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  1. Lilesong added a post in a topic How much does your guild pay?   

    My guild pays 30k base with 250 increases every 10k guild activity then 1-30k increases depending on certain goals/milestones, and every time we reach a billion in guild funds we distribute 30% of it to everyone based on guild contribution.
    Nobody ever claims the daily pay except for repairs in the field though because to the guild 30k means a lot more than a players 30k which is a laughable amount. My guild mainly uses pay as a symbol of how hard you work.
    In exhange my guild does a guild boss after every node war and meeting which easily makes up for not claiming in gold bars and livertos, long story short not claiming your pay benefits yourself and the guild a lot more.
    I'm a guild officer btw
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  2. Lilesong added a post in a topic Staff and Offhand Durability Issues   

    I have this same issue but with my mainhand mostly, don't have any trouble with my offhand.
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  3. Lilesong added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Down Smash on Fireball/Fireball explosion
    So, just a bit of theorycrafting here. We all know the combo of residual into the fireball combo, but the CC on it just doesn't last long enough to get the down attack proc for fireball explosion. Now my thinking is, if we get the skill addon for the chance to proc a down smash on our fireball to extend the cc, won't that allow us to potentially get that extra 50% damage off on our fireball explosion? Would this even be a viable thing to do?
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  4. Lilesong added a post in a topic Super Important Game Breaking Mechanic   

    I feel the same and there should be a way to turn this off, i look behind me to see if someone is coming up on me, and bam it turns my spell.
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  5. Lilesong added a post in a topic Can we say BDO is better optimised MMO than the rest?   

    My only problem is 70% of the time if our internet drops we need to reopen entire client honestly, and dysync of course
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  6. Lilesong added a post in a topic Feedback request from PvPers about Earthquake & Protected Area.   

    PA is amazing in both 1v1 and group pvp, it can give me the ability to tank 5 people for the entire duration of the buff. Earthquake I took the points out of it and haven't looked back because I found the damage it does to be laughable and the CC unreliable, in my opinion frigid frost does the same thing faster with better results.
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  7. Lilesong added a post in a topic Combat Stance Delay and Ganking   

    Almost any skill on hotbar for us puts us in combat stance, even sages memory does the trick.
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  8. Lilesong added a post in a topic Detailed Bug Report for Node/Conquest Wars   

    Placing bases on edge of node war area and placing half the buildings outside of node war area should be a bug, we can't place cannons on other side of base thus limiting attack options, and it is a huge disadvantage for attacking team because if we die we end up leaving our base mostly undefended for a good 5 minutes
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  9. Lilesong added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    And if you add the fact that someone starts selling dye after they buy this....
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  10. Lilesong added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    1400 loyalty for ONE day, that's 14 days of logging in to get one day of it.
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  11. Lilesong added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Blizzard on horse
    After several months of doing horseback combat there has been one thing that has has annoyed me, and that is blizzard. I will start casting and finish blizzard perfectly fine, however after the channel is done casting my horse will grind to a turtle's pace and I cannot cast any spells for a good ten seconds nor move faster than a crawl. There is no reason I can think of for this to happen so I am curious if anyone else has experienced this issue, and if you have how do you prevent it?
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  12. Lilesong added a post in a topic Guild leaders need a Vice leader   

    It's annoying that only the guild leader can bid for guild houses.... Too....
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  13. Lilesong added a post in a topic Easiest class to play and gear to end game ?   

    Berseker is the poor man's class... as for difficulty i have no idea since i have never played one.... 
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  14. Lilesong added a post in a topic How to cast meteor on horseback?   

    Try pressing lmb rmb first before S
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  15. Lilesong added a post in a topic Mounted Combat [Jordine][PvP]   

    As a horse witch that fought in 4 wars this week, I can say that I was rarely ever focused at all. I feel like it may be due to the mobility of the horse aspect that no one bothers to try and kill us because once they get close we just run away and appear on other side of battle again. The only time I ever got focused is when I was dismounted by a stray ult.
    I would show a video the wars, but my guild doesn't want us posting any of our recordings yet.
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