifft in Detail etc.
    Sehr Schlampig ist doch die Übersetzung. Wörter passen nicht in die "Buttons", man siehe Hauptmenü oder manchmal stehen sogar Dinge auf französisch da.
    Was mir auch gefällt ist der Fakt das ich vorgegebene Preise habe um Items etc im Auktionshaus zu verkaufen. So kann keiner zb alles aufkaufen und zu teuer verkaufen.
    Beim Reiten ist mir aufgefallen das wenn ich in den "Autorun" Modus gehe das Pferd langsamer wird und sogar stehen bleibt.
    Das man schnell levelt wusste ich zwar aber das ich nach 4 Quests schon Level 9 war fand ich dann doch etwas ZU schnell.
    An sich kann ich jetzt noch nicht sagen ob ich Pro oder Contra BDO bin, werde heute nach der Arbeit und über das WE weiter zocken und schauen ob ich es mir kaufen werde oder nicht
    Ansonsten wünsche ich euch allen viel Spaß und natürlich ein schönes we.
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  11. Sahyu added a post in a topic Who is excited for CBT2?   

    agreed  cant wait to finish work tomorrow and rush home and finally to Play the game
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  12. Sahyu added a post in a topic Zeigt her Eure Charaktere v2   

    Mein Tamer

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  13. Sahyu added a post in a topic BROTHERS, I REQUIRE YOUR OPINIONS (   

    I like the one with the Blue eyes more.  
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  14. Sahyu added a post in a topic Start des Beta Client downlods, ab wie viel Uhr?   

    Ich glaube wir überleben alle eine kleine Verzögerung, vor allem der 16.02 is ja lang. Hieß ja nie 00:00 kann man direkt downloaden (oder?)
    Die Hauptsache ist bis zur Beta können wir alle downloaden  
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